Traditional Witchcraft Gemma Gary 2020-01-08 Gemma Gary explores modern approaches to ancient practices of witches, charmers, and conjurers of the 18th and 19th centuries. The practices described within this book are rooted in the traditional witchcraft of multiple British streams, making its charms and spells adaptable for practitioners in any land. Topics include fairy faith, the underworld, the Bucca, places of power, magical tools, and more.
Corgi Crafts Ellen Deakin 2021-10-12 "If you enjoy arts and crafts and have an insatiable love of corgis (like we do), then Ellen Deakin’s Corgi Crafts is the perfect guide to spark your creativity and celebrate the low-rider lifestyle." —Parents of Maxine the Fluffy Corgi, @Madmax_Fluffyroad on Instagram Step-by-step crafts for corgi lovers everywhere! Corgis are the cute dogs that everyone is crazy for. From their adorable faces and their fluffy butts to their Royal connections, Corgis are top dog when it comes to cuteness and personality. Get your paws on Corgi Crafts and try out 20 adorable Corgi-themed crafts, perfect for novice or expert crafters. Each project comes with step-by-step photo instructions. Choose from different Corgi-inspired projects such as: Keyrings Cushions Hats and Hoodies Plushes and Cushions Bookmarks Mini Notebooks Masks and Eye Masks Planters Magnets Necklaces and Bracelets Plates and Mugs Planter Dog crowns and Accessories Gift boxes Door hangers Rock painting Balloons String art Everything that you will need to craft each project is listed in the book along with templates and guides. Both novice and expert crafters will enjoy this wide variety of projects. They're great for yourself or to give as gifts, but you’ll probably want to make them for both.
An Indian Tepee 1901
Sloth Crafts Ellen Deakin 2019-10-01 These crafts will make you appreciate the slower side of things! Try out these adorable crafts based on the animal that everyone’s talking about! Sloths are fuzzy, endearing, and oh-so-sweet! No one can resist their adorable faces—especially when they’re the inspiration for a dozen crafts that will have your sloth-loving friends oohing and aahing. With Sloth Crafts you’ll learn how to create sloth: Plushies Necklaces Ornaments Bags Brooches Cakes Scarves Masks And more! Both novice and expert crafters will enjoy this wide variety of projects. Each craft comes with a list of all the items and templates that you will need to create your sloth-fueled fun. There’s no shortage of ways in which you'll be able to envision these fantastic sloth crafts―the perfect activities for any creative sloth fan. They're great for yourself or to give as gifts, but you’ll probably want to make them for both. Slow down, hang out, and get crafting with Sloth Crafts!
Definitions of Art Stephen Davies 2018-08-06 In the last thirty years, work in analytic philosophy of art has flourished, and it has given rise to considerably controversy. Stephen Davies describes and analyzes the definition of art as it has been discussed in Anglo-American philosophy during this period and, in the process, introduces his own perspective on ways in which we should reorient our thinking. Davies conceives of the debate as revealing two basic, conflicting approaches—the functional and the procedural—to the questions of whether art can be defined, and if so, how. As the author sees it, the functionalist believes that an object is a work of art only if it performs a particular function (usually, that of providing a rewarding aesthetic experience). By contrast the proceduralist believes that something is an artwork only if it has been created according to certain rules and procedures. Davies attempts to demonstrate the fruitfulness of viewing the debate in terms of this framework, and he develops new arguments against both points of view—although he is more critical of functional than of procedural definitions. Because it has generated so much of the recent literature, Davies starts his analysis with a discussion of Morris Weitz's germinal paper, "The Role of Theory in Aesthetics." He goes on to examine other important works by Arthur Danto, George Dickie, and Ben Tilghman and develops in his critiques original arguments on such matters of the artificiality of artworks and the relevance of artists' intentions.
