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New York Magazine 1982-09-20 New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.
Enlargement Strategy Paper European Commission 2002
Energy Research Abstracts 1994-11
Cold Inflow-Free Solar Chimney Md. Mizanur Rahman 2021-05-28 This book highlights the design of a new type of solar chimney that has lower height and bigger diameter, and discusses its applications. The bigger diameter chimneys are introduced showing cold inflow phenomena that significantly reduced the performance of solar chimney. The cold inflow-free operation of solar chimneys restores the draft losses and enhances the performance of the solar chimneys. Numerical and experimental investigation results will be presented to highlight the performance of cold inflow-free solar chimney performance. In addition, this book covers the important basic design parameters that affect the design of solar chimney for different applications, mainly, solar chimney-assisted ventilation for passive cooling and power generation system.
Popular Science 1920-09 Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.
The Youth's Companion Nathaniel Willis 1898 Includes music.
Popular Science Monthly 1920
Advances in Spatio-Temporal Analysis Xinming Tang 2007-08-23 Developments in Geographic Information Technology have raised the expectations of users. A static map is no longer enough; there is now demand for a dynamic representation. Time is of great importance when operating on real world geographical phenomena, especially when these are dynamic. Researchers in the field of Temporal Geographical Information Systems (TGIS) have been developing methods of incorporating time into geographical information systems. Spatio-temporal analysis embodies spatial modelling, spatio-temporal modelling and spatial reasoning and data mining. Advances in Spatio-Temporal Analysis contributes to the field of spatio-temporal analysis, presenting innovative ideas and examples that reflect current progress and achievements.
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Charles Jonas (1840-1896) Winston Chrislock 1993 Charles Jonas (Karel Jonas) was an important political and cultural figure in both nineteenth-century Europe and America. As a Czech European in his youth he was representative of a new complexity in Czech political life during the waning years of the Bach era (1849-59) and then during the initial stages of constitutional experimentation in the Austrian empire. His childhood was spent in Malesov, Bohemia, near Kutna Hora, where he probably had contact with Karel Havlicek Borovsky, the pioneer Czech political journalist. In 1859 he was a student at the Prague Technical School until his internal and then external exile in 1860. In Prague his abilities brought him into contact with many prominent political and cultural personalities associated with the Czech revival. Among these were Votja Naprstek, Frantisek Rieger, Frantisek Palacky, Josef Barak, and Karel Sabina. He also aroused attention among officials of the Austrian police because of his writings, associations, and political actions. Austrian police officials forced him to leave Prague in May 1860, and after spending a short period at his birthplace in Malesov and then at an estate north of Prague, he left for England in October 1860. For the next two-and-a-half years he was associated with a group of Czech exiles, including Adolf Straka, medical doctor and 1848-49 revolutionary, and Josef Vaclav Fric, poet, journalist, and revolutionary. This circle maintained contact with Russian emigres, among whom were Alexander Herzen and Mikhail Bakunin, and with Polish exiles. In March 1863 Jonas journeyed to Racine, Wisconsin, to edit the recently established Slavie, a Czech-language weekly paper with which he was associated until his death. Over the next thirty-three years, Jonas became a Czech-immigrant leader, prominent Wisconsin politician, diplomat, and linguist. As a politician he was close to the "Bourbon" democrats of the upper midwest, and as such was associated with William Freeman Vilas, and through him, with Thomas Bayard and even Grover Cleveland. Indeed, Jonas dedicated his excellent Czech grammar Bohemian Made Easy to President Cleveland. Three sojourns in Europe (1870-71, 1886-89, 1894-96) as either a correspondent or consular officer reaffirmed his ties to his homeland. Indeed, the tragic mental illness of the last two years of his life, his suicide in Germany, and his last will specifying that he be buried in Prague suggest that he had never reconciled himself to his thirty-year exile in America. At the same time, however, as an "exile," he had on the surface adapted very well. He was Czech America's foremost leader from 1872 to 1896. He spoke English perfectly, he understood American ways (he wrote survival books for his fellow immigrants), and he was the first Czech in the United States to be elected to statewide office (lieutenant governor of Wisconsin) and the first Czech to serve in the U.S. consular service. Truly, with his old-country affiliations, he was an "Old Czech" (Czech National Liberal), and with his U.S. associations he was a Bourbon Democrat.
