Insects on Palms F. W. Howard 2001 Palms constitute one of the largest botanical families and include some of the world's most important economic plants. This book reviews the interrelationships between palms and insects. The host plants, distribution and bionomics of representative insects are discussed.
Myotonic Dystrophy Masanori P. Takahashi 2018-10-31 This book provides an essential overview combining both clinical and fundamental research advances in myotonic dystrophy. The pathomechanism of myotonic dystrophy has long been unclear, but in the past decade, our understanding has shifted to a novel disease mechanism concept: “RNA disease”. Parallel to these advances in elucidating the pathophysiology, translational research is also progressing rapidly. The current challenge lies in assessing the effectiveness of treatment, and as such, there is a growing interest in observational studies of the disease’s various clinical symptoms. The book introduces readers to the molecular mechanisms within each organ and the resultant clinical features, which are presented together. In particular, it focuses on the central nervous system, since the pathology of the brain (central nervous system manifestation) has rarely been addressed systematically and will pose a persistent challenge, even if therapies have greatly advanced in the future. In addition, the book addresses the latest developments, such as research using patient-derived iPS cells and therapeutic research. Myotonic Dystrophy provides essential information for neurologists and researchers with an interest in muscle disease, including muscular dystrophy. Furthermore, since the disease involves various complications of the brain, heart, metabolism, etc., the book will be of great value to clinicians and researchers in the cardiovascular sciences, endocrinology, diabetes, dementia, and neuropsychology, as well as genetic specialists.
Popular Science 1948-06 Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.
Cleburne Baseball Scott Cain 2017-02-06 Shortly after Cleburne landed the largest railroad shops west of the Mississippi, it set its sights on securing a professional baseball team. Against the odds, Cleburne became a Texas League town in 1906. After the first championship, the Railroaders loaded a train and left Cleburne. The town’s professional teams would amass two championships, three pennants and several legendary major league players, including Tris Speaker, before disappearing. Despite lacking a professional club, the town continued to field teams at all levels, until the Railroaders made their triumphant return in 2017. Scott Cain shares a century of Cleburne baseball, including the cowboys who gunned down fly balls to intimidate umps, the pro team that played the Chicago White Sox and the city councilman who was a scorekeeper for the Negro Leagues in the 1950s.
Financial Reporting & Analysis Charles H. Gibson 2004 Using real-world examples to thoroughly involves readers with financial statements, Financial Reporting and Analysis, 9e builds skills in analyzing real financial reports through statements, exhibits, and cases of actual companies. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and interpretation of the end result of financial reporting — financial statements.
Classic British Motorcycles Colin Jackson 2017-01-24
The Harley-Davidson Story Aaron Frank 2018-11-20 The Harley-Davidson Story: Tales from the Archives is a fascinating, visually driven overview of the motor company's rich story, created in cooperation with the Harley-Davidson Museum. The story of Harley-Davidson is a classic American tale of spirit, invention, and the right idea at the right time. From its beginning in a small Milwaukee shed in 1903, William Harley and his cousins, the Davidson brothers, set in motion what would eventually become the world’s most iconic motorcycle company. While other motorcycle companies rose and fell through the teens and 1920s, Harley went from strength to strength, whether introducing its first V-twin motor or dominating race tracks across America. The Milwaukee Miracle even prospered during WWII, building war bikes for the armed forces. By the 1950s, they’d buried their last American-built competitor, Indian, and gained a hold over the US market that they maintain to this day. A remarkable story deserves a remarkable space to recount it. Such is the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, which opened in 2009. Harley-Davidson partnered with Motorbooks to create this book relaying Harley-Davidson’s story, as told through the museum’s displays and archive assets.
