Culture and Human-Robot Interaction in Militarized Spaces Dr Julie Carpenter 2016-01-28 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel are some of the most highly trained people in the military, with a job description that spans defusing unexploded ordnance to protecting VIP’s and state dignitaries. EOD are also one of the first military groups to work with robots every day. These robots have become an increasingly important tool in EOD work, enabling people to work at safer distances in many dangerous situations. Based on exploratory research investigating interactions between EOD personnel and the robots they use, this study richly describes the nuances of these reciprocal influences, especially those related to operator emotion associated with the robots. In particular, this book examines the activities, processes and contexts that influence or constrain everyday EOD human-robot interactions, what human factors are shaping the (robotic) technology and how people and culture are being changed by using it. The findings from this research have implications for future personnel training, and the refinement of robot design considerations for many fields that rely on critical small group communication and decision-making skills.
Building Amazing Creations Sean Kenney 2017-10-10 A behind-the-scenes exploration of a master builder's body of work—for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. Internationally celebrated artist Sean Kenney creates his art with LEGO bricks. Acclaimed by PBS Arts and BBC Arts, Sean has five global touring exhibits of his work and is recognized as one of the greatest builders in the world. Here is a personalized compendium that features an in-depth look at Sean's magnificent creations, from animals, vehicles, and architecture to baseball, robots, and much more. This book is for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. A Christy Ottaviano Book
The Best of Instructables Volume I 2008-12-08 Offers step-by-step instructions for over one hundred and twenty projects from the do-it-yourself website, exploring such things as home and garden, transportation, food, and electronics..
Make Your Own Robots Pop Out and Make Wallet Cico 2013-02-01 Create your own robots with this fun-packed wallet. Here is everything you need to make your own robots. The wallet contains 15 perforated sheets of popout robots, as well as an instruction sheet. All you need is some glue and you'll have 15 robot friends in no time.
Envisioning Robots in Society – Power, Politics, and Public Space M. Coeckelbergh 2018-11-30 Robots are predicted to play a role in many aspects of our lives in the future, affecting work, personal relationships, education, business, law, medicine and the arts. As they become increasingly intelligent, autonomous, and communicative, they will be able to function in ever more complex physical and social surroundings, transforming the practices, organizations, and societies in which they are embedded. This book presents the proceedings of the Robophilosophy 2018 conference, held in Vienna, Austria, from 14 to 7 February 2018. The third event in the Robophilosophy Conference Series, the conference was entitled Envisioning Robots in Society – Politics, Power, and Public Space. It focused on the societal, economic, and political issues related to social robotics. The book is divided into two parts and an Epilogue. Part I, entitled Keynotes, contains abstracts of the keynotes and two longer papers. Part II is divided into 7 subject sections containing 37 papers. Subjects covered include robots in public spaces; politics and law; work and business; military robotics; and policy. The book provides an overview of the questions, answers, and approaches that are currently at the heart of both academic and public discussions. The contributions collected here will be of interest to researchers and policy makers alike, as well as other stakeholders.
CONTROLO’2014 – Proceedings of the 11th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control António Paulo Moreira 2014-08-14 During the last 20 years the Portuguese association of automatic control, Associação Portuguesa de Controlo Automático, with the sponsorship of IFAC have established the CONTROLO conference as a reference international forum where an effective exchange of knowledge and experience amongst researchers active in various theoretical and applied areas of systems and control can take place, always including considerable space for promoting new technical applications and developments, real-world challenges and success stories. In this 11th edition the CONTROLO conference evolved by introducing two strategic partnerships with Spanish and Brazilian associations in automatic control, Comité Español de Automática and Sociedade Brasileira de Automatica, respectively.
RoboCup 2009: Robot Soccer World Cup XIII Jacky Baltes 2010-02-18 This book includes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 13th RoboCup International Symposium, held in Graz, Austria, in June/July, 2009. They cover scientific contributions to a variety of research areas related to all RoboCup divisions.
