man can easily operate the plough [Fig. 1.1 (a)]. The indigenous wooden plough is increasingly being replaced by iron ploughs nowadays. Hoe : It is a simple tool which is used for removing weeds and for loosening the soil. It has a long rod of wood or iron. A strong, broad and bent plate of iron is fixed to one of its ends and Fig. 1.1 (a ...


(Simple Present, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Simple Past, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Simple Future, Future Continuous only) 28 Framing Yes / No Questions 34 Framing Wh- Questions 40 Application of Active Voice and Passive Voice 45 Use of Prepositions 52 2 Vocabulary Enrichment 59 Word Conversion (selective 25 words) 60

PAKISTAN STUDIES SSC II (3rd Set Solution) -

Q.1 Fill the relevant bubble for each part. All parts carry one mark. (1) During Z.A. Bhutto era, the land ownership of the irrigated land was limited to: A. 100 acres ⃝ B. 125 acres ⃝ C. 150 acres D. 175 acres ⃝ (2) According to the 1973 constitution, the head of the country is:

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