The Indigo Book Christopher Jon Sprigman 2016-05-02 This public domain book is an open and compatible implementation of the Uniform System of Citation.
Gurps Ultra-Tech David L. Pulver 2007-01-08
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Carl Barks 2012 Presents the classic comic adventures of Disney's Scrooge McDuck as he hordes his money and protects it from the Beagle Boys in newly recolored panels that feature extensive “Liner Notes” that describe the creation of each story. 20,000 first printing.
Gurps High-Tech S. a. Fisher 2017-02-16 All the Gear Is Here! Meticulously researched, GURPS High-Tech gives descriptions and stats for hundreds of kinds of historical weapons and personal armor, vehicles from the stagecoach to modern helicopters, and much more. GURPS High-Tech also has the gear and gadgets characters need. Communication, from early telegraphs to modern computers; tools of the trade for detectives, spies, and thieves; camping equipment, rations, and first-aid kits; business cards, watches, and fashionable duds - this book has it all, for encounters from the wilderness to high society and everything in between. GURPS High-Tech is the complete resource for equipment from the 18th century through the modern age, and will be appreciated by Game Masters no matter what system they use! GURPS High-Tech replaces GURPS High-Tech for Third Edition, GURPS Modern Firepower, and portions of GURPS Covert Ops.
Antique Guns John E. Traister 1994 Years in its preparation, this updated guide covers a vast spectrum of pre-1900 firearms manufactured by U.S. gunmakers as well as Canadian, French, German, Belgian, Spanish, and other foreign firms. Offers detailed descriptions, dates of production, and current values. Illustrations.
The Films of Steven Spielberg Douglas Brode 2000 This pictorial study puts Steven Spielberg's career in focus: from his first feature, "The Sugarland Express", through his phenomenal blockbusters, including "Jaws", Jurassic Park", and "Schindler's List". Photos.
Crusade Against the Grail Otto Rahn 2006-09-22 The first English translation of the book that reveals the Cathar stronghold at Montségur to be the repository of the Holy Grail • Presents the history of the Papal persecution of the Cathars that lies hidden in the medieval epic Parzival and in the poetry of the troubadours • Provides new insights into the life and death of this gifted and controversial author Crusade Against the Grail is the daring book that popularized the legend of the Cathars and the Holy Grail. The first edition appeared in Germany in 1933 and drew upon Rahn’s account of his explorations of the Pyrenean caves where the heretical Cathar sect sought refuge during the 13th century. Over the years the book has been translated into many languages and exerted a large influence on such authors as Trevor Ravenscroft and Jean-Michel Angebert, but it has never appeared in English until now. Much as German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann used Homer’s Iliad to locate ancient Troy, Rahn believed that Wolfram von Eschenbach’s medieval epic Parzival held the keys to the mysteries of the Cathars and the secret location of the Holy Grail. Rahn saw Parzival not as a work of fiction, but as a historical account of the Cathars and the Knights Templar and their guardianship of the Grail, a “stone from the stars.” The Crusade that the Vatican led against the Cathars became a war pitting Roma (Rome) against Amor (love), in which the Church triumphed with flame and sword over the pure faith of the Cathars.
Blood of the Beast M. Ward Leon Blood of the Beast is the story of an international French eco-terrorist group who has taken its name, 'Le Gang de la Clé de Singe, ' from Edward Abbey's novel The Monkey Wrench Gang. Although they originally formed to combat large corporations who showed little or no regard for the environment, they have recently decided to wage a world war against all poachers and big game hunters, as well as anybody in the world that targets any animals for sport, all in the name of Mother Nature. Leading the charge are two friends, Todd Styles (aka Rodin, ) a Vietnam draft dodger who has become a leader in the international eco-terrorist group and Buzz Murdoch, a Hippie stoner living in Jamaica with his sidekick: a 1600-pound Bumble Bee Grouper. Blood of the Beast interweaves Rodin's life of eco-terrorism, murder, and revenge with Buzz's laidback peace-loving existence, ultimately bringing them together to fight a common enemy. Le Gang de la Clé de Singe encounters many enemies, from elephant poachers in Africa to Japanese whalers in the Antarctic. Their targets range from a pro- football cheerleader to a Nazi sympathizer to a wealthy ex-presidential candidate and his family. Members of Le Gang de la Clé de Singe always leave a special calling card: a yellow flag emblazoned with a black skull and crossed wrenches hung around their victim's neck. They are ruthless and show no mercy, be it man or woman there are no exceptions. The gang is considered by every nation to be pirates and outlaws leaving them constantly on the run to continue to fight the self-righteous belief that the world is ours to destroy.
