The Gumshoe Richard Rose 2017-02-13 Chicago, 1947. Private investigator "Matt" McBride runs afoul of corrupt politicians, vicious mobsters and a trigger-happy Texan femme fatale to prove that the "suicide" of his best friend was murder. Matt's perilous journey to track down the killer nearly dead-ends in a motor home on collision course with a cargo plane.
Japanese Paper Flowers Hiromi Yamazaki 2019-03-26 Learn how to bring a Japanese aesthetic into your life with these elegant works of floral art. Japanese kirigami (cut paper) flowers are delicate and beautiful examples of paper craft, but are surprisingly easy to make. This inspirational how-to guide shows you how to make 31 gorgeous designs that can virtually pass for the real thing—except they will never wilt! The sculptural quality of these flowers is an amazing and creative way to add a touch of beauty to your home, or to create low-cost decorations for a wedding, a baby shower, or any other special event. All of the most popular blossoms are represented here, including: 5 different roses—these romantic flowers can be mixed and matched to create a natural looking bouquet Frilly carnations—full of intricate folds and textures, these popular flowers are just as much fun in paper form Colorful tulips—carry a piece of spring with you throughout the entire year Delicate cherry blossoms—enjoy the wonders of cherry blossom season in your own home 3 bold sunflowers—in slightly different shapes and sizes, these cheerful flowers create a sunny bouquet when grouped together Festive poinsettias—blooms that will look fresh throughout the entire holiday season And many more! Simple instructions, templates and colorful step-by-step photos show even novice paper crafters how to create each project, and how to gather them into incredible paper flower bouquets. There are instructions showing how the designs can be used in 18 amazing ways—for decorating, selling, gift giving and entertaining—including: Spectacular wreaths Decorative ornaments Customized photo frames Individualized bookmarks Perhaps best of all, there are instructions for exquisite wearable pieces, sure to draw appreciative comments and perfect as gifts for loved ones: A fashionable floral crown Cheerful brooches A statement corsage Japanese Paper Flowers has all the information and all of the necessary patterns you need! With just some scissors, a few sheets of colorful tant origami paper, and a few drops of crafts glue—all of which can be found online and in paper stores—you can create breathtaking paper flowers in no time at all!
Origami Flowers Kazuo Kobayashi 2014-02-04 It is well established that with little more than a bit of creativity and some paper, magical beautiful things can be created through Origami. So in Vertical's next crafts-by-paper book, we turn our attention towards origami fauna. With the 64 patterns featured in Origami Flowers paper-crafters can create beautiful bouquets to brighten up lives and to entertain young minds. The patterns in Origami Flowers are organized by season, so crafters can always have the appropriate blossoms for every occasion. Flowers are also known to have a language of their own, so Mr Kobayashi goes into detail about what the various flowers represent providing an educational element to this already fun hobby.
Origami 365 Taro Yaguchi 2014-02-15 Learn origami basics from the experts at Taro's Origami Studio in Brooklyn, New York, where dedicated professionals teach and promote the ancient art of origami. In this book, Taro Yaguchi, founder of Taro's Origami Studio, shares his unique Kyu System, wherein the successful mastery of basic folds and bases is rewarded with passage through the different color-coded levels often associated with mastery in the field of martial arts. This book contains 12 models that clearly illustrate specific key folds and base forms that provide a foundation for the development of origami skills.365 pieces of beautifully designed origami papers are provided to create models in three different sizes-perfect for use as ornaments, jewelry, and just for fun.
Kawaii Origami Chrissy Pushkin 2019-04-02 Kawaii Origami book and paper pack has everything you need to make your very own Kawaii origami creations—from an origami ice cream cone to an origami cactus! Jump right in and start folding your way to cute with 50 sheets of adorable origami paper and 25 Kawaii-style origami projects with step-by-step instructions from the creator of the popular website Paper Kawaii, Chrissy Pushkin. After a tutorial on basic folds, use the included origami paper to create these adorable, easy-to-follow projects: Masu Box, Lucky Stars, Kawaii Envelopes, Water Balloon, Tea Bag, Tea Bag Envelopes, Love Knots, Dustpan & Scoop, Rectangular Masu Box, Cute Purse, Woven Bracelet, Woven Bookmark, Cat & Dog Hearts, Cactus, Round Pot, Bento Box, Mini Trash Bin, Mini Drawer, Stationery Boxes, Ice Cream, Sushi Roll Boxes, Nigiri Sushi Boxes, Flower Bowl, Star Bowl, and Twinkle Star. With this instructional book and included papers, you will be creating stunning and unique origami pieces like a pro in no time!
