Vickers Guide Ian McCollum 2020-11
Hunter-trader-trapper 1913-10
Catalog 1 University of the State of New York. Visual Instruction Division 1911
Michael Gunn As Told to Frances Kane, with R. T. Budd 2020-02-24 “You may think I’m crazy, but the gun actually talks to me,” says Francis Kane, who has agreed to write the autobiography of a gun that had twelve owners. The gun, a.k.a. Michael Gunn, an M-1911 Colt .45 ACP, is a sidearm used by the U.S. military for five-plus decades. Michael fears his usefulness is coming to an end, so he wishes to have his story set to words for posterity. Michael relates the tales of his 12 owners – or “handlers” – as Francis likes to call them. There was the World War I doughboy; a French train engineer; a small French boy during the Nazi occupation; a German Luftwaffe pilot; a WWII American sergeant; a Korean soldier; a USAF Search-Air-Rescue airman in Thailand; the Hispanic gang leader in San Antonio; the young homeless woman from Louisiana; the female SWAT team member in Washington, D.C.; the African-American Philadelphia policeman; and finally, Francis Kane himself. Prior to relating its owners’ stories, Michael spins a lengthy narrative on how its creation came to life.
The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery Massad Ayoob 2007-10-12 This book can save your life! The best defense for any scenario is to be prepared. The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery prepares you for potential life-threatening situations with practical instruction and expert guidance. Author Massad Ayoob teaches you the skills to keep you and your family safe in any violent encounter, including: Selecting the right pistol, ammunition and holster How to use and accessorize your handgun Close-quarter battle techniques used by law enforcement and the U.S. military In addition to the tactical aspects of self-defense, Ayoob also covers practical information about selecting a used handgun and the legal aspects of self-defense with a firearm. Firearms technology and tactics change throughout the years, which is why the updated 6th edition of The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery is essential to the well-being of you and your family. Remember, your best defense is to be prepared.
Firearms and Violence in American Life George D. Newton 1969
The Arms Export Control Act United States 1976
America's Munitions 1917-1918 United States War Dept 2018-10-12 This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work. Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public. To ensure a quality reading experience, this work has been proofread and republished using a format that seamlessly blends the original graphical elements with text in an easy-to-read typeface. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.
The Panzram Papers Carl Panzram 2020-05-28 Carl Panzram wrote his autobiography in 1928.
American Sniper Chris Kyle 2012-01-03 The #1 New York Times bestselling memoir of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, and the source for Clint Eastwood’s blockbuster, Academy-Award nominated movie. “An amazingly detailed account of fighting in Iraq--a humanizing, brave story that’s extremely readable.” — PATRICIA CORNWELL, New York Times Book Review "Jaw-dropping...Undeniably riveting." —RICHARD ROEPER, Chicago Sun-Times From 1999 to 2009, U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history. His fellow American warriors, whom he protected with deadly precision from rooftops and stealth positions during the Iraq War, called him “The Legend”; meanwhile, the enemy feared him so much they named him al-Shaitan (“the devil”) and placed a bounty on his head. Kyle, who was tragically killed in 2013, writes honestly about the pain of war—including the deaths of two close SEAL teammates—and in moving first-person passages throughout, his wife, Taya, speaks openly about the strains of war on their family, as well as on Chris. Gripping and unforgettable, Kyle’s masterful account of his extraordinary battlefield experiences ranks as one of the great war memoirs of all time.
The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1970 Lists news events, population figures, and miscellaneous data of an historic, economic, scientific and social nature.
Standard Catalog Of Remington Firearms Dan Shideler 2008-03-28 Remington is among the top choice of baby boomer-age firearm enthusiasts, who represent more than 60 percent of all American firearm owners. &break;&break;Legendary firearms legacy founded in 1816, Remington Arms Co. is one of the oldest continually operating gun manufacturers. More than 290 years after the first Remington was unveiled, interest in this famous brand of firearm remains strong. &break;&break;In Standard Catalog of Remington Firearms, you gain access to identifying details, historical background, production and value data and more than 300 distinguished color photos taken by expert firearm photographer Paul Goodwin. Plus, you'll discover bonus production and serial number data.
