simple jobs around the house or in the fields. Egyptian children played similar games to the ones children play today. They also played with toys like dolls, toy soldiers, wooden animals, ball, marbles, spinning tops and knucklebones (which were thrown like dice). In Ancient Greece when boys were not at school and girls were not working they

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Helping children make choices and perform tasks they are able to do fosters their independence. Some 3-year-olds appear more independent than they really are because they frequently refuse to do things when they are asked. At this age, children can only make very simple choices (e.g., between sand play and playing in the housekeeping area ...


TIPS (CONT’D) |Ask yyy gour child to tell you 1 or 2 things that happen each day. |Talk about new words you hear. |Give yyp pppour child pencil and paper to practice writing |Do projects with your child like arts/crafts Do projects with your child like arts/crafts, folding laundry or washing the car. As you work together talk about what you’re doing.

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on it, placing stickers along it, or driving a toy car along it as if it’s a race track. Activities: Letter/word search Print out some word searches, letter searches. You could also use numbers, symbols or pictures. Using a highlighter pen or marker, search for the words, letters or objects. Encourage a methodical

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Play make-believe with your child. Let her be the leader and copy what she is doing. o Suggest your child pretend play an upcoming event that might make him nervous, like going to preschool or staying overnight at a grandparent’s house. o Give your child simple choices whenever you can. Let your child choose what to wear, play, or eat for a ...

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companies know the location of the family’s house, the park they visited, the news websites they read, the products they browsed, the ads they watched, their purchasing habits, and the stores they visited. 3,34 This data was collected and tracked across multiple apps John and his daughter used throughout the day, as well as from other sources.

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Use the correct question word (who, what, where, when, why, how much) to make questions in the simple past tense. The underlined words are the answers to the questions. Ex. She bought the toy at Wal-Mart. Where did she buy the toy? 1. _____ They left the office at 6:00. 2. _____ She didn’t go to work because she was sick. 3. _____ I spent $80 ...

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Like the others they had faced, this one wore a simple white tunic over skin as rough and dark as basalt. He was about twenty feet tall and extremely muscular, with a flowing white beard, scraggly hair and a wild look in his eyes, like a crazy hermit. He bellowed something Hazel didn’t understand, but it obviously wasn’t welcoming.

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Simple Sentence: A simple sentence only has a subject and a complete predicate. Examples: The dog barked. / The big, hairy dog with sharp teeth barked at the mailman. Complex Sentence: A dependent clause needs an independent clause. When you put the two together, you have a complex sentence. Examples: When the mailman arrived, the dog barked.

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or marketing a toy, flipping a house, or planning a trip). 2 1 0 Manages resources Students manage resources in projects requiring allocation of limited finances, resources (e.g., materials), and personnel. 2 1 0 Manages personnel Students gain experience managing personnel (i.e., each other) in group projects requiring allocation of limited


struction set, make a simple model that will demonstrate motion. Explain how the model uses basic mechanical elements like levers and inclined planes to demonstrate motion. Describe an example where this mechanism is used in a real product. b. Using electricity. Make a list of 10 electrical appliances in your home. Find out approximately how ...


room to build a house or if they got enough food to eat. STEP 8. When all of the students are in the circle do a final check. At this point, the students should be tightly packed into the small space. Explain how some communities are experiencing the effects of overpopulation such as lack of food, and space and how the costs to build have become

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websites have different delivery times. The toy for $4.99 will arrive at your house in two days while the toy for $2.99 will arrive in five days. In this case, the choice is no longer a simple matter of comparing the two price values. Some conversion between time and money has to be made in order to measure the overall worth of an action. We ...

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a house a lady an exercise Plural Nouns Use a plural noun when you are talking about two or more people, places or things. Just add s to make most nouns plural. singular plural a computer computers a chair chairs a train trains a player players a teacher teachers a taxi taxis N o t e s n Words called articles or determiners are used to signal ...

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bathtub and place them on the side of the bath. Make this more fun by watching them fall in again. Place cars on a toy garage ramp and watch them roll down. Practice placing toy people/cars etc. in an upright position during play. Place toy-bowling pins in an upright position and then knock them over with a large ball. Palmar Grasp

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