Robots, Robots Everywhere Sue Fliess 2013-08-06 The bestselling Little Golden Book all about robots! Robots are everywhere in this bright and funny board book – and preschoolers are going to love it! Whether up in space, beneath the seas, or even under couches, award-winning illustrator Bob Staake’s bold and colorful bots make this book a must have. For more Bob Staake books, be sure to read: I’m a Bulldozer I’m a Truck I’m a Monster Truck Beachy and Me My Pet Book
Wall-e and Eve Robots Model Fire Extinguisher 3d Paper Model Twosuns 2018-08-25 WALL-E AND EVE ROBOTS Model Fire Extinguisher 3D Paper Model. WALL-E is a full-length animated film created by Pixar Animation Studios, a robot named WALL-E (Universal Landscaping Lung - Intellectual), which was left alone on planet Earth to perform its only function - to collect garbage and compress it in cubes. A sweet and funny hero falls in love with another robot named Eva. You have a unique opportunity to glue from the paper the main characters of this cartoon And also a model of the fire extinguisher of the WALL-E. Difficulty level: medium Difficulty level: middle Your child can easily cope with this task. The set includes: working sheets. + Assembly instruction. Note: this model is necessary to collect itself. In the photo the finished model. Why do you need to buy this paper model?: 1. For all fans of the film WALL-E. This is an excellent opportunity to have at home an exact copy of the main characters. 2. Excellent pastime. This is an anti-stress for you and your loved ones. This build of the model develops assiduity and attention. 3. Not a high price for a personal ROBOTS at home: -) 4. Your relatives and friends will admire your achievements. And they want to have the same one too. Attention! The kit does not include glue and scissors!
The Best of Instructables Volume I The editors at MAKE magazine and 2008-10-14 In just three years, has become one of the hottest destinations for makers and DIY enthusiasts of all stripes. Known as "the world's biggest show & tell," makers from around the globe post how-to articles on a staggering variety of topics -- from collecting rainwater for lawn care to hacking toy robots to extracting squid ink. Now, with more than 10,000 articles, the Instructables staff and editors of MAKE: magazine -- with help from the Instructables community -- have put together a collection of solid, time- and user-tested technology and craft projects from the site. The Best of Instructables Volume 1 includes plenty of clear, full-color photographs, complete step-by-step instructions, as well as tips, tricks, and new build techniques you won't find anywhere else -- even material never seen before on Instructables. Some of the more popular how-to articles include: The LED Throwie -- magnetized electronic graffiti that's become a phenomenon How to craft beautiful Japanese bento box lunches Innovative gaming hacks, such as how to add LED lights and custom-molded buttons to a video game controller New twists on personal items, such as the Keyboard Wallet, the Electric Umbrella, and stuffed animal headphones While the book focuses on technology, it also includes such projects as creating cool furniture from cheap components, ways of making your own toys, and killer sci-fi and fantasy costumes and props. Anything but a reference book, The Best of Instructables Volume I embodies the inspirational fun, creativity, and sense of community that has attracted more than 200,000 registered members in just three years. Many of the articles include sidebars that show how other builders have realized or improved upon the same project. Making things is cool again: everyone wants to be a creator, not just a consumer. This is the spirit of the "new handy heyday", fostered by, MAKE: magazine, and others, and celebrated by this incredible book -- The Best of Instructables Volume 1.
HKDSE MOCK EXAM PAPERS: ENGLISH LANGUAGE Paper 1 Reading Antonia Cheng 2020-12-18 本書為全港首創、配有網上課程的DSE模擬試卷集。首席英語導師Antonia Cheng精心編撰2021年版DSE英文閱讀模擬試卷四份,同時配備網上影片課程相應講解。內容緊貼DSE試題趨勢,配套課程講解詳細,名師親自帶領逐題攻破DSE閱讀易考點和難點
RoboCup 2011: Robot Soccer World Cup XV Thomas Roefer 2012-07-23 This book includes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 15th Annual RoboCup International Symposium, held in Istanbul, Turkey, in July 2011. The 12 revised papers and 32 poster presentation presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 97 submissions. The papers are orginazed on topical sections on robot hardware and software, perception and action, robotic cognition and learning, multi-robot systems, human-robot interaction, education and edutainment and applications.