Handbook of Firearms and Ballistics Brian J. Heard 2011-08-17 The updated second edition of Handbook of Firearms and Ballistics includes recent developed analytical techniques and methodologies with a more comprehensive glossary, additional material, and new case studies. With a new chapter on the determination of bullet caliber via x-ray photography, this edition includes revised material on muzzle attachments, proof marks, non-toxic bullets, and gunshot residues. Essential reading for forensic scientists, firearms examiners, defense and prosecution practitioners, the judiciary, and police force, this book is also a helpful reference guide for undergraduate and graduate forensic science students.
Pistols and Revolvers United States. Department of the Army 1960
The Grail Diary Henry Jones 2018-12-11 This is a replica of the prop used in the movie. Every page has been painstakingly recreated to match the original and has been printed using premium quality paper and materials entirely made in North America. The softcover is not real leather although it is printed to look like a leather journal. There are no inserts in this journal, only the printed pages of the diary, any inserts will need to be created or purchased separately.
The Wettest County in the World Matt Bondurant 2009-12-29 9781451699708:A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.
Whips and Whipmaking David W. Morgan 2004 Whipmaking is the highest refinement of the art of leather braiding. This revised edition introduces another major category of whipsthose made in the Mongol tradition. Braiding details are shown in an extensive selection of photographs that also serve to document the geographic distribution of the whips; their historic use and characteristics are explained in detailed captions. A new chapter describes the evolution of a whip design that became world famous through its association with Hollywood. The whips used by Indiana Jones were all made by the author, David W. Morgan, and the films prompted an immediate revival of interest in whips for performance and sport use.
History of the Nicolet National Forest, 1928-1976 M. Elliott Kennell 1977
Unsolved Crimes Michael Newton 2008 Discusses such well-known unsolved crimes as the identity of Jack the Ripper, JFK's killer, and the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey.
The Webley Service Revolver Robert Maze 2012-08-20 The Webley .455in service revolver is among the most powerful top-break revolvers ever produced. First adopted in 1887, in various marques it was the standard-issue service pistol for British and Commonwealth armed forces for nearly fifty years; later versions in .38in calibre went on to see further service in World War II and beyond, as well as in a host of law-enforcement roles around the world into the 1970s. Developed to give British service personnel the ability to incapacitate their opponents in 'small wars' around the globe, the Webley used the formidable – and controversial – .455in cartridge, a variant of which was known as the 'manstopper'. Users found it offered good penetration and excellent stopping power with only mild recoil – indeed, it was rated superior to the US .45 Colt in stopping power. Featuring specially commissioned full-colour artwork and close-up photographs, this is the compelling story of the Webley revolver, the powerful pistol that saw service across the British Empire and throughout two world wars.
Unrepentant Sinner Charles Askins 1991-01-01 Colonel Askins is an adventurer. Whether it be fighting his way out of an ambush, hunting tiger in Asia or sniping along the Rhine, Askins has done it with gusto. Here he recounts his early days as a forest ranger, his decade of slinging lead on the Mexican border, his astounding success as a competitive pistol shot, his combat participation in World War II, his adventures as a paratrooper in Vietnam and his career as one of the world's leading big-game hunters.
Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018 2019-12-01 Lesser Feasts and Fasts has not been updated since 2006. This new edition, adopted at the 79th General Convention (resolution A065), fills that need. Biographies and collects associated with those included within the volume have been updated; a deliberate effort has been made to more closely balance the men and women represented within its pages.