Outing; Sport, Adventure, Travel, Fiction 1911
The Reising Submachine Gun Story Frank Iannamico 2016-03-24 Frank Iannamico covers the Reising SMG models including the 50, 55, 60, & 65. 213 pages on the development, history, manufacturing and much more.
Vickers Guide James Rupley 2020-07 2nd Edition of Vickers Guide: AR-15 (Volume 1)
Hunter-trader-trapper 1911
Small Arms for Urban Combat Russell C. Tilstra 2014-01-10 The urbanization of warfare has necessitated the kind of precision targeting that only small arms can deliver. Weapons not often seen on the battlefield can prove useful, even indispensible, in an urban setting. This expert reference guide examines in detail the most successful small arms in use and how changes in warfare have affected how those weapons are used and have transformed the small arms industry. Professional soldiers, law enforcement officers and students and researchers of small arms will gain a working knowledge of the most common and successful urban combat weapons (including some currently in development).
The New Lincoln Library Encyclopedia 1978
Importation of Arms, Ammunition, and Implements of War (part 47 of Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations) United States. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms 1979
ATF - National Firearms Act Handbook U.S. Department of Justice
Soldier of Fortune Arthur Finch
Murder in the Gunroom H. Beam Piper 2021-12-14T17:27:37Z Jeff Rand, a private detective, is skeptical when he is employed by Gladys Fleming to evaluate her recently acquired gun collection, which happens to contain a dark secret. The more facts he uncovers, the more interesting the story becomes. Gun dealers, butlers, wives and cops all become suspects in the investigation of a mysterious death. The book is rich with detailed descriptions of the many different guns that star in this tale. This is the only murder-mystery written by Piper, who was mostly known for his science fiction novels. This book is part of the Standard Ebooks project, which produces free public domain ebooks.
Outing 1911
Gunshot Wounds Vincent J.M. DiMaio, M.D. 1998-12-30 Written by the nation's foremost authority on gunshot wounds and forensic techniques as they relate to firearm injuries, Gunshot Wounds: Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques, Second Edition provides critical information on gunshot wounds and the weapons and ammunition used to inflict them. The book describes practical aspects of ballistics, wound ballistics, and the classification of various wounds caused by handguns, bang guns, rifles, and shotguns. The final chapters explain autopsy technique and procedure and laboratory analysis relating to weapons and gunshot evidence.
Manorama Year Book 1972
Pre-Incident Indicators of Terrorist Incidents Brent L. Smith 2011-01 This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Explores whether sufficient data exists to examine the temporal and spatial relationships that existed in terrorist group planning, and if so, could patterns of preparatory conduct be identified? About one-half of the terrorists resided, planned, and prepared for terrorism relatively close to their eventual target. The terrorist groups existed for 1,205 days from the first planning meeting to the date of the actual/planned terrorist incident. The planning process for specific acts began 2-3 months prior to the terrorist incident. This study examined selected terrorist groups/incidents in the U.S. from 1980-2002. It provides for the potential to identify patterns of conduct that might lead to intervention prior to the commission of the actual terrorist incidents. Illustrations.
The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values Phillip Peterson 2011-09-16 Learn to identify the firearms, evaluate their condition and determine value. The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values features detailed specifications and current values from specialized experts for domestic and imported handguns, rifles, shotguns and commemorative firearms. 25,000 gun values 8,500 different guns 4,000 photos
The Lincoln Library of Essential Information Edwin Valentine Mitchell 1953
Gun Violence in America Alexander DeConde 2003 An in-depth analysis of the folklore surrounding gun use and the state of the debate in today's political climate.