Climate Change and Air Pollution Rais Akhtar 2017-10-05 This book discusses regional and international climate-change, air- pollution and human-health scenarios. The research, from both industrialized and developing countries, focuses on region-specific perspectives of climate change impacts on air pollution. After analyzing the variations of climate data over recent decades, the authors consider the different effects of climate change on air pollution and health. As stressed by the IPCC, “pollen, smoke and ozone levels are likely to increase in a warming world, affecting the health of residents of major cities. Rising temperatures will worsen air quality through a combination of more ozone in cities, bigger wild fires and worse pollen outbreaks,” according to a major UN climate report. The report follows the World Health Organization in finding that air pollution is the world’s greatest environmental health risk, killing 7 million people in 2014 (compared to 0.4 million deaths due to malaria). Deteriorating air quality will most affect the elderly, children, people with chronic ill-health and expectant mothers. Another report suggests that more than 5.5 million people die prematurely each year due to air pollution with over half of those deaths occurring in China and India. A study on the air pollution in the USA,suggests that more than half of US population lives in areas with potentially dangerous air pollution, and about six out of 10 of the top cities for air pollution in the USA are located in the state of California. In the face of future climate change, scientists have urged stronger emission controls to avoid worsening air pollution and the associated exacerbation of health problems, especially in more populated regions of the world. It is hoped that the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement will help minimize air pollution. Additionally the authors consider the various measures that different countries and groups of countries, like the European Union, have adopted to mitigate the problems arising from climate change and to safeguard the health of population. The book examines the increasing incidence of diseases largely caused by climate change. The countries/regions covered in this study include the USA, Northern Europe (U.K).,Southern Europe ( Italy), Canada, Australia, East Asia, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Caribbean countries, and Argentina.
Harley-Davidson Field Guide Doug Mitchel 2005-03-18 Harley Davidson motorcycles remain the most popular motorcycle in the world. Harley owners and enthusiasts will love this handy little guide to their best-known bikes, complete with color photos and full specifications. Featuring eye-popping color photos of more than 250 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, enthusiasts will see the evolution of the bikes from 1903 to today's most popular models. Each photo is accompanies by a detailed caption with information on options and equipment offered with the bike
Contemporary Issues in Modeling Psychopathology Michael S. Myslobodsky 2013-03-09 Despite considerable progress in clinical and basic neurosciences, the cure of psychiatric disorders is still remote, little is known about their prevention, and the etiology and molecular mechanisms of mental disorders are still obscure. Diagnoses are still guided by patients' stories. The mission of animal models is to bridge the gap between `the story and the synapse.' Contemporary Issues in Modeling of Psychopathology attempts to do this by examining such questions as `What good might come from such a model? Are we wasting our time? How far can we carry results from model animals, such as rats and mice, without causing a highly distorted view of the field and its goals?' This book serves as the opening volume for a new series, Neurobiological Foundation of Aberrant Behaviors.
German Infantryman Manual Simon Forty 2018-09-18 Between 1939 and 1945, close to 13 million men served in the German army - das Heer. The bulk of these men were infantrymen, who slogged their way, mostly on foot, from Finisterre to Moscow, Kirkenes to Tripoli. They swore unlimited obedience to Adolf Hitler and were ready to stake their lives for this oath: over 1.6 million men of das Heer were killed during the war and over 4.1 million were wounded.
Marketing Research Kenneth P. Uhl 1969
Contemporary Strategy Analysis Text Only Robert M. Grant 2014-09-23 Robert M. Grant combines a highly accessible writing style with a concentration on the fundamentals of value creation and an emphasis on practicality in this leading strategy text. In this new edition, he includes an even greater focus on strategy implementation that reflects the needs of firms to reconcile scale economies with entrepreneurial flexibility, innovation with cost efficiency, and globalization with local responsiveness. This edition also incorporates some of the key strategic issues of today including: post-financial crisis adjustment, the continuing rise of China, India and Brazil, and the increased emphasis on ethics and sustainability. Coverage is also provided on strategy in not-for-profit organizations. Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 8th Edition, is suitable for both MBA and advanced undergraduate students. It has been adopted by leading business schools all across the world.
