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For example, George Washing Carver might have a flower on his hat. Benjamin Franklin might have a kite on his hat. • Compare hats. Talk about the different items on the hats. • Make a chart of the different items (facts) about each famous person. • Alternate activity: Have a class hat for each famous person. Students can

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cultivars make colorful ground covers. Bougainvillea can be trained as a “standard,” a small flowering tree with a single trunk (photo above), over arbors, into espaliers, onto walls, or to cascade down a slope. Bougainvillea is used as an accent plant, a speci­ men plant, in hanging baskets, in containers, and for bonsai.

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At Your Fingertips – Access to Resources for the Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards Page 1 of 104 Introduction The At Your Fingertips – Access to Resources for the Alternate Achievement Standards provides an instructional resource for each alternate achievement standard for English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics for kindergarten through grade 12.

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names of colored paper and trace a flower petal shape around it. They cut out the “petal” and place it on the bulletin board to build a flower of important classroom names. Talk about the differences in names – some are long, some are short, etc. Or do a graphing activity where each child writes his/her name on graph paper (with large ...

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In this paper, I offer a primer on some of the important concepts and methods in mediation analysis, moderation analysis, and conditional process ... if not strictly so), and the errors in estimation meet the standard assumptions of OLS regression (nor-mality, independence, and homoscedasticity). Independent variables ...

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weight. You can make your own weights by filling paper cups with concrete and placing a hoop of wire into the wet cement. Then use a clothespin to clip the weight to the branch. You can vary the weights by using larger or smaller cups or by filling the cups with different amounts of cement. An alternative is to attach stones to clothespins using

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(b) A flower design is made up by placing four regular octagons of the same size as shown in the diagram. (i) Explain why the space at the centre of these four octagons is always a square. (3) If the area of the square at the centre of the design is 132.25 cm2, work out: (ii) the length of the sides of the octagons; (2)

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IEEE standard IEEE 802.15.7. The IEEE 802.15.7 is a high-speed, bidirectional and fully ... LED bulb to transmit a video of a blooming flower that was then projected onto a screen. In ... Switching the LEDs on and off can make them generate digital strings with different combination of 1s and 0s. To generate a new data stream, data can be ...

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