Think Happy! Coloring Book Thaneeya McArdle 2018-09-11 Cheer up and color! With three times as many coloring pages as ordinary coloring books, this big coloring anthology offers 96 playful art activities that will unleash your inner artist. Each sparkling, upbeat illustration is designed to help you relax and unwind while you exercise your creativity. Beautifully colored finished examples are provided, along with a handy guide to basic art techniques, from patterning and combinations to shading and color theory. This optimistic coloring book is perfect for decorating with markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or watercolors. Printed on high-quality, extra-thick paper that resists bleed-through, all of the illustrations are perforated for easy removal and display. This book has earned the DO Magazine Artist Fair Trade Seal of Approval.
Duct Tape Mania Amanda Formaro 2014-08-26 Part craft book, part activity book, Duct Tape Mania offers hours of creative fun for boys and girls of all ages! This book is packed with ways to create all kinds of accessories, jewelry, bags, decorations, fix-its, and more with little more than a roll of tape. Peppered through the pages are fun and interesting facts and trivia about the amazing duct tape.
The Steampunk Oracle Brigid Ashwood 2015-10-08 The Steampunk Oracle (featuring the art of Brigid Ashwood) is a thirty card system of divination based on the classic archetypes of Tarot. All twenty-two of the Major Arcana cards are represented. Five elemental cards embody the energies of the four traditional suits (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water). These four are joined by a fifth, symbolizing a new suit - Spirit. Three Wild Cards round out the deck; Choice, Mystery, and Passion. Perfect for both small and detailed readings, the included polarity coin and fourteen-sided die allow for refinement of readings, and deeper interpretation of the cards.
Achtung-Panzer! Heinz Guderian 1995 This is one of the most significant military books of the twentieth century. By an outstanding soldier of independent mind, it pushed forward the evolution of land warfare and was directly responsible for German armoured supremacy in the early years of the Second World War. Published in 1937, the result of 15 years of careful study since his days on the German General Staff in the First World War, Guderian's book argued, quite clearly, how vital the proper use of tanks and supporting armoured vehicles would be in the conduct of a future war. When that war came, just two years later, he proved it, leading his Panzers with distinction in the Polish, French and Russian campaigns. Panzer warfare had come of age, exactly as he had forecast. This first English translation of Heinz Guderian's classic book - used as a textbook by Panzer officers in the war - has an introduction and extensive background notes by the modern English historian Paul Harris.
The Wish and the Peacock Wendy S. Swore 2020-02-04 Living on a small Idaho vegetable farm, Paige's family has faced tough times before, but a year after the loss of her father, her mom is overwhelmed by the financial challenges and reluctantly agrees to sell the farm. However, when a realtor pounds the "For Sale" sign into the family's front yard, the reality (and finality) of it is almost too much to bear. Paige is determined to do whatever it takes to save her father's farm, which has been in their family for generations. With the help of her little brother, her best friends, Matteo and Kimana, and, of course, her trusty farm dog, T-Rex, Paige believes she can use her "farm smarts," however sneaky, to try to stop the sale of the farm. She puts makeup on the cows so they look sickly to potential buyers, and she pranks the realtor by releasing a jar of grasshoppers in her car. Her efforts don't stop reality from setting in; her mother and grandfather just don't have enough money to keep the farm running and selling it is their only option. But who will be the new owners, and where will her family go? Paige finds a new appreciation for the land, animals, and even the barn she once took for granted. One day while roaming in the hay barn, Paige finds a peacock. She's fascinated by the beauty of the bird's plumage but discovers an injured wing among its fancy feathers. Since the bird cannot fly and return home, Paige is eager to nurture it back to health. Her book-smart brother helps her care for the bird and tells Paige that peacocks are symbols of luck, protection, and integrity in folklore and legends. Shortly after the exotic bird is discovered, a man dressed in a business suit shows up on the farm with his two children and claims ownership of the peacock. Paige is devastated by the prospect of yet another loss and, again, prepares to face an adversary. Paige is suspicious of him, especially because he's spending a lot time with her mom. But her first impressions are wrong and, like the peacock, his true colors show him in a positive light. He's a journalist looking for a good, human-interest story about their farming community and Paige sees a way to make the farm a solution that will help everyone. With all the changes and challenges she faces with her family, Paige learns that sometimes the idea of a home is less about place and more about the people you call a family and that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, but an opportunity for working with others and building strength.