Origami for Christmas Chiyo Araki 1983 Includes how-to information for origami combined with the tradition of making homemade Christmas decorations.
Origami Boxes Tomoko Fuse 2002 Origami Boxes is a Japan Publications publication.
Toilet Paper Origami Linda Wright 2008 Hearts, flowers, and fans - butterflies, boats, and bunnies - it's all possible with toilet paper! With little effort, a roll of toilet paper can be transformed into a delightful focal point using the charming, elegant, and whimsical designs in this collection. Toilet Paper Origami is perfect for hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, cruise ships, and creative housekeepers. Toilet Paper Origami is fun for crafters of all ages. Illustrated with more than 300 photographs, step-by-step instructions teach 29 easy yet eye-catching folds and embellishments for styling the end of a toilet paper roll. Discover how simple it can be to make a memorable decoration from a bathroom essential.
Three Dimentional Paper Flowers Hiromi Hayashi 2019-02-04 Create three-dimensional origami flowers with this book This book includes thirty projects--everything from tulips, peonies, sunflowers, and daffodils to cherry blossoms, poinsettias, roses, and other delicate and ornate flowers.
Origami Hearts Francis Ow 1996-01 This lovely book offers 66 original and varied origami heart designs that are simple enough for beginners to make, and challenging enough for more accomplished origami aficionados. All projects feature easy-to-follow instructions, and most are intended for practical use, including rings, boxes, caps, coasters, and frames. in color.
Flower Cards to Make and Treasure Various 2010
Origami Ikebana Benjamin John Coleman 2014-09-23 Make realistic and decorative paper flower arrangements with this stunning origami book. The Japanese art of flower arranging is an age-old practice that honors nature and creates beauty through harmony and balance. This brand new book, Origami Ikebana, shows you how to create unique ikebana-inspired paper flower arrangements any time of the year. Since discovering ikebana some years ago, origami artist and author Benjamin Coleman has worked on developing techniques that enable him to create ikebana-style floral arrangements with simple folded paper. In this book, Coleman combines the principles and techniques of ikebana, origami and makigami (paper rolling) to create beautiful and lifelike paper flower arrangements. You'll learn how to construct stems from paper-mache-like makigami rolls and cap them with exquisite folded paper flowers and leaves, as well as how to display the arrangements on stone-like bases made of paper. Topics covered in this ground-breaking origami book include: Basic origami flower folding and assembly techniques Painting the leaves and flowers to enhance realism Using incremental leaf sizes for a greater sense of depth Making stems using makigami paper rolling techniques Creating "stone" bases for your arrangement from origami paper Dozens of different origami flower arrangements are described in this book and the downloadable video contains detailed step-by-step video lessons showing you how to create each model. Don't spend a fortune on real flowers and plants that will wilt in a week—make your own beautiful paper floral arrangements that will last forever! This origami book contains: 128 page, full-color book Step-by-step instructions Colorful diagrams and photographs Origami flower folding and arranging techniques and tips 8 different leaf types 30 flower types Downloadable instructional video
The Queen of Portland's Roses Janet L Wilson 2014-11-12 Georgiana Burton Pittock was a remarkable woman whose good deeds are legendary. Charitable organizations she founded, to ease the life of Oregon pioneers, still exist today, more than one hundred years later. But her other contribution may be even more widely appreciated. Without doubt, she's The "Queen of Portland's Roses." Georgiana gave Portland its city identity-without her, there would be no City of Roses, no Rose Festival and no citywide fascination with anything "rose." She introduced in Oregon the idea of rose competitions and even held rose "festivals" right in her own yard. Georgiana Pittock was a true pioneer, having crossed the Oregon Trail as a child. In Portland, she met and later married Henry Pittock, owner of "The Oregonian newspaper." They raised a family and built their dream home high on a hill overlooking downtown Portland. Now known as Pittock Mansion, it's Oregon's beloved house museum and a star locale for Hollywood movies.
