All Things Paper Ann Martin 2013-05-21 Make decorative, simple do-it-yourself projects with this friendly guide to paper crafting. You and your family will love to spend hours making beautiful paper art, jewelry, and decorations with All Things Paper. This easy paper crafts book comes with simple-to-follow instructions and detailed photos that show you how to create colorful and impressive art objects to display at home—many of which have practical uses. It is a great book for experienced paper craft hobbyists looking for new ideas or for new folders who want to learn paper crafts from experts. Projects in this papercrafting book include: Candle Luminaries Citrus Slice Coasters Mysterious Stationery Box Everyday Tote Bag Silver Orb Pendant Fine Paper Yarn Necklace Wedding Cake Card Perfect Journey Journal And many more… All the projects in this book are designed by noted paper crafters like Benjamin John Coleman, Patricia Zapata, and Richela Fabian Morgan. They have all been creating amazing objects with paper for many years. Whether you're a beginner or have been paper crafting for many years, you're bound to find something you'll love in All Things Paper. Soon you will be on your way to creating your own designs and paper art.
Travel Origami Cindy Ng 2014-08-05 Make flashy origami projects out of postcards, photos and other travel keepsakes with this easy origami book. In Travel Origami, author Cindy Ng shows you how to take the paper souvenirs you collect on your travels and turn them into beautiful and useful folded origami objects that serve as visible mementoes! Use those postcards, street maps, tickets and souvenirs and convert them into artful memories that can last a lifetime. Whether you are a world traveler or a local vacationer, Travel Origami gives you 24 easy-to-fold origami projects that are fun to make and fabulous to display in your home. Foolproof step-by-step instructions show you how to fold your paper collections into special items you can wear, carry, hang on your wall, or give to a traveling companion as a special keepsake. Use it to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to decorate your room—or as a wonderful gift for paper craft lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. None of the projects require paint or glue so just grab some origami paper and start folding right away! This origami book contains: 120 page, full-color book 24 fun and functional origami projects Step-by-step instructions Colorful diagrams and photos Origami basics and tips Travel Origami is the perfect way to stretch your adventures into hours of memory-making fun while reminiscing with family and friends. Origami projects include: Comic Strip Bracelet Metro Card Holder New Kind of Envelope Modern Money Ring And many more…
Crafts Jamboree Yvonne Deutch 1977
British Books 1896
Let's Celebrate with Independence Day Origami Ruth Owen 2021-07-15 Independence Day is a day filled with fireworks, hot dogs, and symbols of America like the bald eagle. These are just some of the fun origami projects readers can make as they follow along with this encouraging and exciting guide to Fourth of July crafts. As readers follow each step, visual examples help them see what each stage of the process should look like. Additional help is provided in an opening section of basic tips and lists of materials needed before each craft. Fun facts about this holiday are also included to make readers feel even more patriotic.
Stars in the Window Anne Alexander Bingham 2013-09-26 STARS IN THE WINDOW is an historical novel written for middle grade readers. When eleven-year-old Jessie meets Mrs. Sakamoto her life is changed. It is 1943 and the U.S. is at war with Japan. Jessie s Dad is an officer on a ship in the Pacific. When Mom hires Mrs. Sakamoto to help in the family flower shop, Jessie finds a warm friend who teaches her about chopsticks, Ikebana flower arranging, and origami. Mrs. Sakamoto had been released from Amache, a Japanese internment camp, and Jessie struggles to understand the difference between an enemy and her Japanese-American friend. The story depicts life on the U.S. home front during WW II, with rationing, blackouts, and victory gardens. The reader will also relate the story to present day issues: prejudice and response to cultural and racial diversity, fear of those who are national enemies, and a pre-adolescent culture that involves snubbing and cliques. Imbedded in the story are parallels with today in conservation and recycling, suspicion of Muslims, and need to understand and relate to members of a culture different from mainstream America.