Rudge-Whitworth Bryan Reynolds 2014-04-30 A history of the Rudge-Whitworth cycle and motorcycle company, from the late 1800s to the 1940s, including full production histories of the motorcycle models. Topics covered include: the origins of Rudge-Whitworth, from Daniel Rudge's early bicycles, to the Pugh family merger; the expansion into motorcycle production in 1909, with the 'M' prototypes and 'F'-head engines; the invention of the Rudge Multi gear engine in 1912, and a subsequent Isle of man win in 1914; the innovative 'Rudge Four' engines, with four parallel valves per cylinder; the 'Python' models - Rudge equipment used by other manufacturers, including in Enzo Ferrari's Scuderia Ferrari, and finally the post-war slump and a move to EMI, with later attempts to revive the Rudge name. With hundreds of original photographs, Rudge-Whitworth - The Complete Story is an ideal resource for anybody with an interest in the world's largest cycle and motorcycle manufacturers of the early twentieth century, with over two thousand machines still in existence, being enjoyed by their owners today. Superbly illustrated with nearly 200 original photographs (180 colour and 15 black & white).
The Complete Harley-Davidson Tod Rafferty 1997 Arranged chronologically, presents a history of every major motorcycle model produced by the legendary company since 1903
Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang Jonathan E. Lighter 1994
On Wargaming Matthew B. Caffrey 2019 "The History and Theory of War Games throughout the United States and Internationally"--Provided by publisher.
Off-road vehicles on public land David Sheridan 1979
Monitoring and Control of Macrofouling Mollusks in Fresh Water Systems, Second Edition Gerald L. Mackie 2009-12-23 Upon its initial publication more than fifteen years ago, this book broke new ground with its comprehensive coverage of the biology and ecology, distribution and dispersal mechanisms, physiology, monitoring, negative and positive impacts, and control of aquatic invasive species of mussels, clams, and snails. Building on this foundation, the second edition of Monitoring and Control of Macrofouling Mollusks in Fresh Water Systems includes completely revised information on species such as the zebra mussel while also covering up-and-coming nuisance species such as the quagga mussel, Conrad’s false mussel, the Asian clam, and the fast-spreading golden mussel. The Second Edition includes: Ten new species of mussels and snails International case studies on mussel fouling problems and how to cope with them New control and monitoring techniques Discussions of the latest threats and possible future scenarios The book contains brief descriptions of the external and internal structures, examining only those features relevant to the monitoring and control of the invasive species. It discusses why the mollusks are pests, distinguishing nuisance species from native species, their habits and habitat, reproductive potential, and life cycles and population dynamics. The authors also explain how efficient dispersal mechanisms employed by the nuisance mollusks not only help them spread so rapidly to inland lakes and rivers across continents, but how they can invade virtually every part of a facility. While many other resources contain segments of this information, none cover all areas and link them in a cohesive fashion. It is this approach that makes the understanding of potential impacts on ecosystems, industries and utilities, as well as the many human-made physical and chemical mitigants for controlling the mollusks supplied by this book so crucial for preserving the health of raw water supplies.
