Lisbon Fernando Pessoa 2008 A guidebook to Lisbon for English-speaking visitors written by the author whose typescript of the book was discovered amongst his papers after his death.
The Peter Principle RAYMOND. HULL HULL (RAYMOND. PETER, DR LAURENCE J.) 2020-10 In a hierarchy, every employee rises to the level of their own incompetence.This simple maxim, defined by this classic book over 40 years ago, has become a beacon of truth in the world of work. From the civil service to multinational companies to hospital management, it explains why things constantly go wrong: promotion up a hierarchy inevitably leads to over-promotion and incompetence. Through barbed anecdotes and wry humour the authors define the problem and show how anyone, whether at the top or bottom of the career ladder, can avoid its pitfalls. Or, indeed, avoid promotion entirely!
Introduction to Western Culture Guobin Xu 2018-03-23 Promoting cultural understanding in a globalized world, this collection provides a concise and unique introduction to Western culture, through the voices of Chinese scholars. Written by a team of experts in their fields, the book provides insights into Western history and culture, covering an interdisciplinary range of topics across literature, language, music, art and religion. It addresses such issues as tourism and etiquette, as well as the key differences of distinct cultures, providing readers with a succinct yet effective way to master a basic understanding of Western culture.
Time Out Lisbon 1999 This first edition has been written and researched by people who live and work in Portugal's vibrant capital. Providing the most recent, detailed information on accommodations, sights, mouth-watering food and drink, music, dance, museums, and booming nightlife, as well as on Portugal's beaches, mountains, Porto, and the Algarve resorts, the Lisbon Guide offers in-depth, authoritative, and critical coverage of the whole city, as well as Portugal's beautiful coastline and countryside.
History of the Vikings and Norse Culture Njord Kane 2019-09-02 The story of the Norse begins with the first ancient tribes during the early Nordic Stone Age. There originated the Nordic Ax Culture when primitive Norsemen create their first stone battle axes. An incredible evolution of an innovative and progressive culture that groomed legendary warriors whose voices still roar out today. Take a journey into the Age of Viking Expansion where Ragnar Lothbrok, Rollo, Erik the Red, and many other famous Vikings take you on a ride into the very Halls of Valhalla. Learn about Norse culture, marriage customs, baby naming ceremonies, and the sacrificial blóts used in spiritual and religious observances. Explore legendary Norse such as the Jómsvíkings, Varangian, and Rus'. The Vikings played ball and board games and had their own form of martial arts called Glima. Explore knowledge and technology specific to a culture that was shaped by a people who were able to reach great distances across seas beyond their homelands. A battle ferocious people who were unmatched by their opponents. There's a whole new world of understanding about the ancient vikings has been opened up by new archaeological discoveries and studies. New findings that lead to new questions about the Jötnar, often called frost giants. There were many shared technologies between the Ancient Norse, the Inuit and other Native American aborigines. Viking explorers have long interacted and traded with many people and cultures afar. Were ancient Norse already in contact with early Native Americans? See for yourself with new information about the Norse that was once lost in time.
Amnesty International Report 2008 Amnesty International 2008 This annual report documents human rights abuses by governments and armed opposition groups in 150 countries across the world. It provides an invaluable reference guide to international human rights developments.
Even Weirder! (WeirDo #2) Anh Do 2019-01-29 From bestselling author Anh Do comes the hilarious hit chapter book series, WeirDo. These illustrated books will keep readers laughing as Weir and his friends navigate the trials of elementary school. Weir's back and even weirder!But it's not just Weir who's weird, it's his whole family. Not even their pet bird is normal!How will he keep cool with a school trip to the zoo coming up AND the birthday party of his biggest crush?! It won't be easy . . . but it will be funny!
