What Is the 4th of July? Elaine Landau 2013-09 Celebrate our nation’s birthday! Learn about the 4th of July and its symbols and traditions in this fun and easy-to-read book. Enjoy a hands-on activity, too!
Easy Wood Carving for Children Frank Egholm 2018-08-16 The Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book, specially designed for children.
Kawaii Angela Nguyen (author) 1901
Christmas Activities Anna Milbourne 2003-01-01 Fun christmas activities, including recipes and ideas for christmas tree decorations. Featuring children's favourite characters from Apple Tree Farm. Projects to inspire young children and keep them busy in the run-up to Christmas. Beautifully illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.
A Christmas Collar Twinkl Originals 2018-10-31 On Christmas Eve, Mila and Lumi find something special sparkling in the snow. “Mila popped the collar around Lumi’s neck to keep it safe until they could find the owner.” But is there more to the Christmas collar than meets the eye? Will Lumi find the real owner on her magical Christmas adventure? Download the full eBook and explore supporting teaching materials at www.twinkl.com/originals Join Twinkl Book Club to receive printed story books every half-term at www.twinkl.co.uk/book-club (UK only).
All About Hanukkah Judyth Groner 2014-01-01 The story of Hanukkah complete with candle blessings, rules for playing dreidel and other games, recipes, songs, and thoughts on miracles, giving, and more.
Shadowlands Matthew Green 2022-03-15 Drowned. Buried by sand. Decimated by plague. Plunged off a cliff. This is the forgotten history of Britain's lost cities, ghost towns and vanished villages: our shadowlands. 'Shadowlands is so well researched, beautifully written and packed with interesting detail. Green is both historian and prophet, offering a warning we need to pay attention to . . . alarming and valuable.' CLAIRE TOMALIN 'A beautiful book, truly original. Shadowlands is poetic history written with great literary flair, inqusitiveness, soul-searching and humanity . . . It is a marvellous achievement.' IAN MORTIMER, author of The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England 'An exquisitely written, moving and elegiac exploration . . . a book to savour and cherish.' SUZANNAH LIPSCOMB 'A haunting, lyrical tour around the lost places of Britain.' CHARLOTTE HIGGINS, author of Under Another Sky Britain's landscape is scarred with haunting and romantic remains; these shadowlands that were once filled with life are now just spectral echoes. Peering through the cracks of history, we find Dunwich, a medieval city plunged off a Suffolk cliff by sea storms; the lost city of Trellech unearthed by moles in the Welsh Marches; and the ghostly reservoir that is Capel Celyn, one of the few remaining solely Welsh-speaking villages, drowned by Liverpool City Council. Historian Matthew Green tells the extraordinary stories of how these places met their fate and probes the disappearances to explain why Britain looks the way it does today. Travelling across Britain, Green transports the reader to these places as they teeter on the brink of oblivion, vividly capturing the sounds of the sea clawing away row upon row of houses, the taste of medieval wine, or the sights of puffin hunting on the tallest cliffs in the country. We experience them in their prime, look on at their destruction and revisit their lingering remains later as they are mourned by evictees and reimagined by artists, writers and mavericks. By exploring the lost causes and dead ends of history - places lost to natural phenomena, war and plague, economic shifts and technological progress - the precariousness of our own towns and cities, of humanity, becomes clear. Shadowlands is a deeply evocative and dazzlingly original account of Britain's past. 'A haunting and miraculous work of resurrection, stinging in a perpetual present'. IAIN SINCLAIR, author of The Gold Machine 'Superb. A beautifully written atlas of Ghost Britain, a summoning of places lost to memory, and a deft excavation of the void underlying myths of national identity.' WILLIAM ATKINS, author of Exiles
Celebrate Ramadan Laura S. Jeffrey 2007 Discusses the significance of Ramadan, a month-long observance celebrated in the Islamic faith.
Journey to the Last River Teddy Keen 2021-11-09 A gripping and beautifully illustrated story set in the heart of the Amazon, featuring dramatic encounters with animals, dangerous rapids, and extraordinary discoveries.