A Concise Treatise on Lycanthropy: With Annotation and Explanation of Werewolfism. Including Rare & Obscure Tracts and Essays. Andreas Shibilis 2019-03-07 Of unknown origin, Count Andreas Shibilis is said to have been the King of the Bulgarian Gypsies, sometime in the 19th century. He is also known as a highly skilled practitioner of the black arts. Shibilis disappeared without a trace after allegedly being turned into a werewolf. His other known written works include several monographs on magic and the mystification arts. It is also believed that Count Shibilis authored the mystifying Rohonc Codex, the extraordinary illustrated manuscript which has perplexed scholars since it surfaced in the 19th century in Hungary. There is no record of the birth or death of Count Andreas Shibilis.Concise and precise, with all the facts and data on the subject, laid out simply for the layperson. Put aside all you have read on lycanthropy. Be prepared for a firsthand account of werewolfism. This is a reprint of the singularly unique original monograph by Count Andreas Shibilis. As it is the only known work on lycanthopy written by a lycanthrope. Within this treatise, the reader will learn the ways of becoming a werewolf, methods of defense against a werewolf, ways to lift the affliction of lycanthropy - along with historical accounts, legends and folklore regarding werewolfery. Of particular notoriety, you will read about Edgar Allan Poe - the werewolf, as well as the Count himself. In his own words there is a brief account of how Count Andreas Shibilis became a werewolf and the incredible story of how he relieved himself of the affliction.
How Mountains Are Made Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld 2015-10-06 Read and find out about how mountains are made in this colorfully illustrated nonfiction picture book. A mountain might be thousands of feet high, but it can still grow taller or shorter each year. This classic picture book explores how mountains are made—including how Mount Everest grew from a flat plain under an ocean to become 29,028 feet tall. How Mountains Are Made features simple activities and fascinating cross-sections of the earth’s moving crust that clearly explain plate tectonics. Both text and artwork were vetted for accuracy by an expert in the field. This is a clear and appealing science book for early elementary age kids, both at home and in the classroom. It's a Level 2 Let's-Read-and-Find-Out, which means the book explores more challenging concepts for children in the primary grades. The 100+ titles in this leading nonfiction series are: hands-on and visual acclaimed and trusted great for classrooms Top 10 reasons to love LRFOs: Entertain and educate at the same time Have appealing, child-centered topics Developmentally appropriate for emerging readers Focused; answering questions instead of using survey approach Employ engaging picture book quality illustrations Use simple charts and graphics to improve visual literacy skills Feature hands-on activities to engage young scientists Meet national science education standards Written/illustrated by award-winning authors/illustrators & vetted by an expert in the field Over 130 titles in print, meeting a wide range of kids' scientific interests Books in this series support the Common Core Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) standards. Let's-Read-and-Find-Out is the winner of the American Association for the Advancement of Science/Subaru Science Books & Films Prize for Outstanding Science Series.
Password to Larkspur Lane Carolyn Keene 1966 Nancy Drew solves two mysteries when she learns the origins of an eerie wheel of fire
The Bob Ross Coloring Book Bob Ross 2017-09-12 The first and only coloring book based on the art of the beloved and acclaimed painter and television personality. This exclusive authorized collection of art, derived directly from Bob Ross’s own paintings, offers his legions of fans a contemplative, relaxing, and inspiring way to connect with the work and personality of the pop-culture icon. Featuring many of Ross’s most famous quotes and catchphrases about happy little trees, friendly squirrels, and more, the book also includes a gallery of his original artwork. But as he would no doubt want, coloring fans of all ages are encouraged to make their own decisions, embrace their mistakes, and make each painting their own. Bob Ross is a cult figure around the world among varying age groups, especially Generation X. And everyone agrees he is about more than just painting. His fans—few of whom identify themselves as artists—agree that his quiet, nurturing disposition is a form of therapy, making his work the absolutely perfect subject of an adult coloring book. This coloring book presents more than seventy-five line drawings created from Ross’s own artwork.
