Tomoko Fuse's Origami Art Tomoko Fuse 2020-05-19 Tomoko Fuse has been one of the world's premier origami artists for more than 35 years. This beautifully photographed book examines the three-dimensional geometric designs she is famous for. Fuse, often referred to as "the queen of origami," discovered the art of folding paper at just seven years old. She has come a long way since then, having had her work highlighted in exhibitions around the world, including Paris Origami (Carrousel du Louvre, 1998), On Paper (Crafts Council London, 2002) and her solo show Yorokobi (Bauhaus Dessau, 2004). In addition to teaching, folding and writing, she also collaborated with designer Denis Guidone for Milan Design Week 2018 and was a featured artist in Nova's episode "The Origami Revolution" (February, 2017). An artistic anthology of her most impressive work, Tomoko Fuse's Origami Art can serve multiple purposes: as inspiration for an experienced origami folder; as a truly impressive coffee table book for the artistically-minded; or as a push for intermediate folders to try their hand at modular origami models.
Perfectly Mindful Origami - The Origami Garden Mark Bolitho 2017-04-20 Origami expert Mark Bolitho explains how to make perfectly formed origami objects that are pleasing to fold and make. As digital downtime becomes a constant quest in our fast-paced lives, the idea of contemplative, sloothing arts and crafts is undergoing a serious revival. Each title contains 32 pages of origami paper so that you can try out these mindful projects for yourself. The Origami Garden divides into sections on Flowers and Plants (easy roses, cactus and pot, lilies and water lilies and many other flowers and foliage), Fruit and Vegetables (mushrooms, strawberries, pineapple, pears and chilli pepper) and Garden Life (birds, butterfly and frog).
Unit Polyhedoron Origami Tomoko Fuse 2006 Contains step-by-step, illustrated instructions for completing a variety of multidimensional origami projects.
Kusudama Origami Tomoko Fuse 2002 Kusudama Origami is a Japan Publications publication.
Origami Artist's Bible Ashley Wood 2009-06-25 Covers a wide range of materials and techniques used with each medium for paper folding. Includes color photographs, tips, and pictures of finished projects.
Kusudama Origami Ekaterina Lukasheva 2014-02-20 "A kusudama is a traditional Japanese sphere formed by modular origami construction techniques. This guide presents instructions for more than forty elaborate kusudama that range in shape from stars to flowers to pinwheels. Suitable for intermediate-level and experienced folders of all ages"--
Modern Kusudama Origami Ekaterina Lukasheva 2015-09-21 Discover kusudama, the paper sphere, formed by modular origami construction techniques. The figures created through modular origami are highly symmetric, because they are made from multiple equivalent units or modules. The method of modular origami offers a great flexibility in shapes you can achieve, while keeping the single unit relatively simple/ Modular origami is a great hobby for those who adore origami and construction sets. This guide presents step-by-step instructions for over 30 elaborate modular origami figures that range difficulty from easy stars to intricate kusudamas. The most of the models in this book are brand new and have never been published to the wide audience.
Origami Toys Paul Jackson 2010-03-01 Step-by-step instructions for making more than thirty interactive origami toys that flap, jump, fly, spin, bang, tumble, turn inside out, peck, snap, rock, and talk. Each design presents an exciting combination of interesting design and innocent delight. Paul Jackson is a professional paper artist and instructor living in Tel Aviv. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. His previous books include The Encyclopedia of Origami and Papercraft; Championship Paper Planes; The Pop-up Book; Origami: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide; and Tricks and Games with Paper. Interactive origami toys from world-renowned master.
Colorful Origami Toyoaki Kawai 1983 A manual on the basic skills of origami explains how to fold paper into shapes such as birds, flowers, dolls, and masks
Modular Origami Kaleidoscope Ekaterina Lukasheva 2016-03-20 Step-by-step instructions for over 30 elaborate modular origami figures. Modular origami is the technique of composing larger origami objects from the small and simple units, or modules. Modular origami is a great creative hobby for those who adore art, origami, and construction sets.