The Czechoslovak Review 1919
Popular Science 1920-10 Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.
Prague Guide 1995
Educators Guide to Free Internet Resources Educators Progress Service 2005-04 To provide our customers with a better understanding of each title in our database, we ask that you take the time to fill out all details that apply to each of your titles. Where the information sheet asks for the annotation, we ask that you provide us with a brief synopsis of the book. This information can be the same as what may appear on your back cover or an entirely different summary if you so desire.
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Women Building Chicago 1790-1990 Rima Lunin Schultz 2001 A path breaking reference work that features biographies of more than 400 women who helped build modern day Chicago. 158 photos.
Neoliberalism on the Ground Kenny Cupers 2020-03-31 Architecture and urbanism have contributed to one of the most sweeping transformations of our times. Over the past four decades, neoliberalism has been not only a dominant paradigm in politics but a process of bricks and mortar in everyday life. Rather than to ask what a neoliberal architecture looks like, or how architecture represents neoliberalism, this volume examines the multivalent role of architecture and urbanism in geographically variable yet interconnected processes of neoliberal transformation across scales—from China, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, Britain, Sweden, and Czechoslovakia. Analyzing how buildings and urban projects in different regions since the 1960s have served in the implementation of concrete policies such as privatization, fiscal reform, deregulation, state restructuring, and the expansion of free trade, contributors reveal neoliberalism as a process marked by historical contingency. Neoliberalism on the Ground fundamentally reframes accepted narratives of both neoliberalism and postmodernism by demonstrating how architecture has articulated changing relationships between state, society, and economy since the 1960s.
Bauhaus 1919-1933 Barry Bergdoll 2009 "Bauhaus 1919-1933," The Museum of Modern Art's first comprehensive treatment of the subject since its famous Bauhaus exhibition of 1938, offers a new generational perspective on the 20th century's most influential experiment in artistic education.
The Popular Science Monthly 1920
Congressional Record United States. Congress 1949 The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session. The Congressional Record began publication in 1873. Debates for sessions prior to 1873 are recorded in The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824), the Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873)
The World Book Encyclopedia 2006 An encyclopedia designed especially to meet the needs of elementary, junior high, and senior high school students.
Simulation Models, GIS and Nonpoint-source Pollution David Holloway 1992
The Empirical Validation of House Energy Rating (HER) Software for Lightweight Housing in Cool Temperate Climates Mark Andrew Dewsbury 2015-02-02 This book reports on the first empirical validation of “AccuRate,” Australia’s national benchmark software tool for house energy ratings. The validation was conducted by the University of Tasmania in collaboration with Forest and Wood Products Australia, the Australian Government, the CSIRO and industry partners. The study presented here describes the results of graphical and statistical analysis of variations observed between the measured and simulated data from three different test buildings in Launceston, Tasmania. It shows that, while the AccuRate software is well suited to modeling energy flows, there are discrepancies between the simulated and measured temperatures of the test buildings. Moreover, it highlights possible connections between the discrepancies in all zones and the outside air temperature, wind speed, global and diffuse solar radiation, and possibly the ground model. Beyond its contribution to further investigations into the ongoing improvement and calibration of the Australian NatHERS-supported AccuRate software, this book also meticulously describes the methodology used in conducting the research, which is expected to pave the way for further studies of this type.