A Face in the Rock Loren R. Graham 1995-06 Eight miles long and four miles wide, Grand Island lies off the south shore of Lake Superior. It was once home to a sizable community of Chippewa Indians who lived in harmony with the land and with each other. Their tragic demise began early in the nineteenth century when their fellow tribesmen from the mainland goaded them into waging war against rival Sioux. The war party was decimated; only one young brave, Powers of the Air, lived to tell the story that celebrated the heroism of his band and formed the basis of the legend that survives today. Distinguished historian Loren R. Graham has spent more than forty years researching and reconstructing the poignant tale of Powers of the Air and his people. A Face in the Rock is an artful melding of human history and natural history; it is a fascinating narrative of the intimate relation between place and people. Powers of the Air lived to witness the desecration of Grand Island by the fur and logging industries, the Christianization of the tribe, and the near total loss of the Chippewa language, history, and culture. Graham charts the plight of the Chippewa as white culture steadily encroaches, forcing the native people off the island and dispersing their community on the mainland. The story ends with happier events of the past two decades, including the protection of Grand Island within the National Forest system, and the resurgence of Chippewa culture.
Traditional Fashions from India Paper Dolls Ming-Ju Sun 2001-02-14 Exquisitely rendered collection features 2 dolls, 16 authentic outfits ? costumes of classical dancers, saris, wedding attire, vivid prints from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, other regions.
A Stone Sat Still 2019-08-27 In this moving companion to the Caldecott Honor–winning They All Saw a Cat, Brendan Wenzel tells the story of a seemingly ordinary stone. But it isn't just a stone—to the animals that use it, it's a resting place, a kitchen, a safe haven...even an entire world. With stunning illustrations in cut paper, pencil, collage, and paint, and soothing rhythms that invite reading aloud, A Stone Sat Still is a gorgeous exploration of perspective, perception, sensory experience, color, size, function, and time, with an underlying environmental message that is timely and poignant. Once again Wenzel shows himself to be a master of the picture book form.
The Green Wiccan Herbal Silja 2016-07-14 This beautiful, insightful compendium from Wiccan High Priestess Silja is the ultimate guide to herbal magic. The first chapters detail herbal mythology, magical theory, and tools, plus different types of magic (black and white, candle magic, using charm bags, and long-term spells), and ways of working, either alone or as part of a coven. Next, discover how to grow and store magical herbs, and the importance of the moon phases when planting and harvesting them. Chapter 4, The 52 Major Magical Herbs, lists these herbs and their uses in spells, rituals, alternative medicine, and kitchen witchery; and includes the element they are associated with, what day or time is best for magic with them, and their associated deities, plus a simple spell for each herb. This is followed by Other Foods and their Magical Uses, focusing on a variety of enchanted ingredients such as lemon, poppy seeds, and flowers. The spells section, Chapter 6, presents more than 50 spells arranged by theme, from love and fertility, to prosperity, moving home, finding a job, friendship, health, wisdom, and more. Chapter 7, Magical Herbs Outside Magic: Kitchen Witchery, suggests how to add a subtle, magical dimension to your cooking. Finally, Silja explains how to go about writing your own herbal spells. You will also discover how to keep track of the spells you have performed and how to know if they have worked. Lavishly illustrated by Michael A. Hill, The Green Wiccan Herbal is a wonderful source of natural witchery that you will refer to time and again.
Messy Bun Hats, Plus! Kristi Simpson 2017 "These intriguing designs will inspire you to crochet one for every room in your home." --
The Rainbow Bridge 2000 A contemporary story based on the Chumash Indian legend about the origin of dolphins.