The Galaxy Is Rated G R.C. Neighbors 2011-07-27 "These essays analyze the confluences of science fiction and children's visual media, handling such cultural icons as Flash Gordon, the Jetsons and Star Wars, as well as contemporary fare like the films Wall-E, Monsters vs. Aliens and Toy Story. Collectively, the essays discover, applaud and critique the hidden messages presented on film and TV screens"--Provided by publisher.
Origami Fun: Robots Elizabeth Neuenfeldt 2020-08-01 Building a robot requires wires, metal, and knowledge of computers. But building an origami robot just takes a sheet or two of paper! With this hands-on origami guide, readers can construct favorite fictional robots, from Wall-E and Eva to BB-8 and the Iron Giant. Engaging text offers facts about each robot, while tips and tricks sidebars help with paper folding techniques.
You Can't Have My Planet James Mihaley 2012-04-10 Thirteen-year-old Giles is the last person anyone would expect to save the planet. he's not as charming as his little sister, and not as brainy as his goody-goody older brother. But when Giles witnesses an alien realtor showing Earth to possible new tenants, he knows he'd better do something. With the help of an alien "attorney" and the maddest scientist in middle-grade fiction, Giles just might save humans from eviction from Earth. Let's hope so. The alternatives are...not so hospitable.
The Art of WALL-E Tim Hauser 2016-02-02 Pixar Animation Studios, the innovators behind Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Ratatouille, created this genre-defying film with an intriguing and unorthodox question in mind: What if mankind had to leave Earth, and somebody forgot to turn off the last robot? WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth Class) is this last, soulful robot. When his lonely work is interrupted by the arrival of the sleek probe-droid EVE, a rollicking adventure across the galaxy ensues. The Art of WALL-E features the myriad pieces of concept art on which this fantastic, futuristic film was built, including storyboards, full-color pastels, digital and pencil sketches, character studies, color scripts, and more. Astute text-featuring quotes from the director, artists, animators, and production team-unearths the filmmakers' historical inspirations and recounts the creative process in intimate detail. This richly illustrated portal into the artistic spirit of Pixar reveals a studio confidently pushing the limits of animation.
RoboCup-98: Robot Soccer World Cup II Minoru Asada 2003-06-29 RoboCup is an international initiative devoted to advancing the state of the art in artificial intelligence and robotics. The aims of the project and potential research directions are numerous. The ultimate, long-range goal is to build a team of robot soccer players that can beat a human World Cup champion team. This book is the second official archival publication devoted to RoboCup. It documents the achievements presented at the Second International Workshop on RoboCup held in Paris, France, in July 1998. The book opens with an overview section, provides research papers on selected technical topics, and presents technical and strategic descriptions of the work of participating teams. Of interest far beyond the rapidly growing RoboCup community, this book is also indispensable reading for R&D professionals interested in multi-agent systems, distributed artificial intelligence, and intelligent robotics.
Computer Vision Systems Ming Liu 2017-10-10 This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, ICVS 2017, held in Shenzhen, China, in July 2017. The 61 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 92 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on visual control, visual navigation, visual inspection, image processing, human robot interaction, stereo system, image retrieval, visual detection, visual recognition, system design, and 3D vision / fusion.
Disney*Pixar Christmas Storybook Collection Disney Books 2013-11-12 4 stories in 1! Celebrate the season with WALL-E and EVE. Trim the tree with Woody and Buzz. Spend time with family and friends like Nemo, Marlin, and Dory. Light the Christmas tree with Mike and Sulley. The magic of Christmas is brought to life in this enchanting collection of tales starring your favorite Disney•Pixar characters. Join in on the fun with these delightful stories filled with Christmas spirit.
Artificial Intelligence: Robot Law, Policy and Ethics Nathalie Rébé 2021-08-09 In Artificial Intelligence: Robot Law, Policy and Ethics, Dr. Nathalie Rébé discusses the legal and contemporary issues in relation to creating conscious robots. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the existing regulatory tools, as well as a new comprehensive framework for regulating Strong AI.