Origami for the Connoisseur Kunihiko Kasahara 1998-09-30 Here at last is an origami book intended solely for the advanced paperfolder. Groundbreaking in concept and challenging in content, it presents sixty-five ingenious projects by respected masters working in a variety of themes and origami genres. From Toshikazu Kawasaki's Unique Iso-area Folding Method to David Briil's remarkable bottle to Peter Engel's playful kangaroo, the featured designs have been carefully chosen to test the refined sensibilities and stimulate the artistic appetites of the origami devotee. If you are an accomplished paperfolder you will be inspired by the beauty and logic of the geometric form as discovered in such designs as Hourglass, Rotating Tetrahedon, Brain Ticklers, and Extraterrestrial Being. You will delight in the wit and poetry of representational origami as you create delicate and winsome patterns for Kitten, Goose, Pelican, Giraffe, Camellia, Spiral Snail Shell, Ground Beetle, Pine Cone, Fox, and many more designs. What's more, you will find the key to successfully mastering numerous intricate techniques and complex paper fold...with ease! This is no ordinary origami workbook. Complicated processes are made highly accessible-yet remain daring-through clear, concise instructions and highly detailed diagrams. One of the unexpected joys of the book is that its mentally invigorating text will serve as an ongoing inspiration to novel approaches and new origami adventures - even after you have completed a project.
Kusudama Origami Ekaterina Lukasheva 2014-02-20 "A kusudama is a traditional Japanese sphere formed by modular origami construction techniques. This guide presents instructions for more than forty elaborate kusudama that range in shape from stars to flowers to pinwheels. Suitable for intermediate-level and experienced folders of all ages"--
Origami Spectacular! Ebook Michael G. LaFosse 2004-12-15 The biggest origami kit on the market—make simple and easy origami with this paper crafts kit! The Origamido Studio and world renowned origami artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard H. Alexander, introduce one of their most comprehensive origami paper craft kits, Origami Spectacular! This packaged origami kit has just about everything paper folders of any age or level of skill need to create masterful 3D origami models. The projects range from beginner origami, origami-for-kids folds, to somewhat more challenging, mid-level folds making this kit a great way to learn origami. The scope of projects and copious amounts of origami paper means you will you trouble running out of new projects. The paper craft kit includes: A full-color booklet Clear step-by-step instructions Easy-to-follow diagrams 60 fun and simple projects Traditional designs as well as new origami models. 154 sheets of authentic origami paper A range of colors and sizes Presented in an attractive package, this kit a a great value and makes a wonderful gift for anyone interested in origami or arts and crafts. Origami projects include: Sailboat Whiskers the Cat Dog Head Peacock Jumping Frog Flapping Bird Magnolia Blossom Snapdragon And many more…
How to Make 100 Paper Flowers Maria Noble 2013-06-01 DIV Learn how to make 100 beautiful flowers, from lifelike to fanciful, with How to Make 100 Paper Flowers! These creations are perfect for weddings and other celebrations, and this comprehensive guide brings you a wide variety of techniques and styles. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by color photos and diagrams; techniques include general crafting (cut, shape, and glue), origami, and quilling. All patterns are included! Color your world and satisfy your craft cravings with delightful, handmade, paper flowers. /div
Origami Flowers James Minoru Sakoda 2012-03-08 Easy-to-follow instructions and abundant illustrations help create such enchanting blossoms as a six-petaled lily, daffodil, narcissus, wheat stalk, a 16-petaled chrysanthemum, an iris, and an accordion-pleated leaf, plus stems, leaves, vases.
Flower Origami Joost Langeveld 2018-07-17 Fold your way to fabulous flowers! Fold your way to fabulous flowers! Bringing flowers into your home can make it brighter and more beautiful, and Flower Origami teaches you how to turn a flat sheet of paper into a flower. Whether your favorites are dahlias or azaleas, daffodils or sunflowers, you'll find simple instructions for crafting them in your own home. Use this traditional Japanese art to make elegant bluebells, pink anthuriums, and bright yellow narcissus that will look just like the real thing. With Flower Origami, your folding skills will grow by leaps and bounds—just like a flower!
Origami for Mindfulness Mari Ono 2016-09-20 The therapeutic effects of origami are well known in Japan and here Mari Ono—an expert in Japanese papercrafts—reveals how a few simple folds can reduce stress, improve concentration, and help overcome negativity. By focusing on the experience of creating beautiful paper flowers, objects, animals, and more, this collection of 35 projects will guide you on a path to connectedness, awareness, and improved physical and emotional health. Not only that, the feelings of joy and satisfaction gained from completing a model will bring inner peace and help to redress emotional imbalances in our daily lives. Origami is also the perfect tool for anyone interested in taking the first steps toward a mindful lifestyle—it is a very pure discipline where no expensive equipment is required and you can do it anywhere. To get you started, over 60 pieces of origami paper are provided, including a selection of sheets you can color in yourself—another activity proven to elicit a calming response in the body.
