The Herbfarm Cookbook Jerry Traunfeld 2013-10-16 Not so long ago, parsley was the only fresh herb available to most American cooks. Today, bunches of fresh oregano and rosemary can be found in nearly every supermarket, basil and mint grow abundantly in backyards from coast to coast, and garden centers offer pots of edible geraniums and lemon thyme. But once these herbs reach the kitchen, the inevitable question arises: Now what do I do with them? Here, at last, is the first truly comprehensive cookbook to cover all aspects of growing, handling, and cooking with fresh herbs. Jerry Traunfeld grew up cooking and gardening in Maryland, but it wasn't until the 1980s, after he had graduated from the California Culinary Academy and was working at Jeremiah Tower's Stars restaurant in San Francisco, that he began testing the amazing potential of herb cuisine. For the past decade, Jerry Traunfeld has been chef at The Herbfarm, an enchanted restaurant surrounded by kitchen gardens and tucked into the rainy foothills of the Cascade Mountains, east of Seattle. His brilliant nine-course herb-inspired menus have made reservations at the Herbfarm among the most coveted in the country. Eager to reveal his magic to home cooks, Jerry Traunfeld shares 200 of his best recipes in The Herbfarm Cookbook. Written with passion, humor, and a caring for detail that makes this book quite special, The Herbfarm Cookbook explains everything from how to recognize the herbs in your supermarket to how to infuse a jar of honey with the flavor of fresh lavender. Recipes include a full range of dishes from soups, salads, eggs, pasta and risotto, vegetables, poultry, fish, meats, breads, and desserts to sauces, ice creams, sorbets, chutneys, vinegars, and candied flowers. On the familiar side are recipes for Bay Laurel Roasted Chicken and Roasted Asparagus Salad with Fried Sage explained with the type of detail that insures the chicken will be moist and suffused with the flavor of bay and the asparagus complemented with the delicate crunch of sage. On the novel side you will find such unusual dishes as Oysters on the Half Shell with Lemon Varbana Ice and Rhubarb and Angelica Pie. A treasure trove of information, The Herbfarm Cookbook contains a glossary of 27 of the most common culinary herbs and edible flowers; a definitive guide to growing herbs in a garden, a city lot, or on a windowsill; a listing of the USDA has hardiness zones; how to harvest, clean, and store fresh herbs; a Growing Requirements Chart, including each herb's life cycle, height, pruning and growing needs, and number of plants to grow for an average kitchen; and a Cooking with Fresh Herbs Chart, with parts of the herb used, flavor characteristics, amount of chopped herb for six servings, and best herbal partners. The Herbfarm Cookbook is the most complete, inspired, and useful book about cooking with herbs ever written. -8 pages of finished dishes in full color -16 full-page botanical watercolors in full color
GC & HTJ. 1894
Vick's Monthly Magazine 1885
Glenny's Hand-book to the Flower Garden & Greenhouse, etc George GLENNY (the Elder.) 1851
Ladies' Home Journal and Practical Housekeeper 1885
Encyclopedia of Embroidered Flowers Barbara Baatz 2002 Full-color photos provide amazing detail of each of the 78 embroidered flowers included in this book. Whether your project is large or small, complex or simple, you will find this a valuable resource.
Washington's Best Wildflower Hikes 2004 Spokane-based author and award-winning photographer Charles Gurche has been capturing Washington's wonderland of wildflowers on film for years. In this practical guide, he now reveals his favorite places to witness the state's unparalleled floral shows. Through his detailed trail descriptions and gorgeous full-color images, Gurche spotlights the state's 50 best day hikes for wildflower viewing. These excursions, located throughout the state, enable hikers of all fitness levels to experience Washington's diverse backcountry at its finest -- and to identify its many colorful and intriguing wildflower species. Driving directions deliver hikers to each trailhead, and color maps illustrate the trail routes. Washington's Best Wildflower Hikes is the ultimate guide for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to discover where to go for their next wildflower trek, what trailside species they are likely to encounter, and when to catch Washington's floral gems in peak bloom. Book jacket.
My Favorite Felt Sweets Joie Staff 2008-06 "Japanese" and "cute," are todays hot buzzwords among crafters. Add in "felt" and you've got the perfect recipe for fun. My Favorite Felt Sweets blends these three ingredients into a charming volume that will delight young, style-savvy craft enthusiasts everywhere. The book offers detailed, easy-to-follow directions, as well as life-sized patterns, for 106 different projects. Sheets of colored felt and basic sewing skills (and sometimes a little glue for the final, decorative touches) are all that are required to whip up these luscious-looking and guilt-free confections. From petit fours to birthday cakes, tartlets, madeleines and cigar sticks to gingerbread men and fortune cookies - here are the makings of hours of enjoyment and richly rewarding creative endeavor. CONTENTS CONFECTIONERY ·Birthday Cake with Fruits ·Square Cake ·Rose Basket de Chocolate ·Tea Chiffon Cake ·Petit Fours ·Petit Fours & Tartlets ·Pound Cakes ·Cigar Sticks & Baumkuchen ·Macaroons ·Florentines & Madeleines COOKIES DONUTS ROLLCAKE JAPANESE SWEETS CHINESE SWEETS CHRISTMAS SWEETS CHOCOLATES ENCASED SWEETS & DESSERTS
Vick's Monthly Magazine 1883
The Fuchsia Fan 1997
Meehan's Monthly 1894
United States Plant Patents United States. Patent and Trademark Office 1997-11-04
The Garden 1881
Garden & Home Builder 1924
Uncommon Paper Flowers Kate Alarcón 2019-10-15 This visually magnificent book unveils the alluring world of uncommon botanicals, including a prickly cactus that played a storied role in the founding of an ancient city, a tiny pink mushroom that glows green in the dark, and a magnificent blue cactus with rows of golden spines. Celebrated paper designer Kate Alarcón reveals the rich histories and unique characteristics behind 30 remarkable plants alongside instructions for crafting stunning paper versions of each one. These eye-catching creations make perfect wedding centerpieces, beautiful arrangements (that never wilt!) to brighten a home, and cheerful gifts for any occasion. Brimming with fascinating botanical trivia, vivid photography, and essential design techniques, this is a breathtaking resource for flower lovers, crafters, and anyone fascinated by the mysteries of the natural world.