The Color Oracle Brigid Ashwood 2015-11-21 The Color Oracle is a 44 card system of divination based on the classic archetypes of Tarot and featuring the vibrant, colorful art of Brigid Ashwood.The deck is broken into two sections:The Portrait Cards: 22 cards based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot are joined by 5 elemental cards that embody the energies of the 4 traditional suits (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and a new 5th suit, symbolizing Spirit. 3 Wild Cards; Choice, Mystery, and Passion represent hidden mysteries.The Pure Color Cards: 14 Cards, used for divining color energies and the symbolism of the visible spectrum, as well as for Chakra work. Perfect for either short or detailed readings, the Deck includes a polarity coin and fourteen-sided die to allow for refinement of readings, and deeper interpretation of the cards. Each Deck Includes:44 card oracle deckDecorative cotton pouchInstruction BookletSmall black velveteen bag14-sided dieDual sided polarity coin.
Pretty Pinwheels Annie's 2015-09-01 Discover 8 unique pinwheel patterns ranging from fast & easy to challenging. Create the illusion of gardens, stars and beautiful bursts of spinning color with a simple pinwheel variations. You'll never look at a pinwheel quilt the same. Tutorials found in this book are: Quilting Basics Curved Piecing Spinning Centers to Reduce Bulk Three Ways to Make Flying Geese Units Paper Piecing Raw-Edge Fusible Applique Broderie Perse Applique
The Cherokee Rennay Craats 2015-08-01 In 1830, U.S. troops removed nearly 17,000 Cherokee from their homes in the southeastern United States. Many were forced to move to Oklahoma in a journey called the “Trail of Tears.” Learn more in The Cherokee, one of the titles in the American Indian Art and Culture series.
Dali's Mustache Philippe Halsman 1996-01-15 Cult classic and collector’s item, Dali’s Mustache is the result of the astonishing artistic collaboration between surrealist Salvador Dalí and experimental photography pioneer Philippe Halsman. Dalí and Halsman were friends as well as professional collaborators for more than three decades. Subtitled A Photographic Interview, the concept of the book is one short question presented to Dalí, which Dalí answers, followed by a corresponding black-and-white photograph by Halsman. The photographs are intentionally absurd and hilarious. Early editions of this book came with a warning on the back that said “Warning! This book is preposterous.” Question: "I have the feeling, to have discovered your secret, Salvador. Could it be that you are crazy?" Answer: "I am certainly saner than the person who bought this book."
Red Ted Art Margarita Woodley 2013-03-28 Crafting has never been more popular and Maggy Woodley, the creative force behind Red Ted, is passionate about making things with her children, Max, four, and Pippa, two. Using recycled materials and bits and bobs collected when out and about, here are over 60 utterly irresistible things to make with your kids. From adorable peanut shell finger puppets to walnut babies, loo roll marionettes and egg carton fairy lights, fabric mache bowls, stick men and shell crabs, stone people, and many more, these are projects for all the family to have fun with. And what's more, the end results are so cute and desirable that they look great around the home, or make wonderfully unique and personal gifts. With a funky, modern design and vibrant full colour photography throughout, this is a must-have addition to every young family's bookshelf.
Folding the Universe Peter Engel 1989 An artfully designed and illustrated guide offers an in-depth essay on the history origami and its mathematical, spatial, and creative properties, and instructions for making a kangaroo with joey, a knight on horseback, and other wonders
Color Your Own Stickers Nature Valentina Harper 2015-11-01 Color, peel, and stick dozens of nature art decals to add style and pizzazz to crafts, home decor, scrapbooks, greeting cards, and journals."
A Monster Like Me Wendy S. Swore 2021-02-02 There are trolls, goblins, and witches. Which kind of monster is Sophie? Sophie is a monster expert. Thanks to her Big Book of Monsters and her vivid imagination, Sophie can identify the monsters in her school and neighborhood. Clearly, the bullies are trolls and goblins. Her nice neighbor must be a good witch, and Sophie's new best friend is obviously a fairy. But what about Sophie? She's convinced she is definitely a monster because of the "monster mark" on her face. At least that's what she calls it. The doctors call it a blood tumor. Sophie tries to hide it but it covers almost half her face. And if she's a monster on the outside, then she must be a monster on the inside, too. Being the new kid at school is hard. Being called a monster is even harder. Sophie knows that it's only a matter of time before the other kids, the doctors, and even her mom figure it out. And then her mom will probably leave--just like her dad did. Because who would want to live with a real monster? Inspired by real events in the author's life, A Monster Like Me teaches the importance of believing in oneself, accepting change, and the power of friendship.