The Flying Machine Book Bobby Mercer 2012-05-01 Calling all future Amelia Earharts and Chuck Yeagers—there's more than one way to get off the ground. Author and physics teacher Bobby Mercer will show readers 35 easy-to-build and fun-to-fly contraptions that can be used indoors or out. Better still, each of these rockets, gliders, boomerangs, launchers, and helicopters are constructed for little or no cost using recycled materials. The Flying Machine Book will show readers how to turn rubber bands, paper clips, straws, plastic bottles, and index cards into amazing, gravity-defying flyers. Learn how to turn a drinking straw, rubber band, and index card into a Straw Rocket, or convert a paper towel tube into a Grape Bazooka. Empty water bottles can be transformed into Plastic Zippers and Bottle Rockets, and ordinary paper can be cut and folded to make a Fingerrangs—a small boomerang—or a Maple Key Helicopter. Each project contains a material list and detailed step-by-step instructions with photos. Mercer also includes explanations of the science behind each flyer, including concepts such as lift, thrust, and drag, the Bernoulli effect, and more. Readers can use this information to modify and improve their flyers, or explain to their teachers why throwing a paper airplane is a mini science lesson. Bobby Mercer has been sharing the fun of free flight for over two decades as a high school physics teacher. He is the author of several books and lives with his family outside of Asheville, North Carolina.
Handmade Scandinavian Christmas Hege Barnholt 2013-06-30 A beautiful collection of over 120 crafty Christmas ideas to achieve the perfect homemade Christmas. From simple yet beautiful ways to decorate the Christmas tree, to ingenious ways of wrapping your Christmas gifts, this book is bursting with ideas to inspire year after year. Each project is beautiful but achievable, and accompanied by stunning photographs. There are easy-to-follow instructions and 100% full size templates. The book begins by taking you through a woodland walk to collect the perfect ingredients for a rustic Christmas, such as pinecones, berries and leaves, and also features a handy chapter on making beautiful homemade gifts, whether it is for Him, Her, or the children, Handmade Scandinavian Christmas has something to please everyone.
Crafts Through the Year Thomas Berger 2011 "Parts of this book appeared in The Easter craft book (1993), The harvest craft book (1992) and The Christmas craft book (1990)."--T.p. verso.
Super Simple Origami Irmgard Kneissler 2001 Provides step-by-step instructions and illustrations on making such paper-folding projects as a monkey, fish-shaped wind sock, cormorant, flower bouquet, and an owl and tree.
The East 1988
Origami Rockets Lew Rozelle 1999-02-15 They float! They fly! They zoom! They spin! They even land on their feet! Origami Rockets: Spinners, Zoomers, Floaters, and More presents how to create inflatable paper folding projects that actually take flight. From a few basic designs, this how to do orgami book offers more than fifty unique paper toy rocket creations including: -Sweptwing rockets -Landers -Gliders -Shortnosed spinner -And even a lunar lander With step-by-step instructions on how to fold and inflate rockets into three-dimensional crafts, this origami how to book also features directions on the best methods of throwing their rockets and making them soar. In addition, advanced paper folders will learn how to develop new designs and experiment with making rockets that will go farther, higher, and faster. No cutting or gluing required! With Origami Rockets, even beginners can create flying machines with only paper and air.
The Artful Parent Jean Van't Hul 2019-06-11 Bring out your child’s creativity and imagination with more than 60 artful activities in this completely revised and updated edition Art making is a wonderful way for young children to tap into their imagination, deepen their creativity, and explore new materials, all while strengthening their fine motor skills and developing self-confidence. The Artful Parent has all the tools and information you need to encourage creative activities for ages one to eight. From setting up a studio space in your home to finding the best art materials for children, this book gives you all the information you need to get started. You’ll learn how to: * Pick the best materials for your child’s age and learn to make your very own * Prepare art activities to ease children through transitions, engage the most energetic of kids, entertain small groups, and more * Encourage artful living through everyday activities * Foster a love of creativity in your family
Waiting for a Star to Fall Kerry Clare 2020-10-27 "A love story at its core, though one without an ending written in the stars. . . . Timely and insightful." --Karma Brown, #1 bestselling author of Recipe for a Perfect Wife For fans of Joanne Ramos, Josie Silver, and Emily Giffin, a gripping and powerful story that asks: Just how much are you willing to forgive in the name of love? Brooke has long been caught in the orbit of Derek, a rising political superstar. First he was her boss, then they were friends and she became his confidant, the one person he shared everything with. And even though she had feelings for him--it was hard to resist; he's charming and handsome, respected and beloved--she never dreamed he'd feel the same way. Derek is so much older and could have anyone he wanted. But it turns out that who Derek wants is Brooke, and suddenly none of the reasons they shouldn't be together matter. They fall in love. And even though Brooke has to keep the relationship a secret--stealing weekends away with him, late nights with takeout after long days at work, and business trips that are always a romantic whirlwind--being close to him and her dreams of their future make everything worth it. Then it all falls apart, and Brooke is left holding the pieces of the life they'd shared. Derek becomes embroiled in a scandal--the kind Brooke never could have imagined he'd be involved in--and she is forced to re-examine their relationship and make sense of the man she loves. Poignant, heart-stopping, and resonant, Waiting for a Star to Fall is a story about love, the things we choose to believe, and how sometimes the path to happily ever after has to start with ourselves.
