Origami Myths & Legends Duy Nguyen 2006-08 Presents instructions for creating origami creatures out of myth and legend, such as dragons, Medusa, and the Hydra.
Origami Dragons Tom Stamm 2014-07-10 In the early heydays of the second revolution of origami Tom Stamm, a devoted fan and practitioner of origami design, went through a rich period of exploration and creativity in the development of origami Dragons. Including his wonderful “Sea Serpent Dragon” and “Multi-Piece Sea Serpent” as well as 3 wonderful “Flapping Dragon” variations. For the first time the most memorable of these are published here with loving re-diagramming as well as two small works of my own which were inspired during the redesign. I loved these models as a kid and am thrilled to be a part of making them available again. – JC Nolan
Origami Birds Duy Nguyen 2006 From cardinals to cockatoos, falcons to flying ducks, parakeets to penguins, these colorful paper projects are for those who appreciate our feathered friends. Duy Nguyen, the popular author of more than a dozen origami books, presents 19 varied species, along with all the folds and symbols any crafter needs to create nests full of winged creatures. The detailed diagrams, easy to follow and spaciously organized on the page, explain every step. Each one is an elegant delight: the delicate hummingbird; a tricolored heron with a long, pointy beak; and even a turkey you�d be proud to show off on Thanksgiving.
Origami from Angelfish to Zen Peter Engel 1994-08-18 "This splendidly written, richly illustrated book is unlike any ever written about origami" — Martin Gardner "Filled with provocative ideas and unexpected connections . . . truly inspirational." — Milton Glaser In this extraordinary book, Peter Engel, one of the America's most celebrated origami artists, explores the secrets of Japanese paperfolding and explains how to create complex animals and objects from simple squares of paper. The book begins with a clear and concise introduction to the terminology and basic techniques of paperfolding. Then, in a fact-filled exposition of origami's history and theory — including an extraordinary interview with Japan's legendary master, Akira Yoshizawa — the author, a writer and architect, explores origami's links with mathematics, art, philosophy, and nature. Challenging paperfolders to turn a "mute, geometric shape into a recognizable figure," the author provides clear, step-by-step instructions for 24 delightful projects of his own creations. His designs of simple fish and birds are easy to make. Others, including mammals and insects, use original techniques and pose a greater challenge. Among the models you'll learn to construct are an angelfish, hummingbird, penguin, giraffe, kangaroo, centipede, alligator, reindeer, elephant, butterfly, and knight on horseback. A photograph depicts each completed item. This absorbing book, with its contemporary approach to an ancient art form, will captivate paperfolders with hours of creative entertainment and provocative reading.
Origami In Action Robert J. Lang 1997-05-15 Every project in the book can really move! Origami in Action presents 39 actions origami models that are as animated as they are exquisite. Each project is complete with clear step-by-step diagrams, instructions, and a photograph of the finished model. Included are such traditional favorites as the cootie catcher and the waterbomb, as well as some modern novelties--a strumming guitar player and a toothy Tyrannosaurus Rex. Other projects include: --Flapping Butterfly --Blow-up Bunny --Barking Wolf --Talking Dragon --Wagging-Tail Doggie --Boardsailor --Swimming Manatee --Indian Paddling a Canoe
Origami Eric Kenneway 1985-05-01 A guide to the ancient Chinese art of paperfolding offers instructions for both easy and elaborate designs
Essential Origami Steve Biddle 1991-05-15 Provides instructions for ten base folds and numerous variations to create traditional and contemporary origami models, including animals, flowers, toys, boxes, and decorations
Origami Worldwide John Montroll 2011-09-15 Origami goes global with 33 models by designers from more than 15 countries, including Australia, Hungary, Bolivia, China, India, and more. Figures range from simple to moderately difficult and include a frog, ocean liner, penguin, hot air balloon, dragon, and kangaroo. Notes on each model include comments on individual styles and methods of paperfolding.
Origami & Geometry John Montroll 2013-01-12 Step-by-step instructions teach you how to fold over 40 geometrically inspired original projects. Each model is folded from a square sheet, using geometric properties to create a wide variety of two and three dimensional models. Geometric concepts are explained throughout this work. 2D color pattern models include the Sierpinski Triangle, Marble Square, Radioactive Hexagon, stars, and more. 3D models include boxes, troublewits, prisms, antiprisms, diamonds, and antidiamonds. Also shown are Tic-tac-toe and chess boards with pieces. Models range from simple to very complex.
Best of Origami New Models by Contemporary Folders S. Randlett 1966-06-01
Brilliant Origami David Brill 1996 Detailed diagrams offer instruction on creating various kinds of toys and models, boxes and containers, human figures, and modular origami designs. Wet folding techniques are also introduced.
Origami Birds John Montroll 2013 This compilation of 34 original models by origami master John Montroll offers folders illustrated directions for creating a fabulous array of avian creatures. Ranging in difficulty from intermediate to complex, the figures include a hen, chick, and rooster; waterfowl such as a duck, heron, and swan; and other wild and domesticated birds.
Bugs and Birds in Origami John Montroll 2001-01-01 Contents: Goose - Cardinal - Crow - Snipe - Ibis - Flamingo - Ostrich - Pheasant - Quetzel - Pelican - Turkey - Woodpecker - Goose with wings outstretched - Pigeon - Hummingbird - Vlture - Robin - Crane - Parrot - Stork - Scavenger beetle - Ladybug - Fly - Spider - Wasp - Long-horned beetle - Earwig - Butterfly.
Mathematical Models H. M. Cundy 1974

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