Unicorn Coloring Book Broderick S. Johnson 2017-12-24 GRAB THE NEWEST AND MOST MAJESTIC UNICORN COLORING BOOK! This incredible Adult Coloring Book by best-selling artist Broderick S Johnson is the perfect way to relieve stress and while enjoying beautiful and highly detailed and majestic unicorn images. Use Any Coloring Tools Including colored pencils, pens, and fine-tipped markers. One Image Per Page Each image is printed on one page to prevent bleed-through. Display Your Artwork You can display your artwork with a standard 8.5" x 11" frame. FREE Digital Version Included As a special bonus, you can download a PDF copy of this book and print your favorite images as many times as you want and print on any paper of your choice Now on Sale Regular Price: $7.99 Now On Sale For Limited time only. Makes a Great Gift Surprise that special someone in your life and make them smile. Get 2 copies or more to gift to friends and get one for yourself. Buy Now, Start Coloring, and Relax... Scroll to the top of the page and click the 'Add To Cart' button.
Doilies in Color™ Connie Ellison 2011-11-01 Reimagining the designs commonly used in doily patterns, this collection of nine patterns features modern floral techniques that can compliment any space. Using size-10 cotton thread, these designs are ideal for both seasoned and novice crochet enthusiasts. Patterns include roses, gardenias, marigolds, and forget-me-nots, with the finished projects ranging in size from 12 to 20 inches.
Cat Notebook Dream NOTEBOOK 2019-04-09 Lined notebook
Llama Crafts Ellen Deakin 2019-05-07 Craft away with the quirkiest creatures around! Save the drama, these Llamas are going to whisk you away to your happy place. Fun and quirky, these furry animals are the latest spirit animal that everyone is interested in. This book has 15 projects that will inspire you and make you ready for your own Llamapalooza! You'll get directions here on how to make Llama Papercraft ornaments, a Llama piñata, Llama wall prints, Llama finger puppets, Llama plushies, Llama T-shirts, Llama greetings cards, Llama bag and so much more. Both novice and expert crafters will enjoy this variety of projects. Each craft comes with a list of all the items and templates that you will need to create your llama-fueled fun. There's no shortage of ways that you'll be able to envision these dazzling Llama Crafts?the perfect activities for any adventurous Llama fan. Great for yourself or to give as gifts, but you’ll probably want to make them for both… Get ready to leap for llamas!
Wordy Birdy Tammi Sauer 2018-02-06 Meet Wordy Birdy, a very chatty bird who talks WAY more than she listens! A hilarious new story from Tammi Sauer, beloved author of Nugget & Fang, Chicken Dance, and My Alien. Wordy Birdy LOVES to talk. “Hello, sunrise. Hello, pink sky. Hello, orange sky!” But does she love to listen? NOPE. One day, while she’s walking through the forest, her gift of the gab gets her into hot water: “That’s a pretty tree and that’s a pretty tree and that’s a pretty danger sign and that’s a pretty tree. . . .” Will this inattentive bird walk right into danger? Will her faraway thoughts lead her along a path of doom? It’s up to her long-suffering, heard-it-all-before pals Squirrel, Raccoon, and Rabbit to save their distracted friend. Author Tammi Sauer will have kids and their parents in stitches with this funny, fast-paced, lovable caper about the importance of paying attention—and the importance of standing by your friends through thick and thin. And look for the hilarious sequel, Wordy Birdy Meets Mr. Cougarpants! Praise for Wordy Birdy: A Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Book of the Year “laugh-out-loud funny . . . caregivers will certainly find this chuckleworthy.”—Kirkus "amusing and entertaining"—School Library Journal "an entertaining approach to the topic of listening."—Booklist
The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie Thomas Fink 2000 Traces the history of the knotted neckcloth from the seventeenth century to the present day, and includes eighty-five ways to tie a tie.