Guns Illustrated 2011 Dan Shideler 2010-09-18 YOUR GO-TO GUIDE FOR GUNS, AMMO & GEAR Get the complete low-down on what's new in the shooting industry with Guns Illustrated 2011. Stuffed with photos and behind-the-scenes peeks at today's hottest guns and gear, Guns Illustrated 2011 is an economical guide to the latest and greatest guns, shooting supplies and accessories. Before you spend another dollar on guns or gear, arm yourself with the facts-with Guns Illustrated 2011! &break;IT'S ALL HERE!&break;&break; Reports from the Field&break; Handguns&break; Rifles&break; Shotguns&break; Ammo&break; Reloading Supplies&break; Optics&break; Airguns&break; Black Powder&break; Informative Articles on Special-Interest Guns &break; Ballistics Tables&break; Manufacturers Directory&break; And more
Tank Hunter Craig Moore 2017-11-08 The new Tank Hunter World War One book covers all the British and French built tanks used by US tank crews in the Great War of 1914-1918. There are sections of the book devoted to early American tank development including the Skeleton tank, US Steam Tank (Track Laying), Holt Gas-Electric Tank, Ford 3-ton tank and the M1917 6-ton tank. There is also information on the four tank battles fought by the 301st Battalion, US Tank Corps in 1918.
Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone Max McCoy 1995 On the trail of a stolen manuscript said to contain the secrets for transmuting lead into gold and achieving eternal life, Indiana Jones also tracks a missing British alchemist and an insane Renaissance scholar. Original.
Eva Braun Heike B. Görtemaker 2012-12-11 A comprehensive portrait of Hitler's long-time mistress discusses the bourgeois existence she shared with him out of the public eye, her role as his trusted confidante, and their double suicide two days after their marriage.
Atomic Robo Brian Clevinger 2010 Atomic Robo, a robot with automatic intelligence, battles a variety of villains.
The Webley Story W. Dowell 1987-01-01
Billy the Kid: The Endless Ride Michael Wallis 2008-03-17 "This might be the best Billy the Kid book to date." —Fritz Thompson, Albuquerque Journal In this revisionist biography, award-winning historian Michael Wallis re-creates the rich anecdotal saga of Billy the Kid (1859–1881), a young man who became a legend in his time and remains an enigma to this day. In an extraordinary evocation of the legendary Old West, Wallis demonstrates why the Kid has remained one of our most popular folk heroes. Filled with dozens of rare images and period photographs, Billy the Kid separates myth from reality and presents an unforgettable portrait of this brief and violent life.
When the Guns Fall Silent James Riordan 2001 Jack Loveless attempts to avert his grandson's questions about his role in World War I by taking him to visit the battlefield graveyards in France. While there he meets a German soldier from the past and vividly remembers the Christmas truce, a miraculous moment when the guns fell silent and horrors of war were temporarily forgotten in a football match. Suggested level: secondary.
The Beretta M9 Pistol Leroy Thompson 2011-09-20 In 1990 the Beretta M9 replaced the venerable Colt 1911 as the main pistol of choice for the US Army, and it has seen widespread use in Iraq and Afghanistan. Written by a leading pistol expert who currently trains US Special Forces in the use of this weapon, this book is an honest appraisal of the successes and failings of the 9mm Beretta. The volume traces the Beretta designs that preceded the M9, as well as its use on the battlefield, including the impact it has had on close combat training due its the larger magazine capacity. It also details the adoption of the Beretta by US law enforcement agencies and the impact this has had. This is a fascinating history of a classic pistol and an assessment of its future use.
Fort Bowie Material Culture Robert M. Herskovitz 1978 The Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona is a peer-reviewed monograph series sponsored by the School of Anthropology. Established in 1959, the series publishes archaeological and ethnographic papers that use contemporary method and theory to investigate problems of anthropological importance in the southwestern United States, Mexico, and related areas.
Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants Rob MacGregor 1991 Indiana Jones has landed his first teaching post, in the archaeology department at London University. His brightest—and prettiest—student is a twenty-year-old Scottish girl, Deirdre Campbell, who claims she’s uncovered a golden scroll, proof of the true existence of Merlin, sorcerer of myth and legend. Indy’s intrigued by the thesis . . . and by Deirdre. So, too, is member of Parliament Adrian Powell. He’s seeking to resurrect the ancient order of the Druids, whose secrets of power could pave his way to world conquest. But first he needs the scroll . . . and he’s willing to kill to get it. Where there’s magic, mystery, and murder, Indy goes to the head of the class. Dropping his books and picking up his bullwhip, he joins Deirdre on an action-packed chase across Britain, from the peril-filled caves of Scotland to the savage dance of the giants at Stonehenge—where Merlin’s secret will finally be revealed. But not before Indy gets a lesson in love from Deirdre . . . and a lesson in hate from a maniac who means to rule the world.
