Military Aircraft, 1919-1945 Justin D. Murphy 2009 An in-depth history of the time when airpower became the great equalizer, changing military strategy forever and bringing once-safe targets in reach. * Comparative charts of aircraft production of the major powers during the interwar years and the Second World War * Approximately 80 photographs and tables of the most important aircraft of the era, organized by type and by country
Meatballs and Dead Birds James P. Gallagher 2004 Expanded edition of the 1972 classic Unusual and often moving record of the end of World War II This collection of photographs of downed Japanese aircraft chronicles the final days of World War II through the lens of an American serviceman. Snapped by the author, a communications officer with the Fifth Air Force in the Pacific islands, these stunning photos cover all manner of aircraft, from the infamous "Zero" carrier fighter to the "Betty" bomber. Also listed are specifications and technical data for a number of planes, making the book a valuable addition to the air or military enthusiast's library.
Famous Bombers of the Second World War William Green 1960
Japanese Naval Air Force Camouflage and Markings, World War II Donald W. Thorpe 1977
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Combat Aircraft of World War II Bill Gunston 1978 Contains more than seven hundred illustrations of military aircraft of World War II used by both Allied and Axis Countries, together with capsule specifications and history
Aircraft of World War II Chris Chant 1999 Provides a brief overview of 300 aircraft each with a full-color artwork. Full dimensions, weights, armament and powerplant details are given along with development history and career in full.
Mitsubishi Type 1 Rikko ‘Betty’ Units of World War 2 Osamu Tagaya 2013-01-20 The most produced Japanese bomber of the war the G4M saw action on every front from the first day of the Pacific conflict through to VJ-Day. The 'Betty's' very long range made it a key weapon during the opening year of the war. However, to achieve this, the aircraft was built with very little protective armour for its crew or fuel tanks, and Allied pilots soon exposed its extreme vulnerability. In the first in a series of volumes examining the key Japanese aircraft of WW2, Dr Osamu Tagaya details the G4M's extensive combat history, and lists all the units which operated the bomber.
Zero Fighter 1981
The Hamlyn Guide to Military Aircraft Markings Barry C. Wheeler 1992 This handbook for aeroplane enthusiasts and modellers describes the history and evolution of aircraft markings and camouflage since 1914, and includes an illustrated guide to the markings of 140 war and peacetime aircraft from air forces across the world.

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