Papercraft Christmas Ellen Giggenbach 2014-10 In this book, collage artist Ellen Giggenbach has brought together twenty of her favourite Christmas papercraft projects, including baubles, wall decorations and 3-D models, for you to make during the festive season. Each page is removable, with cut and fold guides and assembly instructions. Once you have made a model featuring Ellen Giggenbach's illustrations, you can then try a plain paper version and add extra collage elements using the stickers provided. Get the papercrafting bug! AGES: 7+ years AUTHOR: Ellen Giggenbach is a Kiwi who was born in Bavaria, Germany. She feels that her German heritage adds an element of folk art to her work. Using old stationery, wallpaper and fabric, Ellen creates each of her unashamedly decorative and joyful collages by hand. SELLING POINTS: * Create 20 colourful papercraft festive decorations from the pull-out pages * Also includes over 200 collage stickers to decorate * Turn the cover into a folder for work-in-progress following the guide included ***NOVELTY TITLE***
A Series of Plays Joanna Baillie 1798
Sacred Places Europe Brad Olsen 2007-02-01 Combining current trends, academic theories, and historical insights, this travel guide brings both lesser-known and famous European spiritual locales into perspective by explaining the significance of each sacred site. The cultural relevance, history, and spirituality of each site—including Stonehenge, the Acropolis, Mont Saint Michel, Pompeii, and Saint Peter's Basilica—are explained, creating a moving and artistic travel experience. Each destination—with selections spanning more than 15 countries throughout Europe—is accompanied by easy-to-follow maps and directions.
Quoting Caravaggio Mieke Bal 2001-03 The author's primary object of investigation in this text is not the Caravaggio, but rather the issue of temporality in art. She analyzes the productives relationship between Caravaggio and a number of late-20th century artists who "quote" the baroque master in their own works.
Portugal Narrow Gauge John Organ 2010 Portugal Narrow Gauge : From Porto to Pomerao
Sacred Places, North America Brad Olsen 2003 A compilation of 108 spiritual destinations around North America-- medicine wheels, rock art, modern pilgrimage routes, prehistoric earthen pyramids, ancient stone structures, monasteries, shrines, temples, and more.
A Frequency Dictionary of Portuguese Mark Davies 2007-11-29 An invaluable tool for learners of Portuguese, this Frequency Dictionary provides a list of the 5000 most commonly used words in the language. Based on a twenty-million-word collection of Portuguese (taken from both Portuguese and Brazilian sources), which includes both written and spoken material, this dictionary provides detailed information for each of the 5000 entries, including the English equivalent, a sample sentence, and an indication of register and dialect variation. Users can access the top 5000 words either through the main frequency listing or through an alphabetical index. Throughout the frequency listing there are also thrity thematically-organized ‘boxed’ lists of the top words from a variety of key topics such as sports, weather, clothing and relations. An engaging and highly useful resource, A Frequency Dictionary of Portuguese will enable students of all levels to get the most out of their study of Portuguese vocabulary.
Dear Black Girls Shanice Nicole 2021-02-08 Dear Black Girls is a letter to all Black girls. Every day poet and educator Shanice Nicole is reminded of how special Black girls are and of how lucky she is to be one. Illustrations by Kezna Dalz support the book's message that no two Black girls are the same but they are all special--that to be a Black girl is a true gift. In this celebratory poem, Kezna and Shanice remind young readers that despite differences, they all deserve to be loved just the way they are.
(Views of the Rhine). William Tombleson 183?
Design Bernhard E. Bürdek 2015-08-31 For students of design, professional product designers, and anyone interested in design equally indispensable: the fully revised and updated edition of the reference work on product design. The book traces the history of product design and its current developments, and presents the most important principles of design theory and methodology, looking in particular at the communicative function of products and highlighting aspects such as corporate and service design, design management, strategic design, interface/interaction design and human design.. From the content: Design and history: The Bauhaus; The Ulm School of Design; The Example of Braun; The Art of Design Design and Globalization Design and Methodology: Epistemological Methods in Design Design and Theory: Aspects of the Disciplinary Design Theory Design and its Context: From Corporate Design to Service Design Product Language and Product Semiotics Architecture and Design Design and Society Design and Technological Progress
Camino de Perfeccion Pío Baroja 1972
Variety (December 1939); 136 Variety 2021-09-09 This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work. Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public. To ensure a quality reading experience, this work has been proofread and republished using a format that seamlessly blends the original graphical elements with text in an easy-to-read typeface. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.