RoboCup 2002: Robot Soccer World Cup VI Gal A. Kaminka 2003-11-11 RoboCup 2002, the 6th Robot World Cup Soccer and Rescue Competitions and Conference, took place during June 19–25, 2002, at the Fukuoka Dome (main venue) in Fukuoka, Japan. It was, by far, the RoboCup event with the largestnumberofregisteredparticipants(1004persons,distributedin188teams from 29 countries) and visitors (around 120,000 persons). As was done in its previous editions since 1997, the event included several robotic competitions and aninternationalsymposium.Thepapersandposterspresentedatthesymposium constitutethemainpartofthisbook.Leaguereportsinthe?nalsectiondescribe signi?cant advances in each league and the results. The symposium organizers received 76 submissions, among which 17 papers (22%) were accepted for oral presentation at the symposium (?rst section of the book), and 21 papers (29%) were accepted as posters (second section of the book). Most papers were evaluated by three reviewers each, chosen from the members of the International Program Committee (IPC). The IPC consisted of a balanced combination of regular RoboCup participants and researchers from outside this community. The reviewers worked hard to guarantee a fair review process – the result of their work was a high-quality symposium with very - teresting presentations.
Politics by Other Means William Grassie 2010-03-31 Politics by Other Means explores profound issues at the interface of contemporary religion and science from a global perspective. Brought together and thematically organized in this volume are twenty-four essays that were originally presented at conferences in China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka. Many of the essays are more journalistic in tone and content, while others adopt a more academic prose style and approach. All are provocative and iconoclastic challenging scientifi c and religious orthodoxies, exploring the great cultural ambivalences at the intersection of the domains of science and religion, and holding out the possibility of a transformative politics for addressing the great challenges of the twenty-fi rst century.
Social Robotics Bilge Mutlu 2011-11-18 This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Social Robotics, ICSR 2011, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in November 2011. The 23 revised full papers were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement from 51 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on social interaction with robots; nonverbal interaction with social robots; robots in society; social robots in education; affective interaction with social robots; robots in the home.
The Robot Book Heather Brown 2010-10-26 Introduces robots, in a text that has movable cardboard bolts and gears designed to show how robots work.
RoboCup ... 2002
Robot Theology Joshua K. Smith 2022-01-13 What is the relationship between artificial intelligence, robots, and theology? The connections are much closer than one might think. There is a deep spiritual longing in the world of AI and robotics. Technology is a prayer; it reveals the depth of our eschatology. Through the study of AI and robotic literature one can see a clear desire to both transcend human limitations and overcome the fallenness of human nature. The questions of ethics, power, and responsibility are not new to Christian anthropology. This book will introduce and examine some of the major ethical issues surrounding current AI and robotic technology from a theological and philosophical lens. In the study of AI and robot ethics, the Christian community has a chance to join the global efforts to build technology for good. Will we join them?
Robotic Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications Management Association, Information Resources 2020-01-03 Through expanded intelligence, the use of robotics has fundamentally transformed a variety of fields, including manufacturing, aerospace, medicine, social services, and agriculture. Continued research on robotic design is critical to solving various dynamic obstacles individuals, enterprises, and humanity at large face on a daily basis. Robotic Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a vital reference source that delves into the current issues, methodologies, and trends relating to advanced robotic technology in the modern world. Highlighting a range of topics such as mechatronics, cybernetics, and human-computer interaction, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for robotics engineers, mechanical engineers, robotics technicians, operators, software engineers, designers, programmers, industry professionals, researchers, students, academicians, and computer practitioners seeking current research on developing innovative ideas for intelligent and autonomous robotics systems.