Curlicue Assia Brill 2013-11 The Curlicue is unique origami, an endlessly fascinating kinetic sculpture. Play with it and you'll discover ever-changing kaleidoscopic spiral patterns. But how do you make a Curlicue? Within these pages Assia reveals the secrets of her invention. You are carefully guided with detailed diagrams and colourful photographs for 20 original designs. The Curlicue is a joy to be experienced by beginner folders and origami enthusiasts alike.
Origami Inspirations Meenakshi Mukerji 2010-08-18 This handsome book is aimed towards those with an intermediate skill level, but the origami basics included at the start of the book make it accessible to beginners. A number of beautiful models are offered, ranging from cubes to prisms to dodecahedra. As with the author’s two previous books, Origami Inspirations provides step-by-step instructions and color distribution suggestions to create the more than 30 intricate designs presented. The book also includes a chapter featuring designs by origami artists from around the world, and these projects provide a happy complement to the author’s own exciting inspirations in the rest of the book.
Origami Steve Biddle 1998 Containing materials and instructions to make a range of origami creations and including reproductions of the Japanese prints which inspired them. Includes a historical text about each print written by a curator of Japanese art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Origami paper included to make models.
Star Origami Tung Ken Lam 2021-09-22 "Star Origami is a festival of folding fun that is sure to inspire. Tung Ken's stellar designs are rich with invention, and as always, his works are beautifully illustrated and written by him. Those eager for the math behind the designs will not be disappointed." — Michael LaFosse (Origamido® Studio), author of over 50 origami books including Geometric Origami: The Art of Modular Paper Sculpture "Tung Ken Lam is one of the world’s leading exponents of modular origami design. His books never disappoint." — David Mitchell, author of Mathematical Origami and founder of "Perfect for teachers to guide students to explore the relationships between the properties of rectangles and the folded stars. The curious and motivated student will find hours of mathematical buried treasure through folding." – Charlene Morrow, Director, SummerMath, Mount Holyoke College and Past Board Chair, OrigamiUSA "Star Origami provides a treasure trove of relevant math foundations, and suggestive pathways for the creative journey. It has already stimulated new directions for my own star structures." — Arnold Tubis, author of Unfolding Mathematics with Origami Boxes and Tessellation Inspired Origami Box Designs Star Origami: The StarrygamiTM Galaxy of Modular Origami Stars, Rings and Wreaths is an exciting collection of origami rings, stars and wreaths made using the modular technique, including clear instructions for making them. Features Over sixty paper stars, all made without cutting, gluing or decorating using the modular origami technique Hundreds of clear step-by-step instructions show you how, based on the technique of folding a small number of simple units and joining them together as a satisfying puzzle Secret tips to make new shapes just by varying a few lengths and angles Suitable for teaching and learning art, geometry and mathematics. Teachers will appreciate the practical advice to succeed in using origami for education.
Origami Puzzles Marc Kirschenbaum 2013-02-02 Some puzzles work very well as origami models - all of these works are based on existing puzzle designs. Providing the opportunity to fold your own pieces makes the geometric relationships of the pieces more apparent, but not necessarily easier to solve. Every effort was made to have the pieces for these puzzles begin with the same sized square.
Polyhedron Origami for Beginners Miyuki Kawamura 2002-04-30 Polyhedron Origami For Beginners is a Japan Publications publication.