Wheat Weaving & Straw Art Linda D. Beiler 2009 Wheat weaving is an ancient folk art made to celebrate a successful harvest. Today straw designs are admired for their beauty and intricacy. In this volume, professional straw artist Linda D. Beiler provides expert advice on the tools and materials needed to get started, tips on preparing the straw, and 22 step-by-step projects for mastering the techniques of plaiting, folding, and spiraling, and for combining techniques and adding decorative touches. Helpful series photographs demonstrate the process for creating hearts, bows, Arabic cages, Welsh fans, and a variety of abstract pieces.
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and Thomas Register Catalog File 1909 Vols. for 1970-71 includes manufacturers' catalogs.
Physics Experiments for Children Muriel Mandell 2013-04-09 Over 100 projects demonstrate composition of objects, how substances are affected by various forms of energy — heat, light, sound, electricity, etc. Over 100 illustrations.
The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids 2013-09-03 Offers a compilation of facts and folklore on a range of topics, including weather, astronomy, gardening, animals, history, sports, and health.
Hendricks' Commercial Register of the United States 1891
Folding for Fun Didier Boursin 2014-09-12 Any child who can fold paper can do origami -- this book has 16 easy origami projects (some have as few as 3 or 4 folds) to help. Seven types of folds are illustrated in easy, individual steps, and all projects are fully visualized, step-by-step.
The Publishers' Circular and Booksellers' Record of British and Foreign Literature 1896
The Usborne Book of Origami L. Somerville 1992 Simple step-by-step instructions for making boxes, party hats, toys, and more from folded paper.
Good Housekeeping 1970
Fun for Kids III Marion F. Gallivan 2002 Includes a bibliography of titles related to children's craft activities, especially international and holiday crafts, each providing project ideas using common household items.
Fidget the Wonder Dog Patricia Forde 2021-01-07 A tale-of-truest friendship book A fill-my-heart with love book A read-again-and-again book An epic tale of love, loss, reunion and adventure on the high seas told through the friendship of a girl and her dog, Fidget. Written by debut picture-book author Trish Forde and illustrated by rising star Rachael Saunders, this is a book that combines humour and heart with a faultless read-aloud rhythm
How to Make 100 Paper Flowers Maria Noble 2013-06-01 DIV Learn how to make 100 beautiful flowers, from lifelike to fanciful, with How to Make 100 Paper Flowers! These creations are perfect for weddings and other celebrations, and this comprehensive guide brings you a wide variety of techniques and styles. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by color photos and diagrams; techniques include general crafting (cut, shape, and glue), origami, and quilling. All patterns are included! Color your world and satisfy your craft cravings with delightful, handmade, paper flowers. /div
Lectionary Preaching Workbook Carlos Wilton 2004-06-01 The challenge of creating a fresh, incisive sermon every Sunday can sometimes seem overwhelming -- but if you have the all-new edition of CSS' acclaimed "Lectionary Preaching Workbook "at your fingertips, you'll never feel that way again! With penetrating reflections on Cycle B lectionary passages and a thorough discussion of preaching themes plus a treasure trove of supporting illustrations, this comprehensive volume is the perfect starting point for your weekly homiletic research. Carlos Wilton combines a scholar's deep insight into the biblical texts with a pastor's practical understanding of how to make them come alive for the people in your pews, and his astute commentary is sure to stimulate your thought process and provide plenty of seeds for developing messages with maximum impact. A handy, easy-to-use sermon planning template is also included to facilitate the process of building your sermon. The "Lectionary Preaching Workbook" is an indispensable tool that helps you to powerfully proclaim God's Word while getting the most out of your limited preparation time. Each Sunday's material includes: * a listing of applicable Revised Common, Roman Catholic, and Episcopal lectionary texts * a theme for the day * commentary on the Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel lessons * possible preaching approaches * a pastoral prayer * numerous illustrations to flesh out the message Carlos E. Wilton has been the pastor since 1990 of Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church, in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. He previously served as assistant dean and director of admissions at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. Wilton is a graduate of Washington College (B.A.), Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and the University of St. Andrews, Scotland (M.Phil. and Ph.D.). In addition to his parish responsibilities, Wilton is also an adjunct professor at New Brunswick Theological Seminary and a member of the writing team for the online preaching resource "The Immediate Word" (
Classroom Museums Pamela Marx 1992 Put a museum in your classroom! This invaluable resource shows you how to create thematic, hands-on discovery tables on any subject, in small spaces, and at little or no cost. Includes 9 complete tables.