Sociology Unlocked Sara Cumming 2020-02-14 Authentic. Applied. Accessible for all. Your key to unlocking sociology.Striking a key balance between accessible and rigorous through its narrative writing style, relatable real-world examples, engaging integrated activities, extensive pedagogy, and coverage of theory in every chapter, Sociology Unlocked speaks directly to students to help unlock their sociologicalimaginations.
Sissy Dreams: From Boyfriend to Girlfriend Paul Zante Receiving a text from Sasha, my girlfriend, at work was always risky. Especially when she wanted to know if her girlfriend was horny. A short and sweet (and filthy) story.
Artists of Estonia Johannes Saar 1998
Eyewitness Companions: Architecture Jonathan Glancey 2006-04-17 Explore the world''s greatest buildings! Architecture is filled with amazing illustrations and photographs that take you to the heart of the world''s landmark buildings. Get the opportunity to look beyond the facade. Examine materials and technology that shape buildings, and identify thekey elements and decorative features of each architectural style. This is the best definitive visual guide on architecture; it covers 5,000 years of architectural design, style, and construction from airports to ziggurats. Dissects architectural wonders inside and out Includes palaces, great temples, cathedrals and towering modern skyscrapers
The Ultimate Retroactive Jealousy Cure Jeff Billings 2018 Learn how to get over Retroactive Jealousy in 12 Steps without spending a fortune on therapy. Is your mind caught in a vicious circle of repetitive thoughts about your partner's past love life?Are you extremely bothered by the fact that they once engaged in casual sex? Or were in love with someone else?Are you constantly wondering how to get over your girlfriend's past? Or boyfriend, husband, wife's? Don't Worry, I Know What You're Going Through...I was also once afflicted by retroactive jealousy issues -- irrational jealous thoughts about my girlfriend's sexual past -- and struggled FOR MONTHS to overcome them.Platitudes like "Just move on," or "The past is the past" were well intentioned but, as you probably know, completely meaningless.BUT finally, after months of battling, I discovered the secret of how to overcome my girlfriend's past sexual exploits...My retroactive jealousy book will help squash all jealousy of your partner's past, for good. Inside I will teach you the ultimate retroactive jealousy cure -- how to overcome retroactive jealousy in a relationship 12 SIMPLE STEPS.Learn which TWO KEY EMOTIONS are fueling your retrospective jealousy, AND how to get rid of them.REWIRE your mind to think about your partner's past in a whole new positive light. "What you resist, persists!"Learn how to BREAK the cycle of resisting these jealous thoughts and feeling worse because of it.Stop interrogating your loved one about their past behaviour and zero in on what really matters -- THE PRESENT.In short, learn how to not care AT ALL about your husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend's sexual or romantic history.Learn How To Stop Being Jealous In Your Relationship In 14,300 words, 12 steps, 3 sections: Part 1: Understanding Retroactive Jealousy IssuesDiscover just what a retroactive jealousy disorder is. As Yoda used to say "Named must your fear be, before banish it you can." Part 2: Rewiring The MindThe next four steps tackle how you're thinking about your partner's sexual history and rewires these thoughts to reframe them in a much more positive light. As you'll find out, retroactive jealousy and insecurity go hand in hand. Part 3: Practical ExercisesYou can't overcome retroactive jealousy in a relationship by thinking about it. In this last section I give you four hands-on practical exercises that you can do every day to kill all your anxiety about your partner's past. Join The 100s Of Satisfied Customers Who've Beaten Retroactive Jealousy OCDHere's what just one of my happy customers had to say about my book about overcoming retroactive jealousy:"Something must have deeply echoed with my well as my rational mind and these feelings were GONE. Years of making myself depressed and hurting my peace and energy over imaginary stuff.....gone.... Thank you! You are a good man."-- Pat. O. St Louis (see original email from Pat here: Get your thoughts back under control and end the "mini-movies" about the past and let go of your angry, judgmental, and jealous emotions and feel at peace once again. Onward!-- Jeff
Wild Guide Portugal Edwina Pitcher 2017-03-04
Objects and Others George W. Stocking 1988-11-09 History of Anthropology is a series of annual volumes, inaugurated in 1983, each of which treats an important theme in the history of anthropological inquiry. Objects and Others, the third volume, focuses on a number of questions relating to the history of museums and material culture studies: the interaction of museum arrangement and anthropological theory; the tension between anthropological research and popular education; the contribution of museum ethnography to aesthetic practice; the relationship of humanistic and anthropological culture, and of ethnic artifact and fine art; and, more generally, the representation of culture in material objects. As the first work to cover the development of museum anthropology since the mid-nineteenth century, it will be of great interest and value not only to anthropologist, museologists, and historians of science and the social sciences, but also to those interested in "primitive" art and its reception in the Western world.