Oriland Magic Star Yuri Shumakov 2014-03-23 Oriland Magic Star will show you how to create mesmerizing action origami - fabulous variations of the one and only Magic Star of Oriland! The Magic Star is a star-like shaped polyhedral torus that can be rotated, so its surface constantly transforms with sections squeezing in the center and straightening at the 'equator', while you see the changing pattern of folds and colors that has a mesmerizing effect! Watch Oriland Magic Star in action in this video Do-It-Yourself - fold these fantastic action models, originally designed by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, and experience the mystery of The Oriland Magic Star firsthand! On 90 pages of this book there are 360 detailed step-by-step colorful vector- and photo-diagrams with thorough written instructions and photos of examples of completed projects that will guide you through folding the 6 original origami designs including the one-piece Magic Star and modular Magic Stars. In each article, there are recommendations on paper type and size with indication of the size of the completed model, as well as suggestions on color schemes to get rainbow, hypnotic rings, chess, yin-yang effects on your Magic Stars. The designs are intermediate and complex level of folding and are a good challenge for the experienced folder and the expert alike. Folding the modules is easy, though the assembly of the star might be challenging, but the result is oh! how satisfying! Have a creative and fun time with this book making mesmerizing Oriland Magic Stars! Happy folding!For more details on this book and the model menu, please visit our website at Action Origami Series: Volume 1 (this book): Volume 2:
3-D Geometric Origami Rona Gurkewitz 2012-07-16 Innovative, challenging book provides instructions, diagrams for creating polyhedra models — from the relatively simple tetrahedron to the mind-boggling truncated hexadecahedron.
Origami Kusudama Garden Katrin Shumakov 2014-03-30 Origami Kusudama Garden will show you how to make delightful floral paper spheres, called Kusudama. Kusudama is a decorative paper ball usually made of several modules, folded from paper and then connected together to form an attractive sphere. Do-It-Yourself - fold delightful kusudama models, originally designed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov, which incorporate flowers like Roses, Bellflowers, Lotus, Sunflowers and more, even a Poinsettia: a Christmas flower, to create special seasonal decorations. Most of the kusudama designs in this book use no glue, just clever folded paper locks in their assembly. In some designs, modules are sewn or just glued together to shape a sphere. There are 334 detailed step-by-step colorful diagrams with written instructions and photos of examples of completed projects that will guide you through folding the 18 original origami designs. In each article, there are recommendations on paper type and size including an indication of the size of the completed model. The designs are from simple to intermediate / complex level of folding. The article "Magic of Kusudama" introduces the kusudama, shedding some light on how they were used in ancient Japan and how kusudama designs keep their charm in the present. You can use these kusudama designs to decorate for a shower, wedding reception, or birthday party - these beautiful spheres will bring a magic touch to your event. The origami floral spheres can be a treasured gift for your friends and family too. Have a wonderful and fun time with this book creating a whole garden of hanging kusudama delights! Happy folding! For more details on this book and the model menu, please visit our website at
Marvelous Modular Origami Meenakshi Mukerji 2020-03-27 This richly illustrated book provides step-by-step instructions for the construction of over 30 different modular origami structures. The author describes basic folding techniques required to construct the “modules” that are used as building blocks to construct complex ornamental models. The diagrams are clear, crisp, and easy to follow, and are accompanied by inspiring color photographs. Additional tips encourage the reader to design their own original creations. Advance Praise for Marvelous Modular Origami "A must-have for any modular origami polyhedra enthusiast." -Rona Gurkewitz, co-author of Multimodular Origami Polyhedra "The models are paper folding in its purest form. They range from simple Sonobe to floral and geometrical constructions. All are eye-catching and satisfying to fold, and the finished constructions are pleasing to behold. Also included are short sections on the mathematics behind the shapes and optimum color choices." -David Petty, author of Origami A-B-C "In this colorful book, you'll find wonderful original origami modular creations. Meenakshi's clear instructions and helpful hints will have you zipping through these modules as well as improvising your own." -Rachel Katz, co-author of FUN FOLDS: Language Learning Through Paper Folding "Marvelous Modular Origami is a colorful addition to the literature of mathematical origami." -Florence Temko, author of many origami and other craft books
Origami for the Connoisseur Kunihiko Kasahara 1998-09-30 Here at last is an origami book intended solely for the advanced paperfolder. Groundbreaking in concept and challenging in content, it presents sixty-five ingenious projects by respected masters working in a variety of themes and origami genres. From Toshikazu Kawasaki's Unique Iso-area Folding Method to David Briil's remarkable bottle to Peter Engel's playful kangaroo, the featured designs have been carefully chosen to test the refined sensibilities and stimulate the artistic appetites of the origami devotee. If you are an accomplished paperfolder you will be inspired by the beauty and logic of the geometric form as discovered in such designs as Hourglass, Rotating Tetrahedon, Brain Ticklers, and Extraterrestrial Being. You will delight in the wit and poetry of representational origami as you create delicate and winsome patterns for Kitten, Goose, Pelican, Giraffe, Camellia, Spiral Snail Shell, Ground Beetle, Pine Cone, Fox, and many more designs. What's more, you will find the key to successfully mastering numerous intricate techniques and complex paper fold...with ease! This is no ordinary origami workbook. Complicated processes are made highly accessible-yet remain daring-through clear, concise instructions and highly detailed diagrams. One of the unexpected joys of the book is that its mentally invigorating text will serve as an ongoing inspiration to novel approaches and new origami adventures - even after you have completed a project.