Journey Aaron Becker 2020-12-01 The winner of the prestigious Caldecott Honor, and described by the New York Times as 'a masterwork', Aaron Becker's stunning, wordless picture book debut about self-determination and unexpected friendship follows a little girl who draws a magic door on her bedroom wall. Through it she escapes into a world where wonder, adventure and danger abound. Red marker pen in hand, she creates a boat, a balloon and a flying carpet which carry her on a spectacular journey ... who knows where? When she is captured by a sinister emperor, only an act of tremendous courage and kindness can set her free. Can it also guide her home and to happiness? In this exquisitely illustrated book, an ordinary child is launched on an extraordinary, magical journey towards her greatest and most rewarding adventure of all...
Daydream Journals Tilly Rose 2021-06-08 Creating unique textile art using vintage cloth and embroidery to record your ideas, thoughts and inspiration. Textile artists find inspiration all around them - from fleeting memories to treasured items, sketches, poems and photographs. But how do you collect and record these precious thoughts and ideas? Tilly Rose shows you how, by creating stunning fabric and paper journals filled with inspiration to spark your creativity. A lovingly created journal tells a story. It provides a fascinating glimpse into your world and is a beautiful object in its own right to be cherished by generations to come. There are 8 beautiful designs to choose from, incorporating a range of exciting techniques that include layering and collage, hand embroidery, transferring your own designs to cloth, stamping, appliqué, embellishing, patchwork and free motion machine embroidery. All of the techniques are explained with clear instructions and step-by-step photographs, so even those who are just setting out on their creative journey will find inspiration and all the know-how they need to make their own gorgeous daydream journals.
Rhymes for Circle Time Louise Binder Scott 1999-01-01 A collection of finger plays and action rhymes on nature, home and family, the seasons, the farm, and much more.
A Magical Muddle Twinkl Originals 2019-10-31 Tabitha is worried about a special visitor coming to her school. “She wanted to impress the Head Witch but sometimes, her spells went wrong.” When Tabitha comes up with a brainy idea, will she dazzle or disappoint? Find out in this fun story about magic and friendship. Download the full eBook and explore supporting teaching materials at www.twinkl.com/originals Join Twinkl Book Club to receive printed story books every half-term at www.twinkl.co.uk/book-club (UK only).
I Remember Abuelito: A Day of the Dead Story Janice Levy 2007-09-01 It's the Day of the Dead! It's time to celebrate! In this bilingual book, a young girl is busy helping her family prepare to honor those who have died--especially her grandfather. She misses him very much and is excited for his spirit to visit that night. SPANISH DESCRIPTION Es el Día de los Muertos. ¡Es tiempo de celebrar! En este libro biligua una niña joven esta ocupada ayudando a su familia preparar en los que han muerto—especialmente su abuelo. Ella lo estraña mucho y está con mucho emoción que su espirito venga de visita está noche.
Sisters Gonna Stitch Cotton Clara 2022-03-03 A fabulous collection of funny, sassy, uplifting embroidery patterns for the modern-day stitcher. Be inspired to kickstart your crafting journey with 50 gorgeous designs, as well as hints and tips from the experts at Cotton Clara. Each pattern features an empowering, inspirational message that will speak to a new wave of embroiderers looking to add a fun, feminist slant to their artwork. Favourites include: - WOMEN WHO LEAD, READ - CATS AGAINST CATCALLS - FRIES BEFORE GUYS - TAKE UP SPACE - ANOTHER DAY TO SLAY
Fortune Cookie Fortunes Grace Lin 2013-11-27 Crack, crack, crack! The cookies snap open and the family’s fortunes are revealed. Mei Mei wants to know how hers will come true. Jie Jie scoffs—they never come true. But Pacy isn’t so sure. As she waits and watches, she notices magical things happening in her family. Could the fortunes really be right? And what about Pacy’s fortune: “You will see the world in a new way”? Well, yes, it’s true! Pacy has been seeing the world through fortune cookies! This exhuberantly illustrated story about every kid’s favorite part of a Chinese meal also includes a brief history of the fortune cookie. What will your fortune be? Crack! Open up a cookie and find out.