Technology Teasers Rob Nelson 2005-01-01 Engage your students with our collection of 20 challenges relevant to the technology of mechanisms, electronics, and control. The challenges are centered on cogs, pulleys, electrical circuits and so on. Each challenge problem needs to be solved through using technological principles ideally reached via authentic "real-life" contexts. The aim of the challenges in this book is to help students develop some aspects of their "technological literacy" that they can then apply to problems that they come up with for themselves. Although only one solution is offered, there are many others equally or better suited to the problem, and students should be encouraged to try a range of ideas. This Physical Science lesson provides a variety of activities to challenge your students.
Better Homes and Gardens 1969
The Affordable Christmas Mary Hunt 2014-09-02 Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it's also one of the most stressful--and most expensive. Expectations run high and it's tempting to whip out the credit cards to create the perfect Christmas for your family, with lavish meals, new decorations, and the latest, greatest gadgets and fashions for everyone on your Christmas gift list. But you don't have to overspend or go into debt to have a fabulous holiday. Financial expert Mary Hunt shows readers how. She helps readers assess their financial situation, commit to no new debt, and think creatively about their gift list. With Mary's guidance, readers will identify what has caused them to overspend in the past and approach this Christmas with a plan and a new attitude toward holiday spending. This just might be the best gift you can give yourself and your family. This book is an updated edition of Debt-Proof the Holidays.
Janice VanCleave's 204 Sticky, Gloppy, Wacky, and Wonderful Experiments Janice VanCleave 2002-11-18 How do rocks change shape? Why does Venus rotate "backwards"? How do tigers talk with their tails? Do bigger ears hear better? Discover the answers to these and many other weird and wildmysteries in astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, andphysics. Janice VanCleave's 204 Sticky, Gloppy, Wacky, andWonderful Experiments gives you hours and hours of hands-on,low-cost scientific fun. Try these safe, easy-to-do experiments athome or in the classroom: construct a lunar calendar to examine thephases of the moon, observe the feeding of ants to find out howthey communicate, and build a model of Galileo's thermoscope tomeasure how different materials change temperature. With so manyamazing projects to choose from, you'll have a blast learning aboutthe world around you.
Amazing Origami Kunihiko Kasahara 2002 Explains the mathematical principles behind origami; introduces simple ways to divide segments, angles, and areas into equal parts; and offers instructions for projects.
Wishing Stars Klutz Press 2000-10-01 Make a wish, write it on a strip of colorful paper, and then fold it into a plump little five-pointed star. This Klutz Kit contains full-color, step-by-step instructions and enough brilliantly colored paper strips to make 100 twinkling wishes.
The Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do Rebecca Gilpin 2008 Provides instructions for creating science-themed crafts and performing simple science experiments.
Murder on the Safari Star: Adventures on Trains #3 M. G. Leonard 2022-02-22 In this third book of the middle-grade Adventures on Trains series by M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman, amateur sleuth Hal Beck travels to South Africa with his uncle to a ride a famous train...and stumbles onto a murder mystery! Following his adventure on the California Comet, artist and amateur sleuth Hal Beck is looking forward to another railway journey with Nat, his journalist uncle—this time riding the historic Safari Star through South Africa. Then the already eventful journey becomes even more so when one of their fellow passengers dies on board! Accident . . . or murder? With help from a new friend, Winston (and his mongoose, Chipo), Hal is determined to figure out if a murder has really taken place and, if so, who among a long list of suspects is the killer—all before the Safari Star arrives at its final destination.
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 2009-08
Ukrainian Christmas Mary Ann Woloch Vaughn 1983
Large Origami Paper Dover Staff 1992-10-01 Twenty-four sheets of authentic origami paper (two each of 12 different colors: red, yellow, royal blue, azure, orange, lime green, kelly green, sky blue, pink, peach, tan, gray) for creating fascinating figures, shapes, and objects. Easier-to-fold, large-size white-backed sheets help origamists free a multitude of configurations from flat piece of paper.
Merlin's Big Book of Puzzles, Games and Magic Charles Barry Townsend 2001 "Compilation of the previouusly published Merlin's puzzler, Merlin's puzzler 2 and Merlin's puzzler 3"--Title page verso.

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