The Numinous Legacy Adair Butchins 2002 Where is God in the universe if anywhere? Why did God make germs? Why should we be so special? Could the universe have been different? This is a book that brings home, in no uncertain fashion, the discrepancy between the universe envisaged by the ancient sages and prophets and that of modern scientific cosmology, where the possibility of divine intervention looks less and less likely. Butchins demonstrates with clarity how the scientific method may be used, despite certain drawbacks, in an attempt to verify objective truth. It describes how the effect of the Copernican Revolution in the seventeenth century has steadily undermined the basic structure of the three great monotheistic religions of our day, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, especially with respect to their eschatological concepts. The Eastern religions, being less anthropomorphic, are less affected. The theistic argument from design is shown to be powerful enough to have caused disagreement among present-day scientists, in spite of the strictures of Professor Dawkins. In general, the book attempts to make some sense of the structure of the universe in terms of our own consciousness; it behoves the reader to consider tha
Use of Models Soc Science Lyndhurst Collins 2020-09-30 This book deals with the philosophy of model use; focuses on the role of models in the natural sciences; and introduces a new paradigm to the social sciences, catastrophe model. It outlines the role of models concerned with conflict problems, particularly problems of military strategy.
Women In The Cities Of Asia James T Fawcett 2019-03-20 Women in Asia are on the move. The migration of women from village to city has increased dramatically in the past decade, and many of these new migrants are young single women seeking jobs. In several Asian countries, women migrants now outnumber men by a substantial margin. Along with the physical movement from rural to urban areas come new roles
Paul Kossoff: All Right Now J. P. James 2017-11-02 Affectionately known as 'Koss', Paul Kossoff's playing touched people. It still does today, more than forty years after his sad and untimely death at the age of twenty-five. This authorised biography pays fitting tribute to a much-loved and widely admired musician whose influence and inspiration is still very evident. It's all here: Kossoff's musical childhood, his formative years with Black Cat Bones, forming Free at seventeen, that group's dizzying success, breakup, reforming and dissolution, the solo years, Back Street Crawler - the sessions, the tours and big concerts, the triumphs, the tragedies and the heartbreak - J.P. James takes the reader right there. Over four distinct sections, Kossoff's many guitars and the equipment he used to make them sing are fully documented; a brand-new detailed analysis of Kossoff's distinctive playing style and technique is presented for the first time; a broad overview of Kossoff's creative life draws on the voices of family, friends and fellow musicians; and finally, Kossoff's musical influences, approach to playing and his wider musical interests, hopes and dreams are explored - all drawn from his own words. Cramming so much into his short years, Paul Kossoff left a rich musical legacy, and he is indeed All Right Now. Thoroughly researched and sensitively written, given often in Kossoff's own words and packed with anecdotes from those who were there, musicians and fans alike will enjoy this authoritative and comprehensive biography.

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