Paper Folded Flowers Moad 2017
Origami Boxes Tomoko Fuse 2002 Origami Boxes is a Japan Publications publication.
Folded Paper German Stars Armin Täubner 2015-05-15 Paper folding crafts are fun for all ages! You'll be amazed at what you can create with pretty paper and a few strategic folds. Colorful Froebel stars can be used as ornaments, table decorations, candle holders, and more, and a variety of other shapes make festive gift toppers, toys, mobiles, and garlands. Step-by-step, illustrated instructions show you how to make more than 30 different designs Projects range from simple to complex, so there is something for everyone Paper crafts build creativity, basic mathematical principles, and fine motor skills Precise drawings and detailed instructions make these projects easy to do, even for children
TheDadLab: 40 Quick, Fun and Easy Activities to do at Home Sergei Urban 2018-07-12 With more than 3 million fans, TheDadLab has quickly become an online sensation by creating a solution for parents when they hear the dreaded 'I'm bored' complaint, and now, for the first time, Sergei Urban has transferred his most popular experiments to print in this beautifully illustrated and mind-blowing book! Using everyday ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboard, Sergei shows experiments that are not only fun for children, but fun for adults too! With 40 wonderful activities, including 15-never-before-posted, TheDadLab includes additional information not found on his online posts: each activity will feature a detailed explanation simplifying the information that stems from the fields of Science, Technology, engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for a parent to help explain their curious child and answer the questions 'how' and 'why.'
Floral Origami Ekaterina Lukasheva 2018 "In this book, [Ekaterina Lukasheva] has gathered floral modular origami models: flowers, leaves and flowered balls, most of which are brand new and have never been published. The majority of the models use square paper, so it is easy to fold without any additional preparations."--Back cover.
Exquisite Modular Origami II Meenakshi Mukerji 2015-10-15 This is a step by step how-to book for making modular origami models based on polyhedra. It seems like there are myriad modular origami designs out there these days; anything that joins goes. However, in this book, Meenakshi Mukerji's sixth, she still has much more to offer, with the designs presented some of her best yet. After a successful Exquisite Modular Origami, this second volume is a natural follow up. Handpicked by the author, the models are not only beautiful, but have been subjected to rigorous design criteria such as sturdiness of the locking mechanism, easy starting paper proportions, mostly squares, and absence of inserts or separate joining units. The aesthetic appeal lies in clean well defined lines. The designs are all-new and like before, works of three new, very creative guest artists have been included as well. In grayscale, the book is practically a bargain because it is as effective as folding from a color book. Color photos of most designs are on the cover for your viewing pleasure. Just when you think you are running out of satisfying modular origami to fold, here now you have dozens more exciting new ones to enjoy. Do visit the author's popular website for more ideas and color photos.