Asian Defence Review 2016 Air Marshal Vinod Patney 2016-05-15 Last year, the war in Syria became a melee––the US, Russia, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon and some others struggled to bring peace to the region. But each stakeholder hankered after a different end state––President Bashar al-Assad’s continuance in power became a contentious issue. In due course of time Syria and the Islamic State in Syria (ISIS) jumped the order of priorities for the US forces in the area. In importance, they have left behind the drawdown in Afghanistan, which has been back-burnered provisionally. As it appears, garnering the support of the countries of the region like India, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, etc. to counter the rise of China, will continue to be high on the US agenda. Likewise, lifting of sanctions against Iran, following its rapprochement with the West will influence the world in many ways. The fallout of the testing of the hydrogen bomb by North Korea, the South China Sea imbroglio and Indo-Pak relations in the wake of the Pathankot terror strike too will cast their shadows on the geo-politics of the region in 2016. Evading war and conflict in the prevailing environment is an effort; economic interests and geo-political compulsions make the choice of alignment difficult for peace-loving nations of the world. They are faced with the dilemma of evading armed conflicts. It requires a conscious and sustained effort to do so. In order to work towards such goals, it is necessary to look at the geo-political, security and military-related issues objectively. The Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS) has been publishing the Asian Defence Review to fulfill this need. This volume, a resource base for both the professional and general readers, is the ninth in the series under this title. It aims to add to the pool of information and knowledge in the current strategic discourse dealing with military strategy, defence, politics and trends in military capabilities that impact Asia. In particular, it covers some of the important issues related to India’s security environment, the Indian Air Force, cyber warfare, nuclear security, warfare technologies, export control regimes, Russia, China and Pakistan.
Build Your Own Paper Robots Julius Perdana 2009-08-18 Presents projects, instructions, and color templates for fourteen paper robots.
Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems 3 Tim Lueth 2012-12-06 Distributed autonomous robotic systems (DARS) are systems composed of multiple autonomous units such as modules, cells, processors, agents, and robots. Combination or cooperative operation of multiple autonomous units is expected to lead to desirable features such as flexibility, fault tolerance, and efficiency. The DARS is the leading established conference on distributed autonomous systems. All papers have the common goal to contribute solutions to the very demanding task of designing distributed systems to realize robust and intelligent robotic systems.
Social Robotics Haizhou Li 2010-11-05 The papers in this volume were the fruitful scientific results of the Second International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR), held during November 23–24, 2010 in Singapore, which was jointly organized by the Social Robotics Laboratory (SRL), Interactive Digital Media Institute (IDMI), the National University of Singapore and 2 Human Language Technology Department, the Institute for Infocomm Research (I R), A*STAR, Singapore. These papers address a range of topics in social robotics and its applications. We received paper submissions from America, Asia, and Europe. All the papers were reviewed by at least three referees from the 32-member Program Committee who were assembled from the global community of social robotics researchers. This v- ume contains the 42 papers that were selected to report on the latest developments and studies of social robotics in the areas of human––robot interaction; affective and cognitive sciences for interactive robots; design philosophies and software archit- tures for robots; learning, adaptation and evolution of robotic intelligence; and mec- tronics and intelligent control.
Typeset in the Future Dave Addey 2018-12-11 A designer’s deep dive into seven science fiction films, filled with “gloriously esoteric nerdery [and] observations as witty as they are keen” (Wired). In Typeset in the Future, blogger and designer Dave Addey invites sci-fi movie fans on a journey through seven genre-defining classics, discovering how they create compelling visions of the future through typography and design. The book delves deep into 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Alien, Blade Runner, Total Recall, WALL·E, and Moon, studying the design tricks and inspirations that make each film transcend mere celluloid and become a believable reality. These studies are illustrated by film stills, concept art, type specimens, and ephemera, plus original interviews with Mike Okuda (Star Trek), Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall), and Ralph Eggleston and Craig Foster (Pixar). Typeset in the Future is an obsessively geeky study of how classic sci-fi movies draw us in to their imagined worlds.
RoboCup-99: Robot Soccer World Cup III Manuela Veloso 2003-07-31 This book is the third official archival publication devoted to RoboCup and documents the achievements presented at the Third Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences, Robo-Cup-99, held in Stockholm, Sweden in July/August 1999. The book presents the following parts - Introductory overview and survey - Research papers of the champion teams and scientific award winners - Technical papers presented at the RoboCup-99 Workshop - Team description of a large number of participating teams. This book is mandatory reading for the rapidly growing RoboCup community as well as a valuable source or reference and inspiration for R&D professionals interested in multi-agent systems, distributed artificial intelligence, and intelligent robotics.