Origami for Beginners Origants Mosila 2020-12-08 Here are 40 simple projects that are child's play for beginners! You'll find illustrations and instructions on how to fold a heart, a rose and a rabbit. There are even more difficult models such as a penguin, a pelican and a giraffe. The book also includes a swan, a lantern, a duck, a fox, a bee and much more. You will become an expert in no time! Origami paper, origami kit for kids ages 8-12, origami book, origami kit, origami shelves, origami for kids, origami paper for kids, origami book for kids, origami flower wall art, origami face mask, origami paper double sided, easy origami for kids, origami mask, origami set, large origami paper, christmas origami paper, origami kit for adults, origami desk, origami paper pack, kids origami kit, kids origami, origami king, origami books for adults, origami paper 6x6, origami owl, origami book for kids ages 8-12, origami books, origami kit for kids Origami kit for kids ages 5-8, origami dripper, origami shelf, origami star paper strips, origami kids, origami paper large, origami owl charms, origami kits for kids 9-12, origami for kids 5-8, metallic origami paper, white origami paper, origami paper christmas, origami for beginners, origami owl locket, origami for kids ages 8-12, origami star paper, double sided origami paper, origami foldable multipurpose desk, origami storage shelves with wheels, origami paper with patterns, easy origami book, origami app, origami animals book, black origami paper, origami step by step Owl origami jewelry, origami crane earrings, origami kits for kids, the strange case of origami yoda, origami 2 tier home and hobby cart, origami wallet diy paper, festive origami, better living through origami, japanese origami paper, origami paper 500 sheets, origami paddle board, b01hsioaiy paper for origami, origami craft cart, origami owl ring, towel origami book, origami fox necklace, one sided origami paper, origami butterflies, japanese origami paper pack, origami with instructions, origami star strips, origami book easy, origami cart, origami paper single sided Origami folding desk, babyletto origami mini crib, christmas origami, nepalese origami paper, golden origami paper, origami swans, origami papers, umbra origami, orca origami, origami shelves with wheels, lucky star origami paper, origami mobile kit, simple origami, origami tables and desks, origami owl charms love, origami shelfs, blue paper origami, origami furniture and organizers, origami craze, origami paper cool, origami paper strips, origami tray, towel origami, origami sit-stand adjustable fold-away desk & workstation, ipad 2017 origami case, glow in the dark origami paper, kids origami book, origami apps, origami paper 10x10 Japanese origami folding paper case box, 3d origami kit, origami cranes strings, origami safari, rectangle origami paper, tom angleberger origami yoda series, origami shelving units and storage, yasutomo origami paper, origami strips, pokemon origami, rubber origami boat, floral origami, daiso origami, kindle fire origami, origami paper folding, origami 4 shelf rack, origami ohh la la, doctor who origami, origami container, origami money, origami stars, advanced origami kit, origami owl storage, origami folder, how to origami, origami paper bulk, origami chess cats vs dogs Rainbow origami paper, origami paper craft kits for kids, origami earrings, create your own origami lights, origami starwars, papier origami, my first origami kit, babyletto origami mini crib lagoon, origami book animals, money origami book, fabric origami, dog origami, origami carrying case, origami calendar 2020 page a day, origami paper kit, origami puzzle book, origami folding paper case box, origami everything organizer
Practical Origami Shufu-no-Tomo 2012-05-01 With Practical Origami a world of simple useful designs await. With little more than some paper and your hands colorful sheets are transformed into everyday necessities such as stationary, packaging, toys and even kitchen utensils. You can impress your friends with origami-inspired wallets, table settings, and envelopes that pop up, fan out, and even hold hidden goodies. With a few basic techniques under your belt and the endless opportunities that paper offers, Practical Origami's projects will teach you the fundamentals of origami as you create playful animals and other designs perfect for greeting cards, jewelry, and more. The possibilities for using origami in design are limitless. Some applications take advantage of the richness of the folds that have a depth all their own. In addition to explaining the three very simple steps of the technique, the authors show how even novice folders can create breathtaking works of paper craft, as well as accessories and home furnishings incorporating these three-dimensional embellishments. Sweets Box Deli Box Lunch Box Cutlery Case Handbag Japanese Chopstick Holder Rabbit-shaped Chopstick Rest Hat-shaped Chopstick Rest Crane-shaped Chopstick Holder Cherry Blossom Dish Crane-shaped Place-mat Pepper Shaker Heart-shaped Napkin Ring Card Stand Photo Frame CD Cases Wallets Business Card Case Pencil Box
Old Rose and Silver Myrtle Reed 1909 This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.