Practical Origami Shufu-no-Tomo 2012-05-01 With Practical Origami a world of simple useful designs await. With little more than some paper and your hands colorful sheets are transformed into everyday necessities such as stationary, packaging, toys and even kitchen utensils. You can impress your friends with origami-inspired wallets, table settings, and envelopes that pop up, fan out, and even hold hidden goodies. With a few basic techniques under your belt and the endless opportunities that paper offers, Practical Origami's projects will teach you the fundamentals of origami as you create playful animals and other designs perfect for greeting cards, jewelry, and more. The possibilities for using origami in design are limitless. Some applications take advantage of the richness of the folds that have a depth all their own. In addition to explaining the three very simple steps of the technique, the authors show how even novice folders can create breathtaking works of paper craft, as well as accessories and home furnishings incorporating these three-dimensional embellishments. Sweets Box Deli Box Lunch Box Cutlery Case Handbag Japanese Chopstick Holder Rabbit-shaped Chopstick Rest Hat-shaped Chopstick Rest Crane-shaped Chopstick Holder Cherry Blossom Dish Crane-shaped Place-mat Pepper Shaker Heart-shaped Napkin Ring Card Stand Photo Frame CD Cases Wallets Business Card Case Pencil Box
Extreme Origami Kunihiko Kasahara 2002 Using new materials, forms, and folding and design techniques, this book presents projects from an arching form of curves and folds called "Before the Big Bang" to forms derived from super pinwheel-cube modules.
Zen Origami Maria Sinayskaya 2016-04-15 Find your peace of mind through the art of paper folding! There can be meditative aspect to many craft projects. From doodling complex patterns (Zentangles), to coloring intricate designs, to knitting geometric and elaborate designs, super-involved crafts are being embraced for peace of mind and quietude they offer. Zen Origami brings this trend to the popular art of origami. The repetitive and delicate folds involved in creating modular origami forms are perfect for the mindful movement. These 20 beautiful modular origami projects take time, steadiness of hand, and immersion of thought to complete, offering contemplative sessions that manifest in beautiful pieces of art. This book comes with 400 sheets of origami paper, so you can make more than a dozen modular creations.
Origami Starry Revolution Yuri Shumakov 2014-07-24 Origami Starry Revolution continues the Action Origami Series by the Oriland authors and shows you how to fold astonishing origami designs out of simple modules! Swirl Star Designs, Lotus Star Designs and Ray Star Designs are chains of related models, evolving from stars made out of a few modules through more complex forms to exciting toruses that can be revolved with a mesmerizing effect! Watch these models in action in action in this video http: // The stunning starry toruses will impress with their simplicity of folding, complexity of their look and flexibility of revolutions! Do-It-Yourself - fold these wonderful and fun original designs by Yuri Shumakov. On 82 full color pages, there are 300 detailed step-by-step vector- and photo-diagrams with written instructions along with 100 photos of examples of completed models that will guide you through folding the 10 original origami designs and their variations. Each chapter presenting a particular group of designs offers recommendations on paper type and size including indication of the sizes of the completed models. The designs in this book are simple/intermediate level of folding. Easy to make and totally fun to play with, these designs will wow you and your friends! We hope you will enjoy this book, having a great experience with all the starry designs presented here. Take your part in Origami Starry Revolution! Happy folding! For more details on this book and the model menu, please visit our website at http: // Action Origami Series: Volume 1: http: // Volume 2 (this book): http: //
Origami Hearts Francis Ow 1996-01 This lovely book offers 66 original and varied origami heart designs that are simple enough for beginners to make, and challenging enough for more accomplished origami aficionados. All projects feature easy-to-follow instructions, and most are intended for practical use, including rings, boxes, caps, coasters, and frames. in color.
Advanced Origami Animals Marc Kirschenbaum 2020-05-03 Create a collection of sixteen advanced origami models. Detailed illustrations will guide you in folding a wide range animal models, including a selection of birds, bears and other wildlife.
Origami Jewelry Mayumi Jezewski 2016-07-20 Presents easy-to-follow, illustrated directions for creating a bracelet of hearts, spring flower earrings, barrettes with butterfly ornaments, and other wearable origami.
Spiral Tomoko Fuse 2012
Origami Collection 2018 OrigamiUSA 2018-05-20 An anthology of over 50 models from origami artists around the world. A wide range of styles and difficultly levels are represented. Contains works not published elsewhere.