Posthumanist Learning Cathrine Hasse 2019-12-20 In this text Hasse presents a new, inclusive, posthuman learning theory, designed to keep up with the transformations of human learning resulting from new technological experiences, as well as considering the expanding role of cyborg devices and robots in learning. This ground-breaking book draws on research from across psychology, education, and anthropology to present a truly interdisciplinary examination of the relationship between technology, learning and humanity. Posthumanism questions the self-evident status of human beings by exploring how technology is changing what can be categorised as ‘human’. In this book, the author applies a posthumanist lens to traditional learning theory, challenging conventional understanding of what a human learner is, and considering how technological advances are changing how we think about this question. Throughout the book Hasse uses vignettes of her own research and that of other prominent academics to exemplify what technology can tell us about how we learn and how this can be observed in real-life settings. Posthumanist Learning is essential reading for students and researchers of posthumanism and learning theory from a variety of backgrounds, including psychology, education, anthropology, robotics and philosophy.
Social Robotics Michael Beetz 2014-10-17 This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Social Robotics, ICSR 2014, held in Sydney, NSW, Australia, in October 2014. The 41 revised full papers presented in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. Amongst others, topics covered are such as interaction and collaboration among robots, humans, and environments; robots to assist the elderly and persons with disabilities; socially assistive robots to improve quality of life; affective and cognitive sciences for socially interactive robots; personal robots for the home; social acceptance and impact in the society; robot ethics in human society and legal implications; context awareness, expectation, and intention understanding; control architectures for social robotics; socially appealing design methodologies; safety in robots working in human spaces; human augmentation, rehabilitation, and medical robots; robot applications in education, entertainment, and gaming; knowledge representation and reasoning frameworks for robot social intelligence; cognitive architectures that support social intelligence for robots; robots in the workplace; human-robot interaction; creative and entertaining robots.
LEGO Technic Robotics Mark Rollins 2013-05-13 Building robots is a snap with LEGO Technic Robotics! This book shows you how to use LEGO bricks and Power Functions components such as motors and remote controls to create all kinds of robots. Best of all, you don’t have to learn any programming. You just need your imagination and the expert building principles that you’ll find inside LEGO Technic Robotics. Author Mark Rollins teaches you the hows and whys of Technic project design. You’re not just snapping pieces here and there; with LEGO Technic Robotics you’re actively learning the fundamentals of good design so you can go on to create truly spectacular LEGO robot creations. From robots that run on wheels, walk on two or four legs, or move and function in ways that only you can dream up, this book will help you create your own robot army. Turn to LEGO Technic Robotics and build with real power! After you’ve mastered the techniques in this book, if you’re looking to build more creations, check out Practical LEGO Technics, also written by Mark Rollins, and discover how to build vehicles that can roll, run, and more. Please note: the print version of this title is black & white; the eBook is full color. You can download the color diagrams in the book from
The World's Paper Trade Review 1922
Routledge Handbook of African Literature Moradewun Adejunmobi 2019-03-13 The turn of the twenty-first century has witnessed an expansion of critical approaches to African literature. The Routledge Handbook of African Literature is a one-stop publication bringing together studies of African literary texts that embody an array of newer approaches applied to a wide range of works. This includes frameworks derived from food studies, utopian studies, network theory, eco-criticism, and examinations of the human/animal interface alongside more familiar discussions of postcolonial politics. Every chapter is an original research essay written by a broad spectrum of scholars with expertise in the subject, providing an application of the most recent insights into analysis of particular topics or application of particular critical frameworks to one or more African literary works. The handbook will be a valuable interdisciplinary resource for scholars and students of African literature, African culture, postcolonial literature and literary analysis. Chapter 4 of this book is freely available as a downloadable Open Access PDF under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 license.
Love at First Beep Apple Jordan 2008 WALL-E, a lonely robot, falls in love with EVE, who has come to Earth looking for plant life to take back to her planet, and after she sees how WALL-E cares for her, she falls in love with him too.
Lots of Bots Kiki Thorpe 2008-05-13 Wall-e has just arrived in space and is searching for his friend, Eve. To his surprise, robots are everywhere. From paint-bots to crane-bots, each quietly does its job. But when Wall-e spots Eve, a boisterous chase begins, and suddenly everything goes haywire. This spirited take on the film Wall-e features lively verse and a fresh visual approach from a Pixar artist.

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