Trolleybuses in Portugal David Harvey 2019-10-15 With a wealth of teffific, previously unpublished photographs, telling the story of trolleybuses in Portugal.
Detergents and Textile Washing Günter Jakobi 1987
Frommer's Portugal, 94-95 George McDonald 1994-02 Each of the Frommer guides are packed with reliable, money-saving advice that travellers will find invaluable - whether they're travelling on a shoestring or staying at the Ritz. The detailed pre-trip planning information includes transportation advice, suggested itineraries and a calendar of special events. Exact prices, not vague price ranges, let readers carefully plan their daily budgets. or car - as well as information on British customs allowances, UK embassy locations and a currency chart that compares the British pound to the local currency is included.
The Cable Car in America George Woodman Hilton 1997 The book is a treatise on passenger transport using wire rope traction for carriers operating on rail, popularly cable cars or street railways. The system is described. There are extensive photographs and drawings of components, particularly, carriers, grips, brakes, stationary drives, and the haulage ropes. System design, construction, operation and maintenance are covered in detail along with the powerhouses and drive machinery. Cable car economics is covered for principal cities in America. Fully illustrated with photographs and drawings. Bibliography. (CFD).
Economics and Social Democracy Simon Vaut 2011
Sacred Places Around the World Brad Olsen 2004-02-01 World travelers and armchair tourists who want to explore the mythology and archaeology of the ruins, sanctuaries, mountains, lost cities, and temples of ancient civilizations will find this guide ideal. Detailed here are the monuments and sites where ancient peoples once gathered to perform sacred rituals and ceremonies to worship various gods and to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Important archaeological, historical, and geological destinations worldwide are profiled, from the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Forbidden City in China to the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia and Mount Shasta in California. Sites are described in historical and cultural context, and practical contemporary travel information is provided, including detailed maps, drawings, photographs, and travel directions.
Merv Griffin Darwin Porter 2009 This is the first post-mortem, unauthorized insight into Merv Griffin, a failed singer and unsuccessful actor who unexpectedly rewrote the rules of America's broadcasting industry. He became the richest man in TV, befriended everyone in media who mattered, bought a casino, and maintained a secret life as America's most famously closeted homosexual. From a controversial writer whose previous work has virtually re-defined the art of the celebrity biography, "here's Merv."--Publisher description.