Kawaii Origami Chrissy Pushkin 2019-04-02 Kawaii Origami book and paper pack has everything you need to make your very own Kawaii origami creations—from an origami ice cream cone to an origami cactus! Jump right in and start folding your way to cute with 50 sheets of adorable origami paper and 25 Kawaii-style origami projects with step-by-step instructions from the creator of the popular website Paper Kawaii, Chrissy Pushkin. After a tutorial on basic folds, use the included origami paper to create these adorable, easy-to-follow projects: Masu Box, Lucky Stars, Kawaii Envelopes, Water Balloon, Tea Bag, Tea Bag Envelopes, Love Knots, Dustpan & Scoop, Rectangular Masu Box, Cute Purse, Woven Bracelet, Woven Bookmark, Cat & Dog Hearts, Cactus, Round Pot, Bento Box, Mini Trash Bin, Mini Drawer, Stationery Boxes, Ice Cream, Sushi Roll Boxes, Nigiri Sushi Boxes, Flower Bowl, Star Bowl, and Twinkle Star. With this instructional book and included papers, you will be creating stunning and unique origami pieces like a pro in no time!
Folding Paper Meher McArthur 2013-08-06 This beautiful origami art book is a collection of the best contemporary pieces from some of the worlds most renowned papercraft artists. Thanks to pioneering masters such as Dr. Robert J. Lang, origami has transcended its humble roots as a traditional Japanese papercraft to take its place among the global fine arts. In Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami, Dr. Lang and Asian art curator Meher McArthur chronicle origami's remarkable evolution and showcases the widespread applications of paper folding solutions in the fields of contemporary mathematics, engineering, design, and the international peace movement. Based around a groundbreaking museum show by the same name, Folding Paper features the work of more than forty leading origami artists from around the world. It traces the development of paper folding in both the East and the West, recognizing the global influences on this international art form. Now in the early twenty-first century, origami is a sophisticated fine art form consisting of many different styles, from representational to geometric, abstract, and even conceptual. It has become a symbol of peace, an inspiration for engineers, and a conduit for scientific advancement. Featured origami artists include: Brian Chan Erik Joisel Erik and Martin Demaine Tomoko Fuse Daniel Kwan Michael LaFosse Jeannine Moseley Akira Yoshizawa Combining Dr. Lang's and McArthur's illuminating narrative history with lavish color photographs of more than sixty breathtaking works—from Joel Cooper's haunting Cyrus mask to Linda Tomoko Mihara's delicate Crane Cube to Eric Joisel's lifelike Pangolin model—Folding Paper is an enthralling introduction to the contemporary art of paper folding.
Ornamental Origami Meenakshi Mukerji 2020-03-27 This book is a great resource for people who enjoy polyhedra, symmetry, geometry, mathematics and origami. The types of models presented are similar in nature to the models in Mukerji's Marvelous Modular Origami, but some of the chapters are more advanced and all of the designs are new. The reader can learn about polyhedra while making these models and is left with the ability to design one's own models. Step-by-step folding instructions for over 40 models are presented. Although the book is for intermediate folders, beginners are encouraged to try because origami basics are explained. The diagrams are easy to follow and each model is accompanied by breathtaking finished model photographs.
Landscape with Sex and Violence Lynn Melnick 2017-10-15 Poetry. California Interest. Women's Studies. Domestic Abuse. The poems in LANDSCAPE WITH SEX AND VIOLENCE explore what it means to exist within a rape culture so entrenched that it can't be separated from the physical landscapes in which it enacts itself. Lyrically complex and startling--yet forthright and unflinching--these poems address rape, abortion, sex work, and other subjects frequently omitted from male-dominated literary traditions, without forsaking the pleasures of being embodied, or the value of personal freedom, of moonlight, and of hope. Throughout, the topography and mythology of California, as well as the uses and failures of language itself, are players in what it means to be a woman, a sexual being, and a trauma survivor in contemporary America.

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