Meehans' Monthly 1894
The Garden 1926
Noni Flowers Nora Bellows 2012 A collection of forty patterns shares knitted and felted flower designs as well as six bag, garment, and home projects ideally suited for floral embellishments.
Martha's Flowers Martha Stewart 2018 The essential resource from Martha Stewart, with expert advice and lessons on gardening and making the most of your spectacular blooms Martha Stewart's lifelong love of flowers began at a young age, as she dug in and planted alongside her father in their family garden, growing healthy, beautiful blooms, every year. The indispensable lessons she learned then--and those she has since picked up from master gardeners--form the best practices she applies to her voluminous flower gardens today. For the first time, she compiles the wisdom of a lifetime spent gardening into a practical yet inspired book. Learn how and when to plant, nurture, and at the perfect time, cut from your garden. With lush blooms in hand, discover how to build stunning arrangements. Accompanied by beautiful photographs of displays in Martha's home, bursting with ideas, and covering every step from seed to vase, Martha's Flowers is a must-have handbook for flower gardeners and enthusiasts of all skill levels.
New England Gardener's Handbook Jacqueline Heriteau 2012-08-30 New England Gardener's Handbook is written by popular gardening experts who include their collective wisdom in one complete guide for New England gardeners. In addition to the hundreds of hardy plants in eleven different plant categories, there are monthly to-do calendars assisting gardeners with the proper care and timing for everything from planting to pruning. Full-color photos for each plant and helpful illustrations and charts make this an easy-to-use resource for all New England gardeners with expert advice for home gardeners in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
Flowers and Flower-gardens David Lester Richardson 1855
The Big Book of Cidermaking Christopher Shockey 2020-09-01 Best-selling authors and acclaimed fermentation teachers Christopher Shockey and Kirsten K. Shockey turn their expertise to the world of fermented beverages in the most comprehensive guide to home cidermaking available. With expert advice and clear, step-by-step instructions, The Big Book of Cidermaking equips readers with the skills they need to make the cider they want: sweet, dry, fruity, farmhouse-style, hopped, barrel-aged, or fortified. The Shockeys’ years of experience cultivating an orchard and their experiments in producing their own ciders have led them to a master formula for cidermaking success, whether starting with apples fresh from the tree or working with store-bought juice. They explore in-depth the different phases of fermentation and the entire spectrum of complex flavor and style possibilities, with cider recipes ranging from cornelian cherry to ginger, and styles including New England, Spanish, and late-season ciders. For those invested in making use of every part of the apple, there’s even a recipe for vinegar made from the skins and cores leftover after pressing. This thorough, thoughtful handbook is an empowering guide for every cidermaker, from the beginner seeking foundational techniques and tips to the intermediate cider crafter who wants to expand their skills.
Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York New York (State). Legislature. Assembly 1865
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What's Cooking America Linda Stradley 2000-03-01 Friendly and inviting--bound to be a classic--"What's Cooking America" offers more than 800 tried-and-tasted recipes, accompanied by a wealth of well-organized information. When Andra Cook and Linda Stradley discovered that they each had been working on compiling favorite recipes requested by their children, they decided to throw their efforts into one pot and let it simmer for a while until the contents were thick and rich to emerge fully seasoned as "What's Cooking America." Andra Cook lives in North Carolina and Linda Stradley lives in Oregon.
American Agriculturist 1877
Gardeners' Chronicle, Horticultural Trade Journal 1900
Flower Craft Barbara L. Farlie 1982
Vick's Magazine 1885
Flowers and Flower-Gardens ... With an appendix of practical instructions ... respecting the Anglo-Indian Flower-Garden David Lester RICHARDSON 1855
American Gardening 1891
Breaking Free from the Tyranny of Beliefs Lark Aleta Batey 2012-03-30 At the foundational level of westernized cultures is a Core Belief Matrix. This matrix consists of seven imbedded beliefs that bind us to a three dimensional world of limitations. Author Lark Batey takes the reader on a fascinating and liberating journey of systematic investigation and self exploration that reveals the ruse of the matrix and guides the reader to the discovery of the Sovereign Self. As a consciousness explorer, the reader will travel through historical events that defined the matrix, experience the story of our origins through the mythology of The Grand Experiment, and learn more about archetypal influence by traversing the mountains and valleys of our inner landscape through The Fool’s Journey and other universal paths of awakening. Traveling deeper into one’s psyche, the explorer discovers how the play of duality, psychological overlays, and shame deepen the oppression of the Matrix’s hold upon us. The next destination on the journey takes the explorer to the Field of All Possibilities, where glimpses of the Sovereign Self appear. Finally, the matrix can be dismantled and the explorer can Break Free from the Tyranny of Beliefs—to dream new dreams that will create new worlds.
Success with Flowers, a Floral Magazine 1900
Annual Report of the American Institute of the City of New York American Institute of the City of New York 1865
The Gardeners' Chronicle 1861
75 Flowers for Cake Decorators Helen Penman 2014-03-18 Presents a collection of floral toppers for cakes and cupcakes, with step-by-step, illustrated instructions, recipes, and guidance on essential techniques and materials.

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