Paper Monsters Oscar Sabini 2017-08 A hands-on monster collage studio that will delight and inspire
Our Lunar New Year Yobe Qiu 2018-10 It's almost Lunar New Year! Xiao Mi, Hang, Kwan, Malai and Charu all celebrate the New Year in their own special way. Experience how each one of the Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian children and their families honor Lunar New Year, from dragon dances in China to firecrackers in India!
Boro & Sashiko, Harmonious Imperfection Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby 2020-12-25 30+ authentic stitch patterns, 9 projects. Combine hand stitches to create dramatic, unique designs and learn to embrace imperfection, admiring the utilitarian beauty of every stitch. “Shibaguyz” Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby invite you to try your hand at boro, the traditional Japanese art of mending and quilting, and more than 30 authentic sashiko designs. Stitching lessons are true to tradition, inspired by historical works by Japanese masters. This guide in sashiko and boro includes patterns, stitch how-tos, and needle-threading and knotting tips. Put your handwork to good use with 9 contemporary projects like a sashiko sampler wallhanging, reversible knot bag, or a kimono-inspired jacket! With step-by-step instructions, even beginners can embrace the art of visible mending.
Fun Facts about Bats Julie Murray 2021-08 This delightful title gives readers lots of fun facts about many different bat species. Big, colorful photographs accompany each exciting piece of information. This title is at a Level 2 and is written specifically for emerging readers. Aligned to Common Core standards & correlated to state standards. Dash! is an imprint of Abdo Zoom, a division of ABDO.
Teaching Kindergarten Children Lois Horton Young 1961
Paint Play Katie Rose Johnston 2019-08-22 Forget everything you think you know about traditional watercolour painting - Paint Play will show you how to experiment with paint, use it spontaneously and have fun, no experience required! Through a series of 21 simple, achievable activities, artist Katie Rose Johnston demonstrates different ways of mixing colours, experiments with textures using salt and cling film, makes spatter art, animal print patterns and much more. A gorgeous illustration showcases each technique and is accompanied by helpful annotations in a playful, sketchbook-style layout, showing how to practise each technique at home. Focusing on the process rather than the result, Paint Play is the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to discover techniques to use in their own paintings or simply be creative, play with paint and have fun.
The Paper Chain Claire Blake 1998 When Mom gets cancer all of the family's routines are disrupted, but with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and rest, she eventually gets well enough to do the things they did before she got sick.
Minecraft STEM Challenge - Build a Theme Park Anne Rooney 2019-06 What's more fun than a theme park? And now kids can build one of their very own, using the popular game of Minecraft. They'll learn how much space is needed for each ride and how gravity and friction affect the speed of their roller coaster. The fantastic finished park will include multiple attractions such as a Ferris wheel and water slide, ticket booths, paving, and a fence around the perimeter.
The Sweet Science A. J. Liebling 2014-05-13 A.J. Liebling's classic New Yorker pieces on the "sweet science of bruising" bring vividly to life the boxing world as it once was. It depicts the great events of boxing's American heyday: Sugar Ray Robinson's dramatic comeback, Rocky Marciano's rise to prominence, Joe Louis's unfortunate decline. Liebling never fails to find the human story behind the fight, and he evokes the atmosphere in the arena as distinctly as he does the goings-on in the ring--a combination that prompted Sports Illustrated to name The Sweet Science the best American sports book of all time.
The Book Journey Jocelyn Hanson 2021-07-20 She was ready. Ready to save her sister. Olivia Moore, a simple student at Edgewater Elementary, found a book. Just a simple book, much like her. But that simple book changed her own life forever. The book, when applied in the correct way, could send someone to the pages of the book, reliving the information themselves. This discovery led to other things, other secrets that could not have been discovered if it wasn't for Olivia. As the story progresses, Esme, Olivia Moore's sister, goes missing. Olivia has to try to find out where Esme is with her friends, and save the day. Can Olivia actually save the day like a superhero in her own books? Find out in The Book Journey.