The White Sniper Tapio A. M. Saarelainen 2016-10-31 The remarkable story of the Finnish marksman nicknamed “White Death” by the Red Army for his record number of confirmed kills. Simo Häyhä is the most famous sniper in the world. During the Winter War fought between Russia and Finland from 1939 to 1940, he had 542 confirmed kills with iron sights, a record that still stands today. A man of action who spoke very little, Simo Häyhä was hugely respected by his men and his superiors and given many difficult missions, including taking out specific targets. Able to move silently and swiftly through the landscape, melting into the snowbound surroundings in his white camouflage fatigues, his aim was deadly and his quarry rarely escaped. The Russians learned of his reputation as a marksman and tried several times to kill him by indirect fire. He was promoted from corporal to second lieutenant, and he was awarded the Cross of Kollaa. For sniping, Simo Häyhä only ever used his own M/28-30 rifle. Eventually, his luck ran out, and Simo received a serious head wound on March 6,1940, though he subsequently recovered. The White Sniper fully explores Simo Häyhä’s life, his exploits in the Winter War, the secrets behind his success, including character and technique, and also includes a detailed look at his rifle itself. There are appendices on the basics of shooting, the impact of fire on the battlefield, battles on the Kollaa Front during the Winter War, and a list of ranked snipers of the world. “No matter how many books on sniping you have read, this must be added to your list if you are serious about shooting.” —GunMart
The Writer's Guide to Weapons Benjamin Sobieck 2015-07-09 When it comes to writing weapons, most authors shoot from the hip--and miss. The Writer's Guide to Weapons will help you hit your target every time. Firearms and knives have starring roles in a wide range of genres--crime, thriller, war, mystery, Western, and more. Unfortunately, many depictions of weapons in novels and film are pure fiction. Knowing the difference between a shotshell and a slug, a pistol and a revolver, or a switchblade and a butterfly knife is essential for imbuing your story with authenticity--and gaining popularity with discerning readers. Inside you'll find: • An in-depth look at the basics of firearms and knives: how they work, why they work, what they look like, and how to depict them accurately in your stories. • The biggest weapons myths in fiction, TV, and film. • A surefire guide for choosing the correct weapon for your characters, no matter their skill level, strength, or background. • A review of major gun and knife laws, weapons safety tips,and common police tactics. • "The Hit List," showcasing the most popular weapons for spies, detectives, gunslingers, gangsters, military characters, and more. • Examples highlighting inaccurate vs. accurate weapons depictions. • An insightful foreword by David Morrell, the award-winning creator of Rambo. Equal parts accessible, humorous, and practical, The Writer's Guide to Weapons is the one resource you need to incorporate firearms and knives into your fiction like a seasoned professional.
Vickers Guide Larry Vickers 2015-07-01 Formally adopted by the U.S. Army in 1911 and continuing in service for over 100 years, the Government Model 1911 pistol has undergone remarkably few changes throughout its long history yet remains relevant today. Known by many simply as "America's Pistol," the 1911 has been trusted by soldiers on battlefields spanning two centuries, carried by law enforcement, refined in small custom shops across the U.S., and revered by firearms enthusiasts and collectors as a work of art. Larry Vickers - renown combat veteran, firearms instructor and small arms expert - takes you on a one of a kind tour of some of history's finest examples of the 1911, as he shares pistols from his own personal collection as well as those of his friends and other firearms specialists. Along the way, he gives the reader a glimpse into the secretive world of U.S. Special Operations weapons development, highlights the details of some of history's most valued production and custom guns, and opens the door to premiere 1911 builders and custom shops. Included are rare and unique pistols made by Colt, Kimber, Pachmayr, Springfield Armory, STI, Wilson Combat, and a number of custom builders such as Jason Burton, Jim Garthwaite, John Harrison, Richard Heinie, Paul Liebenberg, Steve Nastoff, Wayne Novak, Armand Swenson and Larry Vickers. Additional insight is provided by firearms expert and instructor Ken Hackathorn, world champion shooter Rob Leatham and custom builder Jason Burton.Vickers Guide: 1911 presents this highly curated collection of 1911 handguns in never before seen detail on larger than life, wide format, full color prints in a linen covered hardback. Vickers Guide: 1911 is the next best thing to having these exceptional collector's grade handguns in your own personal collection, and is a must-have for any serious firearms enthusiast. More details can be found at