When God Unfolds the Rose Peggy Headings 2006-11-01 Annie has many unanswered questions! Will she find her one and true love or will she be destined to stay single all her life and do a work for God?
Rose Bush Beverly Hill 2018-10-28 ROSE BUSH: LEARN HOW TO GROW A ROSE BUSH FROM A BUD, BLOOM OR BEYONDToday only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.You
Tempering the Rose Dionne Lister 2016-05-01 A dark epic fantasy series, where one woman's thirst for revenge and struggle with her inner demons will put the entire world in jeopardy. The only thing twenty-one year old Adrastine wants is revenge against her depraved father-but when she tries to kill him, she is caught and thrown into a holy war for a god she doesn't believe in. But disaster is coming, and all Adrastine's problems will seem minor by comparison. Someone, or something, is draining the planet's lifeblood, killing the land and everything on it at an alarming rate. Jacob is a shelon, a man who can wield magic, and a spy dispatched by Queen Valtice to find The Rose of Nerine - the only one who can stop the rape of the land and save the people. But when Jacob finds Adrastine, he can't convince her that she is The Rose, let alone to leave her home and journey with him across the tempestuous sea to Nerine. Adrastine is drawn to Jacob, despite their differences. But that is a dangerous path, as he is an unwelcome distraction to her quest for revenge. And if she learns his secrets, it will cement her hatred of men forever, weakening powers she is only just learning she has, powers needed to save their world.
Origami Flowers Super Paper Pack Maria Noble 2015-11-01 This pack includes step-by-step instructions for 10 flower designs, including a tulip, lily, and rose, and 464 sheets of origami paper, so you can let your creativity bloom!
Naomiki Sato's Origami Roses Naomiki Sato 2019-09-24 Decorate your desk, home, wedding or next get-together with these professional looking paper blossoms! This stunning book presents detailed instructions for eleven elegant and lifelike paper flower projects that will enhance any home or occasion. Paper flower expert Naomiki Sato starts by showing you how to fold seven types of paper roses using a variety of techniques for four- and five-sided blossoms, along with their stems, thorns and leaves, and how to assemble them. Four equally exciting papercraft projects follow, showing you how to make Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Bellflowers, tropical Plumeria (Frangipani) and Bougainvillea. Each of the eleven projects has detailed step-by-step photographs, diagrams and instructions that make these sophisticated-looking blossoms easy to make even for beginning origami folders. The book includes basic guides to paper and tools, as well as an introduction to basic origami folding techniques for novices.
Paper Folded Flowers Moad 2017
Origami Boxes Matthew Gardiner 2015-07-15 Origami projects can be more than just pretty pieces of art. Sometimes they’re very useful, too. Origami can be used to make boxes, pouches, and even bookmarks. Readers learn to make these and other paper creations through a series of simple, clear steps. Each part of the process is shown in both words and pictures, with detailed diagrams shown along with every numbered step. Colorful pictures are also included to help readers visualize each finished product. Helpful tips and facts about each origami project give readers much to learn as they try their hand at this Japanese art.
Origami Journey Dása Severová 2018-05-08 This book takes you onto an amazing journey into the world of geometric origami, a world full of shapes and colors. The author presents detailed step-by-step instructions for more than 35 original origami designs: stars, flowers, decorations and boxes. The models vary in difficulty from simple to complex. The book is divided into three chapters. The first chapter showcases modular models - models constructed from several identical units connected only by folding. The second chapter explores how to fold beautiful practical three dimensional models such as boxes, all from a single sheet. The third chapter focusses on decorative models such as stars and flowers, each to be folded from a single square or from other regular polygons. The Appendix will teach you how to obtain these regular polygons from usual square origami sheets or rectangles by folding and cutting them along the creases.This book is suitable for beginners and advanced origamists alike, offering challenging and appealing projects to everyone. With their unique style of diagramming, the instructions are precise, clear and easy to understand. If you like the beauty of geometry and enjoy being creative with your hands, this book is for you. Whether you are familiar with origami or not, it offers many hours of enjoyment.