Viking Boy Tony Bradman 2012 Gunnar is the son of a Viking chieftain, living peacefully on his family steading with his mother, father and their people - until they are raided by Skuli and his Wolf Men, who raze his home to the ground and take his father's life. Gunnar swears an oath to avenge his father's death and save his mother, but first he must save himself.
Matariki Breakfast André Ngāpō 2017 Kara's whānau enjoys a Matariki breakfast, and Wai tells a story about the origins of Matariki, and how Matariki, the star, and her six daughters went in search of Tama-nui-te-rā.
A Festive Feast Twinkl Originals 2021-11-30 One Christmas, things don’t quite go to plan for Orla and her family. ‘The screen went blank, the lights on the tree went out and the oven stopped humming.’ Will Orla get the special Christmas that she has been hoping for? Download the full eBook and explore supporting teaching materials at www.twinkl.com/originals Join Twinkl Book Club to receive printed story books every half-term at www.twinkl.co.uk/book-club (UK only).
Celebrate Chinese New Year Elaine A. Kule 2006 Describes the traditions, ceremonies, and foods associated with the celebration of the Chinese New Year.
The Kids' Book of Paper Love Irene Smit 2019-10-15 A surprise on every page! Brimming from cover to cover with projects and other paper surprises, The Kids’ Book of Paper Love, from the bestselling editors of Flow magazine and books, is a bounty of a book that begs to be folded, cut up, collaged, doodled on, and shared. Loop paper strips into a paper chain. Snip out bookmarks. Fold a paper house. Make photo booth props—a silly mustache, a crown—to pose with friends. Bind up a DIY storybook and use it to sketch out adventures and dreams. Construct a paper flower bouquet, a paper terrarium, a fortune-teller with prompts like Lend someone a book and tell them why you recommend it. Plus there are Flow’s signature paper goodies, including a foldout paper banner, postcards, glitter stickers, a paper doll, a two-sided poster, and so much more. It’s a pure hands-on treat. Every page is an activity! Includes: Decorative cutouts Cards for friends A DIY storybook Stamp stickers Photo booth props …and more!
Christmas Wreaths 1994
Dipal's Diwali Twinkl Originals 2021-10-01 It's Diwali, and Dipal is excited to share the festival of lights with his little brother. As they celebrate together, Mohan is amazed by all the colourful decorations, beautiful rangoli patterns and dazzling fireworks he sees. This beautiful picture book is designed to introduce ages 3-7 to the traditions and key features associated with Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. The book introduces key learning points that you could explore further, such as the story of Rama and Sita, the meaning behind the diya lamps, what it’s like inside a Hindu temple. and how Hindus carry out puja. Download the full eBook and explore supporting teaching materials at www.twinkl.com/originals Join Twinkl Book Club to receive printed story books every half-term at www.twinkl.co.uk/book-club (UK only).
Traditional Origami Matthew Gardiner 2015-07-15 Origami is a Japanese art that’s been practiced for hundreds of years. Origami figures, such as paper cranes, windmills, and butterflies, are known throughout the world. Readers learn to make these traditional origami projects and more as they follow sets of simple instructions accompanied by helpful visual aids. Each step in the process is clearly presented to readers, and each finished product is shown to them in colorful detail. Along the way, readers discover fun facts about each piece of traditional origami, learning about Japanese history and culture in a creative way.
The Messy Magpie Twinkl Originals 2018 Morris the Magpie feels so lucky when the humans drop some shiny gifts in the forest! "The more of these gifts that his human friends threw, The more his collection expanded and grew." But are they the generous gifts that Morris first thought? Discover the importance of looking after our environment with this uplifting story. Download the full eBook and explore supporting teaching materials at www.twinkl.com/originals Join Twinkl Book Club to receive printed story books every half-term at www.twinkl.co.uk/book-club (UK only).

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