The Toxicology of Fishes Richard T. Di Giulio 2008-02-25 When looking for a book on fish toxicology, you might find one that discusses the biochemical and molecular aspects, or one that focuses aquatic toxicology in general. You can find resources that cover human and animal toxicology or ecotoxicology in general, but no up-to-date, comprehensive monograph devoted to the effects of chemical pollution on these organisms has been widely available, until now. Filling this void, The Toxicology of Fishes, written by recognized experts, covers toxic responses ranging from reduced reproduction and/or abnormal development, growth, and differentiation. General Principles — Discusses fundamental topics such as the bioavailability of chemicals present in the aquatic environment to fishes, processes governing chemical distribution within these organisms, how fish metabolize organic chemicals, and fundamental mechanisms of chemical toxicity Key Target Systems and Organismal Effects — Describes key target organ systems for chemical impacts in fish, how chemicals produce cancer in these animals, and how fishes can develop resistance to chemical toxicity Methodologies and Applications — Dovers methods for the assessment of chemical effects on fish such as toxicity tests, biomarkers, simulated ecosystems, and modeling approaches and the use of data from such studies in ecological risk assessments Case Studies — Provides examples of how the principles and approaches presented in earlier units are actually deployed in studies Illustrated by case studies of actual, large-scale field investigations, the book reviews the tools used to assess unwanted effects in laboratory model- and wild fish in detail. With 238 illustrations, 70 tables, and 50 equations, this comprehensive monograph presents detailed information on the boiavailability of chemical pollutants, their distribution, metabolism, and excretion in the host fish and mechanisms and sites of toxic responses.
Modern Paints Uncovered Getty Conservation Institute 2007 Over the past seventy years, a staggering array of new pigments and binders has been developed and used in the production of paint, and twentieth-century artists readily applied these materials to their canvases. Paints intended for houses, boats, cars, and other industrial applications frequently turn up in modern art collections, posing new challenges for paintings conservators. This volume presents the papers and posters from "Modern Paints Uncovered," a symposium organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, Tate, and the National Gallery of Art and held at Tate Modern, London, in May 2006. Professionals from around the world shared the results of research on paints that have been available to artists since 1930--the date that synthetic materials began to significantly impact the paint industry. Modern Paints Uncovered showcases the varied strands of cutting-edge research into the conservation of contemporary painted surfaces. These include paint properties and surface characteristics, analysis and identification, aging behavior, and safe and effective conservation techniques.
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as Amended United States 1993
They Say in Harlan County Alessandro Portelli 2012-09-13 This book is a historical and cultural interpretation of a symbolic place in the United States, Harlan County, Kentucky, from pioneer times to the beginning of the third millennium, based on a painstaking and creative montage of more than 150 oral narratives and a wide array of secondary and archival matter.
Instruments and Related Concepts at the Syntax-Semantics Interface Koen Van Hooste 2018-04-30 Instruments constitute a classic member of the thematic role inventory, yet they are usually analyzed only peripherally, taking a back seat to the more studied members such as Agent and Patient. This dissertation investigates the semantic reality behind the label instrument from the functionalist perspective of Role & Reference Grammar. Starting from a theoretical investigation of what instrumentality truly means when contrasted with related concepts like comitatives, this book explores the morphosyntactic realization of instruments across a wide range of typologically diverse languages. Apart from the standard occurrences of instruments that come to mind from languages such as Latin, German or English, this book delves into several less common constructions that feature the instrument relation. Such constructions include, amongst others, passives with instruments and particularly the Instrument-Subject Alternation, a construction where the instrument seemingly appears as the subject of the sentence. This construction displays variation along three dimensions: 1) The instrument can vary from a very simple tool to a complicated machine, 2) the predicate can vary substantially and 3) languages differ widely with respect to the construction's acceptability. This makes for a complex playing field where the animacy of the instrument but also the aktionsart class of the predicate play a major role. The last section of this book deals with linking the semantics of instruments and related concepts to their morphosyntactic realizations, including the various encoding strategies that are available in any given language. This book also features a concise introduction to Role & Reference Grammar. Dissertations in Language and Cognition: This series explores issues of mental representation, linguistic structure and representation, and their interplay. The research presented in this series is grounded in the idea explored in the Collaborative Research Center 'The structure of representations in language, cognition and science' (SFB 991) that there is a universal format for the representation of linguistic and cognitive concepts.