Stress in Poultry Karen J. Clingerman 1990
Fourth Estate 1915
My Double Life 2 Nicholas Hagger 2015-06-07 In My Double Life 1 Nicholas Hagger told of his four years’ service and double life as an undercover British intelligence agent during the Cold War (there revealed for the first time). Lost in a dark wood like Dante following his encounters with Gaddafi’s Libya and the African liberation movements, he found Reality on a ‘Mystic Way’ of loss, purgation and illumination, perceived the universe as a unity and had 16 experiences of the metaphysical Light. In My Double Life 2 he continues the story. He received new powers, coped with fresh ordeals, acquired three schools, renovated a historic house, and had 76 further experiences of the metaphysical Light. He founded a new philosophy of Universalism and new approaches to contemporary history, international statecraft and world literature. He produced nearly 1,500 poems, over 300 classical odes, five verse plays, two poetic epics, over a thousand short stories – and 40 books that include innovative literary, historical and philosophical works. His vision of Universalism in seven disciplines is like a rainbow with seven bands overarching seven hills. He produced nearly 1,500 poems, over 300 classical odes, five verse plays, two poetic epics, over a thousand short stories – and 40 books that include innovative literary, historical and philosophical works. His vision of Universalism in seven disciplines is like a rainbow with seven bands overarching seven hills.
Enlargement Strategy Paper 2002
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Prague Passport to European Travel Guides 2015-11-21 Journey to the Center of Prague! "If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls." -Jean-Claude Adéméci And there's no city in the world quite like Prague, Czech Republic! And for a limited time, Passport to European Travel Guides offers this comprehensive, yet quick and concise, 5-day guide to Prague-home to "Fred and Ginger"-among a few other things! 5-Day Travel Guide to Unforgettable Czech Travel Have no idea where to start? Or maybe you have some idea but could use a treasure trove of great insider tips? Well, read on! You see, we know your trip begins long before you even book the flight, so this guide is chock full of dynamite tips on everything you need to know BEFORE you go-and much, much more you'll thank us for! Passport to European Travel Guides Features: * Dynamite Insider Tips-for tourists! We give you the scoop on everything from local etiquette to saving money! * 5-Day Suggested Itinerary-cover the best spots the city has to offer in 5 magical days! * Luxury Sleeps, Luxury Eats-our best recommendations for ultimate luxury in Prague * Budget Sleeps, Budget Eats-best spots for travelers on a budget * Map-of Prague * City Snapshot-language, currency, airports, country code + more! * Before You Go-there are some things you need to know! * Getting in the Mood-with a few great films and books to enjoy before you go! * Local Tourist Information-where to find it once you're on the ground in Prague * Overview-of Prague * Czech Phrases For Emergencies-least you'll know how to holler, "Help!" * Climate + Best Times to Travel-to Prague * All About Tours-By bike, boat, bus or special interest and walking tours + our top recommendations with links and more! * Prague Nightlife-the best bars, clubs, live music, theater and dancing * Lots more-we aim to get you in the know!
Commerce Reports United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce 1926
Quick Bibliography Series 1976
No Way Back Home Miki Hruska 2020-04-22 In 1938, when faced with a decision to work at a shoe company in India or stay in Czechoslovakia and wait for another war, Miki Hruska’s newly married parents opted to move, thinking they would return home in a few years. But they would not be able to return “home” for another four decades; instead, home became Calcutta, where they raised their family and established a business during a parade of turbulent social and political events. The ill-planned departure of the British from India and their bungled attempts at Partition engendered riots and killings that brought bloodshed to the family’s front door. And when the Communists took over the government of West Bengal, they brought labour disruptions that made it next to impossible to operate the family business. This riveting family memoir is set during the cataclysmic events of WWII and its aftermath, giving a harrowing yet heartwarming portrait of life for a migrant Czech family and showing how perseverance and love can sustain people through the darkest of times.
Poultry Housing and Facilities Karen J. Clingerman 1990
Primary Documents Clay Tarica 2002 This text presents documents drawn from the artistic archives of Eastern and Central Europe during the second half of the 20th century.
Time Out Prague 1998
Library of Congress Subject Headings Library of Congress 2002
The Jeffords Switch Chris Den Hartog 2019 A creative and nuanced approach that takes advantage of an organic shift in Senate power to uncover how Senate power actually works.
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