AMC Regulation United States Department of the Army
The Dock and Harbour Authority 1982
The American City 1961
Engineering and Contract Record ... 1955
Sheet Metal Industries 1970
Highways and Bridges and Engineering Works 1956
Timber Harvesting 1995
The Engineer 1962
Construction Methods and Management S. W. Nunnally 2007 Comprehensive and up-to-date, the text integrates major construction management topics with an explanation of the methods of heavy/highway and building construction. It incorporates both customary U.S. units and metric ( SI) units and is the only text to present concrete formwork design equations and procedures using both measurement systems. This edition features information on new construction technology, the latest developments in soil and asphalt compaction, the latest developments in wood preservation and major health, safety and environmental concerns.Explains latest developments in soil and asphalt compaction. Presents the latest developments in wood perservation materials and techniques which respond to environmental concerns. Expanded and updated coverage of construction safety and major health hazards and precautions. Designed to guide construction engineers and managers in planning, estimating, and directing construction operations safely and effectively.
Construction Methods and Equipment 1974
Machinery Lloyd 1956
Weekly News Letter 1969
Highways & Road Construction International 1973
Bulletin General Contractors Association of New York 1938
Engineering & Contract Record 1955
Logging & Sawmilling Journal 1990
Civil Engineering 1966
Temporary Structure Design Christopher Souder 2014-11-10 A comprehensive guide to temporary structures in construction projects Temporary Structure Design is the first book of its kind, presenting students and professionals with authoritative coverage of the major concepts in designing temporary construction structures. Beginning with a review of statistics, it presents the core topics needed to fully comprehend the design of temporary structures: strength of materials; types of loads on temporary structures; scaffolding design; soil properties and soil loading; soldier beam, lagging, and tiebacks; sheet piling and strutting; pressure and forces on formwork and falsework; concrete formwork design; falsework; bracing and guying; trestles and equipment bridges; and the support of existing structures. Temporary structures during construction include scaffolding, formwork, shoring, ramps, platforms, earth-retaining structures, and other construction structures that are not part of the permanent installation. These structures are less regulated and monitored than most other parts of the construction process, even though they are often supporting tons of steel or concrete—and the safety of all workers on the site depends on these structures to perform as designed. Unfortunately, most tragic failures occur during construction and are usually the result of improperly designed, constructed, and/or maintained temporary structures. Temporary Structure Design fills an important need in the literature by providing a trusted, comprehensive guide to designing temporary construction structures. Serves as the first book to provide a design-oriented approach to the design of temporary structures Includes coverage of the various safety considerations inherent in temporary structure design and construction Provides information on estimating cost and schedules for these specialized structures Covers formwork and falsework, as well as personnel protection, production support, environmental protection, and foundational structures If you're a student or a professional working in the field of construction or structural engineering, Temporary Structure Design is a must-have resource you'll turn to again and again.
Pacific Road Builder and Engineering Review 1965
Abstract Bulletin Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wis.) 1973
Pile Design and Construction Practice Willis H. Thomas 2007-12-06 This international handbook is essential for geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists responsible for designing and constructing piled foundations. It explains general principles and practice and details current types of pile, piling equipment and methods. It includes calculations of the resistance of piles to compressive loads, pile group
Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide for the Construction Industry 2015-01-05 The Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide for the Construction Industry is a handy guide for workers, employers, supervisors, and safety personnel. This latest 2011 edition is a quick field reference that summarizes selected safety standards from the California Code of Regulations. The major subject headings are alphabetized and cross-referenced within the text, and it has a detailed index. Spiral bound, 8.5 x 5.5"
Civil Engineering and Public Works Review 1969
Constructor 1961
Mine and Quarry 1980
Pit and Quarry 1961 The basic magazine in a basic industry.
The Excavating Engineer 1974
Contractors & Engineers Magazine 1970
The Surveyor and Municipal Engineer 1971
Civic Administration 1964
Rock Products 1954
Excavating Contractor 1975
The Random House Encyclopedia James Mitchell 1977 A one-volume encyclopedia arranged by broad subject areas in the Colorpedia section, with 25,000 alphabetically arranged text entries in the Alphapedia section that also serves as an index.
The Illustrated Reference Book of Modern Technology James Mitchell 1982 Short articles on modern technology in communications, transportation, and construction.
Prairie Farmer 1986
Drainage Machinery for Forest Use E. F. Granfield 1965
Surveyor 1971-04
Trends 1965
The South African Builder 1981
Municipal Journal, Public Works Engineer Contractor's Guide 1953-07

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