ERDA Energy Research Abstracts United States. Energy Research and Development Administration 1976
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Estuarine Cohesive Sediment Dynamics Ashish J. Mehta 2013-03-07 The background for the Workshop on Cohesive Sediment Dynamics - . !!!!!. Special Reference to Physical Processes in Estuaries is briefly outlined in Chapter I. Here I wish to acknowledge those whose support I consider to be pivotal to this under taking. My deepest appreciation goes to Cynthia Vey, whose organizational skills and dedicated effort made the completion of this volume possible. Thanks are also due to Gail Terry for workshop organization, Jean Branson for word processing and Lillean Pieter for helping with drawings. Finally, I must express my sincere appreciation to Arthur Ezra 9f the National Science Foundation for providing support (through Grant No. CEE-8401185) for the workshop, and to Hsiang Wang for depart mental encouragement. With deepest regret, I must note the untimely death of Ranjan Ariathurai, 39, on June 5, 1985, before this volume could be published. He was a guiding force to many within the small group of researchers in cohesive sediment dynamics, and his professional brilliance and inspirational personal qualities constituted the true spirit . behind the workshop. I trust this volume will serve, albeit in a small way, as a fitting memory to this spirit, and to the remarkable professional contributions Ranjan made during his short career. Professor Ray B. Krone Professor Emmanuel Partheniades Department of Civil Engineering Department of Engineering Sciences University of California University of Florida Davis, California Gainesville, Florida TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE I. INTRODUCTION Ashish J. Mehta •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1 II.
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People of Today 2017 Lucy Hume 2017-10-05 Established in 1982, People of Today annually recognises over 20,000 individuals who are positively influencing Britain and inspiring others through their achievements and leadership. Entry is by invitation only. The objective criteria for inclusion and removal are strictly maintained, ensuring it is the only publication of its type whose membership accurately reflects people of influence today. Expert nomination panels guarantee People of Today is uniquely current and trusted and encompasses over 40 sectors, from academia, law and business to charity, sport and the arts.
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Mineral Resources of the Mill Creek Canyon Wilderness Study Area, Grand County, Utah S. Bartsch-Winkler 1989 The San Rafael Swell wilderness study areas, including the Muddy Creek, Crack Canyon, San Rafael Reef, Mexican Mountain, and Sids Mountain Wilderness Study Areas, are in Emery County, south-central Utah. At least 4,100 current and historic mining claims have been located in or near the study areas, primarily for uranium. Vanadium is the most valuable byproduct of uranium mining, although minor copper, silver, lead, zinc, and gold also occur in some deposits.
Acid Precipitation 1983
The United States Geological Survey in Alaska Kathleen M. Johnson 1979
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Ebony 2005-09 EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.
The Loma Prieta, California, Earthquake of October 17, 1989-- Marina District T. D. O'Rourke 1992
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Man-induced Land Subsidence Thomas L. Holzer 1984
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Devonian Climate, Sea Level and Evolutionary Events R. T. Becker, 1st 2016-10-20 The geological and palaeontological records of climate change and evolutionary events reflect Earth’s widely fluctuating climate systems. Past climates hold the clues to understanding future developments. In this context, research on linked climate, biodiversity and sea-level fluctuations of the Devonian contributes to the general knowledge of deep-time climate dynamics. A fruitful co-operation between the International Geoscience Programme IGCP 596 and the International Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy (SDS) addressed the complex succession of climate-linked Devonian global events of varying magnitude. The primary goal of IGCP 596 was to assess mid-Palaeozoic climate changes and their impact on marine and terrestrial biodiversity using an interdisciplinary approach. The focus of SDS includes a revision of the eustatic sea-level curve and the integration of refined chrono- and biostratigraphy with modern chemo-, magneto-, cyclo-, event- and sequence stratigraphy. This enabled the much improved dating and correlation of abiotic perturbations, evolutionary changes, organism and ecosystem ranges. Results by 37 authors are presented in 14 chapters, which cover the entire Devonian.
The Alaskan Mineral Resource Assessment Program 1981
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The Viper Larry Pryor 2013-07-22 Grand Prix racing and international terrorism make for a lethal combination. Gus Walter, a young and talented driver, is hired by the Emir of Qataban to be part of the oil-rich nation’s new Formula 1 team. Gus’s wife, Aimee, a former CIA agent, encourages him to join. But they soon find themselves entangled in a deadly feud between two sheiks in the Emir’s entourage. One is pro-Western and finances the team as a promotion program for Qataban’s nascent auto industry, which is devoted to making high-speed supercars. The second sheik runs a terrorist cell embedded as cover within the racing team. He is tolerated – and actively supported – by the Emir as the ruler’s way of appeasing radicals in Qataban and to stay in power. Gus and Aimee become trapped by these conflicting Arab ambitions and a target for the terrorists. The couple’s competence with fire arms and high-performance machines becomes tested to the limit. Federal agents are unable to help. In the end, survival is up to them.
Robotics Bibliography 1970-1981 Penny Farmer 1981
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Waterjetting Technology D.A. Summers 2003-09-02 Waterjet technology is used in a variety of industries including civil engineering, mining, geotechnical engineering, tunnelling, defence, construction and conservation. This book is essential reading for all those engaged in waterjet technology - from manufacturers of the equipment through to Government Contracting Officers who let the awards, to the individual contractors and their engineers.
Water-supply Paper 1913
The Loma Prieta, California, Earthquake of October 17, 1989 - Marina District Thomas D. O'Rourke 1993-07 Constitutes a unique collection of studies on site, as well as infrastructure and societal response that cover virtually all aspects of the earthquake. Provides the most comprehensive case history of seismic effects at a specific site developed for any earthquake. Includes: site-response analyses, behavior of seawalls, lifeline performance, damage to 4-story apartment buildings and much more. Over 100 photos, charts and diagrams.
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The Appalachian-Ouachita Orogen in the United States Robert D. Hatcher, Jr. 1989

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