Our Corner of the Somme Romain Fathi 2019-02-07 An analysis of the memorialisation of Australia's role in the Somme and the Anzac mythology that contributes to Australia's identity.
The Revolver, 1889-1914 A. W. F. Taylerson 1971
A Gallery of Military Headdress Stuart Bates 2018-12-14 A description of military helmets from around the world.
Sustaining literacy in Africa: developing a literate environment Easton, Peter 2014-06-23 This publication contributes, in the critical context of Africa, to the conceptual development of the notion of the literate environment--an essential element for the promotion of literacy. It brings knowledge and insights about literate environments, highlighting inter-related issues such as its definitions, previous undertakings, methods of assessment as well as interactions between the supply and demand sides of environments.--
Pop Goes the Weasel Albert Jack 2009-09-29 From the international bestselling author of Red Herrings and White Elephants—a curious guide to the hidden histories of classic nursery rhymes. Who was Mary Quite Contrary, or Georgie Porgie? How could Hey Diddle Diddle offer an essential astronomy lesson? Do Jack and Jill actually represent the execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette? And if Ring Around the Rosie isn’t about the plague, then what is it really about? This book is a quirky, curious, and sometimes sordid look at the truth behind popular nursery rhymes that uncovers the strange tales that inspired them—from Viking raids to political insurrection to smuggling slaves to freedom. Read Albert Jack's posts on the Penguin Blog.
The Gunpowder Plot Ann Turnbull 2014-09-11 November 1605, London Dark alleys linger with the shadows of unknown figures and the air is thick with whispers and plots. What is going on? And what can be done to put a stop to it all? Two girls stumble across a terrifying plot to destroy the house of Lords, taking countless lives along the way. Can they find out who is behind this terrible plan? And will there be enough time to try and put a stop to it?
South of the Heart Hans Ruesch 1957
Lucifer's Court Otto Rahn 2008-02-28 Rahn’s personal diary from his travels as occult investigator for the Third Reich • First English translation of the author’s journeys in search of a Nordic equivalent to Mt. Sinai • Explains why Lucifer the Light Bringer, god of the heretics, is a positive figure Otto Rahn’s lifelong search for the Grail brought him to the attention of the SS leader Himmler, who shared his esoteric interests. Induced by Himmler to become the chief investigator of the occult for the Nazis, Rahn traveled throughout Europe--from Spain to Iceland--in the mid 1930s pursuing leads to the Grail and other mysteries. Lucifer’s Court is the travel diary he kept while searching for “the ghosts of the pagans and heretics who were [his] ancestors.” It was during this time that Rahn grasped the positive role Lucifer plays in these forbidden religions as the bearer of true illumination, similar to Apollo and other sun gods in pagan worship. This journey was also one of self-discovery for Rahn. He found such a faithful echo of his own innermost beliefs in the lives of the heretics of the past that he eventually called himself a Cathar and nurtured ambitions of restoring that faith, which had been cruelly destroyed in the fires of the Inquisition. His journeys on assignment for the Reich--including researching an alleged entrance to Hollow Earth in Iceland and searching for the true mission of Lucifer in the caves of southern France that served as refuge for the Cathars during the Inquisition--also led to his disenchantment with his employers and his mysterious death in the mountains after his break with the Nazis.
Snow Moon Rising: A Novel of WWII Lori L. Lake 2019-08-12
The War Below Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch 2018-04-24 This companion novel to Skrypuch's Making Bombs for Hitler follows a boy who joins the underground Ukrainian resistance in the fight against Hitler. The Nazis took Luka from his home in Ukraine and forced him into a labor camp. Now, Luka has smuggled himself out -- even though he left behind his dearest friend, Lida. Someday, he vows, he'll find her again.But first, he must survive.Racing through the woods and mountains, Luka evades capture by both Nazis and Soviet agents. Though he finds some allies, he never knows who to trust. As Luka makes difficult choices in order to survive, desperate rescues and guerilla raids put him in the line of fire. Can he persevere long enough to find Lida again or make it back home where his father must be waiting for him?Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, author of Making Bombs for Hitler, delivers another action-packed story, inspired by true events, of daring quests and the crucial decisions we make in the face of war.
Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils Rob MacGregor 1991 Returning to New York from a dig, Indiana Jones learns of the recently discovered writings of Colonel Percy Fawcett, which reveal the existence of a lost city in the Brazilian jungle and a race of people descended from the Druids

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