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (Origami Yoda #1) Tom Angleberger 2012-08-07 In this funny, uncannily wise portrait of the dynamics of a sixth-grade class and of the greatness that sometimes comes in unlikely packages, Dwight, a loser, talks to his classmates via an origami finger puppet of Yoda. If that weren’t strange enough, the puppet is uncannily wise and prescient. Origami Yoda predicts the date of a pop quiz, guesses who stole the classroom Shakespeare bust, and saves a classmate from popularity-crushing embarrassment with some well-timed advice. Dwight’s classmate Tommy wonders how Yoda can be so smart when Dwight himself is so clueless. With contributions from his puzzled classmates, Tommy assembles this first case file in the blockbuster bestselling Origami Yoda series, written by Tom Angleberger, author of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side, and hailed by School Library Journal as “honest, funny, and immensely entertaining.” F&P Level: T F&P Genre: RF
Rubber Band Mania Amanda Formaro 2014-08-26 Part craft book, part activity book, Rubber Band Mania offers hours of creative fun for boys and girls of all ages! Now you can make more than just a simple bracelet! This book is packed with ways to use rubber bands to make bracelets, belts, desk organizers, toys, musical instruments, art projects, and much more. Peppered through the pages are fun and interesting facts and trivia about rubber bands.
FEETSPEAK EAShields 2021-08-03 All children are born into an ancestral heritage, rich with tragedy, joy, and a touch of magic. No two stories are alike, yet encouraging an appreciation for cultural diversity, creative problem solving, and ecological respect as well as protecting the timely development of the contemporary child are daily challenges faced by parents and educators. These concerns, among others, inspired me to write a trilogy of independent stories entitled I AM A CHILD. In FEETSPEAK, a young child, traumatically mute after her parents are killed during a rainstorm, communicates by selecting different shoes to wear. Living near a pond and its creatures on the Midwest Plains with her maternal grandmother provides Cinnamon with comfort and understanding. However, when an engaging French family with a young girl her age moves into the house down the road, Cinnamon must learn other ways to share her thoughts and express her feelings with her new friends. Soon to enter First Grade, will she be ready to participate and learn in this totally new environment?
Bohemian Fantasy Molly Harrison 2016-04-20 Bohemian Fantasy is a GRAYSCALE coloring book featuring 25 single sided pages of lovely ladies. These images were taken from Molly's watercolor paintings. Some are more abstract while others have a free, bohemian feel. Grayscale coloring books are a bit different from the typical coloring book that use line drawings. These images capture shading and values of grays for you to use as a guide for dark and light. Suitable mediums to use are copic markers and other alcohol based markers, other water based markers, gel pens, colored pencil, pastels and more. This is not suitable for wet media of any kind. All ages are welcome however it is intended mainly for adults and older kids/teens. ***Please note***If you are using markers, put a piece of card stock between the pages to prevent bleedthrough onto the next page.
The Sign of the Twisted Candles Carolyn Keene 1933 Nancy, as mediator in a generation-old feud, divulges an unknown birthright.
Detailed Animal Sketches Back from the Brink Tim Jeffs 2021-02-07 Detailed Animal Sketches Back from the Brink is a grayscale coloring book of animal drawings. This is a collection of 25 black and white animal drawings of mine. I have a passion for drawing animals and they fill the pages of my sketchbooks. I hope you enjoy coloring these animal sketches as much as I had drawing them. And I know that with your colors, you will bring them to life! Have fun! Included in the book are coloring pages of the following animals: American Alligator - Arabian Oryx - Arakan Forest Turtle - Bald Eagle - Bongo - Brown Pelican - Caspian Horse - Coelacanth - Corroboree Frog - Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel - El Hiero Giant Lizard - Florida Panther - Giant Panda - Gray Wolf - Grizzly Bear - Madagascar Serpent Eagle - Pere David's Deer - Przewalski's Horse - Red-Cockaded Woodpecker - Siberian Tiger - South Island Takahe - Steller Sea Lion - Trumpeter Swan - Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel - Whooping Crane

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