Shadows and Rose Samuel J. Fisher 2011-07-01 “I will follow you to hell. You will never control any treasure and your army is dead where they stand. I promise you I will reach down from the heavens and take each of their lives”.Imagine for a moment you are skiing downhill racing ahead of an avalanche, your chest is pounding, pulse racing. That is what you will experience reading this story as the momentum builds, and your heart beats faster and faster. You will be absorbed into the lives of the characters, becoming a part of the action even after the ending. There are struggles between honor and greed, right and wrong, battlefields are soaked crimson over them. It makes you think and question 'What if?' due to the possibilities and theories contained within. It is purely fictional though based on a trilogy of poems I wrote. While hiking in Europe, Christian finds a unique rock formation resembling a rose hidden in shadows. While camping in the shadows, Christian hears the voice of a ghost telling a magnificent tale of times long past. The voice of Sir Rowan Baldin of the Knights Templar, born out of the aftermath of the Templar purge in France 600 years prior. Rowan's lineage managed to escape the purge to what is now known as Switzerland. There they helped shape a country while protecting their Templar roots in absolute secrecy. Rowan uses dreams and leads Christian on a fast paced adventure throughout Europe. Christian stumbles onto a number of remarkable discoveries, and is knighted by the modern day Templars he uncovers on his quest. Christian finds who he was meant to be. The Templars, these once 'warrior monks' are brought out of the shadows, and their reputation redeemed as their real story is told.This book is not suitable for children due to graphic nature of violence and adult situations. This is my first novel.
Easy Origami Flowers Gaël le Neillon 2021-10-12 Create beautiful paper flowers with this easy origami guide, with 10 tutorials and 400 pages of high-quality coloured and patterned origami paper for you to fold straight away. Create roses, tulips, lilies, cherry blossom and more, with step-by-step tutorials and folding diagrams and a rainbow of papers.
Amazing Origami Boxes Tomoko Fuse 2018-04-19 Beautiful, full-color photographs accompany step-by-step instructions and diagrams for 20 functional boxes, which range from conventional squares to those in the form of a bird, basket, cat's head, flower, and more.
Papercrafts and Origami Lucy Painter 2006 This volume is a compendium of papercraft techniques and papercraft projects. It gives clear, easy-to-follow information on materials, equipment and techniques and contains over 300 pieces to create.
Origami Master Class Flowers Marcio Noguchi 2014-04-07 Take an expert-level course in folding breathtakingly beautiful origami flowers. Arranged by designer, this book offers you step-by-step instructions to make 12 of the most complex flower models ever designed.
Essential Origami Paul Jackson 1995
Origami Paper Flowers Harry Choi 2020-07-08 Use it to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to beautify your home-or as a wonderful gift for paper craft lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. All of these projects use the simplest household tools so just unpack the origami paper and start folding right away!
The Complete Book of Origami Polyhedra Tomoko Fuse 2021-08-24 Learn to fold incredible geometric origami models from "The Queen of Modular Origami!" In this book, Tomoko Fuse—Japan's most famous living origami artist—shows you how to create amazing polyhedral models using the techniques of modular origami (where many paper sheets are folded then locked together without glue or tape). Make 64 intriguing modular models, including: Stackable Modules—The perfect starting point for novices, these simple constructions result in stunning three-dimensional forms 3-D Stars—Dazzling decorative starbursts that look great on a Christmas tree, on your mantle—or even in an art gallery Manifold Modulars—"Inception-like" models in which individual modular constructions themselves become modules within a larger piece Cubes and Boxes—Perfect for gift giving—and there is no finer teacher for these than renowned origami box specialist Tomoko Fuse And many more! *Recommended for experienced folders and up*
They Traveled West Rose Gordy 2016-12-31 Journey across the World on a Quilt of Gratitude Poems chronicling a quintessential American Dream come true. Witness four immigrants arriving at Ellis Island over a hundred years ago and grasping every opportunity they could find. Leaving the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late 1800's, these young adults created a new life for themselves in the industrial region of Pittsburgh. Cry with them as they cope with multiple miscarriages, the Great Depression and the Ultimate Price. As their families grew and grew, read how they persevered through wrenching failures and struggled to make a better life for their children. The unexpected crises and violent encounters all help weave a narrative of winning against all the odds. Learn how they kept their dreams alive and never rose the white flag.

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