World Heritage and Sustainable Development Peter Bille Larsen 2018-07-03 In 2015, the General Assembly of State Parties to the World Heritage Convention passed a ground-breaking Sustainable Development policy that seeks to bring the World Heritage system into line with the UN’s sustainable development agenda (UNESCO 2015). World Heritage and Sustainable Development provides a broad overview of the process that brought about the new policy and the implications of its enactment. The book is divided into four parts. Part I puts the policy in its historical and theoretical context, and Part II offers an analysis of the four policy dimensions on which the policy is based – environmental sustainability, inclusive social development, inclusive economic development and the fostering of peace and security. Part III presents perspectives from IUCN, ICOMOS and ICCROM – the three Advisory Bodies to the World Heritage Committee, and Part IV offers ‘case study’ perspectives on the practical implications of the policy. Contributions come from a wide range of experienced heritage professionals and practitioners who offer both ‘inside’ perspectives on the evolution of the policy and ‘outside’ perspectives on its implications. Combined, they present and analyse the main ideas, debates and implications of the policy change. This book is key reading for all heritage professionals interested in developing a better understanding of the new Sustainable Development policy. It is also essential reading for scholars and students working in the area.
Frommer's Portugal Darwin Porter 2004-02-20 Offers information on sightseeing, accommodations, restaurants, geography, events, and shopping for Portugal and surrounding areas.
From cellar to garret David Rice- Jones 1876
I Hate Everyone But You Gaby Dunn 2017-09-05 INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! A POPSUGAR "Best Young Adult Book of 2017" Pick An Autumn 2017 Indie Next Pick! Named by Bustle as one of the "16 Books The Internet Is Going To Be Obsessed With This Year" A Barnes & Noble Pick for “Most Anticipated LGBTQIAP YA Books of the Second Half of 2017” "Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin have captured everything about the pain and excitement of that first terrifying, fabulous, confusing year on your own in college... In this epistolary novel, you live day by day with Ava and Gen, deep inside that friendship, so deep, it feels like it’s your own." —Francine Pascal, bestselling author of the Sweet Valley High series Perfect for fans of “Robin Talley’s What We Left Behind or Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl” (School Library Journal, Starred Review), Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin’s I Hate Everyone But You is a hilarious and heartfelt debut novel about new beginnings, love and heartbreak, and ultimately the power of friendship. Dear Best Friend, I can already tell that I will hate everyone but you. Sincerely, Ava Helmer (that brunette who won’t leave you alone) We're still in the same room, you weirdo. Stop crying. G So begins a series of texts and emails sent between two best friends, Ava and Gen, as they head off to their first semesters of college on opposite sides of the country. From first loves to weird roommates, heartbreak, self-discovery, coming out and mental health, the two of them document every wild and awkward moment to each other. But as each changes and grows into her new life, will their friendship be able to survive the distance?
Architecture of Brazil Hugo Segawa 2012-12-05 Architecture of Brazil: 1900-1990 examines the processes that underpin modern Brazilian architecture under various influences and characterizes different understandings of modernity, evident in the chapter topics of this book. Accordingly, the author does not give overall preference to particular architects nor works, with the exception of a few specific works and architects, including Warchavchik, Niemeyer, Lucio Costa, and Vilanova Artigas.
Why Liberalism Works Deirdre Nansen McCloskey 2019-01-01 An insightful and passionately written book explaining why a return to Enlightenment ideals is good for the world "Beginning with the simple but fertile idea that people should not push other people around, Deirdre McCloskey presents an elegant defense of 'true liberalism' as opposed to its well-meaning rivals on the left and the right. Erudite, but marvelously accessible and written in a style that is at once colloquial and astringent."--Stanley Fish The greatest challenges facing humankind, according to Deirdre McCloskey, are poverty and tyranny, both of which hold people back. Arguing for a return to true liberal values, this engaging and accessible book develops, defends, and demonstrates how embracing the ideas first espoused by eighteenth-century philosophers like Locke, Smith, Voltaire, and Wollstonecraft is good for everyone. With her trademark wit and deep understanding, McCloskey shows how the adoption of Enlightenment ideals of liberalism has propelled the freedom and prosperity that define the quality of a full life. In her view, liberalism leads to equality, but equality does not necessarily lead to liberalism. Liberalism is an optimistic philosophy that depends on the power of rhetoric rather than coercion, and on ethics, free speech, and facts in order to thrive.
Modern Architecture in Brazil Henrique Ephim Mindlin 1956

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