The Lincoln Library of Essential Information 1972
Gunsmithing - Pistols & Revolvers Patrick Sweeney 2004-09-12 With the guidance of top gunsmith Patrick Sweeney, beginners, as well as serious enthusiasts, are able to diagnose handgun problems--for once they're the experts, deciding whether to do their own work or leave it up to the professionals. Profusely illustrated step-by-step instructions are presented for do-it-yourself minor repairs and major upgrades, from the how-tos of diagnosing malfunctions in both revolver and semi-automatic pistols to what corrective steps can be taken to solve them. Sweeney provides a complete look at repairs and upgrades: setting up an efficient and organized workplace, what gunsmithing tools are needed to complete projects, and a thorough series of mini-projects--teaching professional tool-use techniques. Plus, there are chapters on cleaning, polishing and minor repairs, welding and metal joining, recoil reduction, and refinishing. And new to this edition, gunsmithing tips are included for polymer-framed pistols.
Raising Red Flags N.R. Jenzen-Jones 2014-11-18 This report examines the significant range of arms and munitions carried and employed throughout the conflict by armed individuals on all sides. It also examines, somewhat less extensively, the rangeof armoured vehicles and aircraft observed in the conflict. This report examines over 100 distinct weapons systems, over 60 different types of munitions, and over 70 different models of armoured fighting vehicles, as well as miscellaneous associated materiel,in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Particular attention is paid to items which mayindicate flows of arms and munitions into and within the affected areas of Ukraine. Beginning with anassessment of the arms and munitions employed during the initial unrest in Kiev, in February 2012, the report documents relevant materiel up until the time of publication
The Custom 1911 Bill Loeb 2015-01-02 The 1911 is ambiguous as it is classic. The gun's mission changed over the years. Originally a military sidearm, the 1911 is now a favorite among law enforcement special operation units, military and competitors, as well as those interested in self-defense. While the basic design has changed very little, some brilliant people have advanced John Browning's classic and brought it into a new century. This book offers some amazing behind-the-scenes insight about the makers of Nighthawk, Kimber, Wilson Combat, to name a few. Great shooters like Julie Golob, Bruce Piatt and Chip McCormick shared their personal stories. Ted Nugent and Razor Dobbs also make appearances as 1911 hunters. These 1911 stars also shared their practical advice which Bill shares with the reader. Bill Loeb's writing style is concise yet sometimes irreverent, but always fresh and entertaining.
The Lincoln Library of Social Studies: Geography and travel. Economics and useful arts 1969
Student of the Gun
ATF Curios and Relics List United States. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms 1980
Brothers of the Cloth George Hand, IV 2021-04-15 Master Sergeant (Ret.) George E. "Chik" Hand IV, better known as geo to the public. geo served for 10 years with the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, colloquially known as Delta Force. As the U.S. Army's premier counterterrorism, hostage rescue, and direct action Special Missions Unit (SMU), Delta Force has been at the tip of the spear of the American military ever since the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. To serve there, a man has to climb physical and mental mountains; to remain there, a man has to show remarkable consistency and professionalism. Before his assignment to Delta, geo served in the 7th and 1st Special Forces Groups as a Green Beret.A rare wordsmith, geo is a master of the English language. But, it takes more than that to create a compelling memoir, especially one so heavily focused on others. Indeed, it takes empathy and emotional intellect. By empathizing with his subjects, geo puts you right next to them. You can see them breaching a door; you can smell their sweat after an operation; you can hear the radio chatter and the Little Bird helicopters whooping above; you can sense the joke that's about to crack and send everyone rolling; you can feel the pain of loss and the emptiness that death carves. That's why readers of all ages and walks of life rally around his stories.

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