Biomechatronics: Harmonizing Mechatronic Systems with Human Beings Dingguo Zhang 2019-02-05 This eBook provides a comprehensive treatise on modern biomechatronic systems centred around human applications. A particular emphsis is given to exoskeleton designs for assistance and training with advanced interfaces in human-machine interaction. Some of these designs are validated with experimental results which the reader will find very informative as building-blocks for designing such systems. This eBook will be ideally suited to those researching in biomechatronic area with bio-feedback applications or those who are involved in high-end research on man-machine interfaces. This may also serve as a textbook for biomechatronic design at post-graduate level.
Elementary Statistics Ron Larson 2006 Every aspect of Elementary Statistics has been carefully crafted to help readers learn statistics. The Third Edition features many updates and revisions that place increased emphasis on interpretation of results and critical thinking over calculations. Chapter topics include probability, discrete probability distributions, normal probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, chi-square tests and the f-distribution, and nonparametric tests. For readers who want a comprehensive, step-by-step, flexible introduction to statistics.
Non-Human Nature in World Politics Joana Castro Pereira 2020-08-26 This book explores the interconnections between world politics and non-human nature to overcome the anthropocentric boundaries that characterize the field of international relations. By gathering contributions from various perspectives, ranging from post-humanism and ecological modernization, to new materialism and post-colonialism, it conceptualizes the embeddedness of world politics in non-human nature, and proposes a reorientation of political practice to better address the challenges posed by climate change and the deterioration of the Earth’s ecosystems. The book is divided into two main parts, the first of which addresses new ways of theoretically conceiving the relationship between non-human nature and world politics. In turn, the second presents empirical investigations into specific case studies, including studies on state actors and international organizations and bodies. Given its scope and the new perspectives it shares, this edited volume represents a uniquely valuable contribution to the field.
Automobile Topics 1911
Motor World Wholesale 1911
Brussels Michelin Travel Publications (Firm) 2001 Provides travellers with a comprehensive guide to the cultural and natural highlights of Brussels. The guide includes hotel and restaurant selections.
Women and Smoking 2001 The second report from the U.S. Surgeon General devoted to women and smoking. Includes executive summary, chapter conclusions, full text chapters, and references.
Motor 1911
Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal 1911
Synthesis of Adaptation Options for Coastal Areas 2008
First International Meeting on Microbial Phosphate Solubilization E. Velazquez 2007-05-27 In 2002, sixty international specialists met to discuss problems of high P-unavailability as a soil nutrient for crops, and the hazards of increased phosphate input to aquatic habitats from industrial and mining activities, sewage disposal, detergents, and other sources. Among the presentations were updated solutions to enhance P-uptake by plants, bioremediation potential in the rehabilitation of ecosystems, taxonomic characterization interactions with mycorrizae, the physiological and molecular basis of PSM, and more.
The BMW Boxer Twins Bible Ian Falloon 2009-02-15 The air-cooled boxer BMW twins were among the most significant motorcycles of the late 1970s and 1980s, providing an unparalleled combination of comfort, reliability, and performance. Written by a world-renowned motorcycle journalist and featuring 190 colour photographs, here is the authoritative work on these machines.
Dental Stem Cells: Regenerative Potential Barbara Zavan 2016-07-25 This book focuses on the basic aspects of dental stem cells (DSCs) as well as their clinical applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. It opens with a discussion of classification, protocols, and properties of DSCs and proceeds to explore DSCs within the contexts of cryopreservation; epigenetics; pulp, periodontal, tooth, bone, and corneal stroma regeneration; neuronal properties, mesenchymal stem cells and biomaterials; and as sources of hepatocytes for liver disease treatment. The fifteen expertly authored chapters comprehensively examine possible applications of DSCs and provide invaluable insights into mechanisms of growth and differentiation. Dental Stem Cells: Regenerative Potential draws from a wealth of international perspectives and is an essential addition to the developing literature on dental stem cells. This installment of Springer’s Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine series is indispensable for biomedical researchers interested in bioengineering, dentistry, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, cell biology and oncology.
American Bicyclist and Motorcyclist 1911
The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World Major Taylor 1928
Field and Stream 1911

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