ZOMB-AID Bandages Paper Model Free Download


ZOMB-AID Bandages Paper Model Free DownloadThis box paper model is the ZOMB-AID Bandages, designed by riseagainthenovel. This is a stealth item, suitable for placement in a bathroom or drugstore. Most people will not notice there is anything unusual about the box. Those who do will immediately become concerned. You can use it to hold real self-adhesive bandages or anything you desire: wax lips, ammunition, or dried figs.

Simply print on heavy paper, cut along outside edges, including flaps, then fold along gray lines and glue down side flap as indicated; you may also wish to glue the two halves of the top hanger flap together. The folds are identical to those found in a typical product box.[via riseagainthenovel]

You can download this paper model from here: ZOMB-AID Bandages Paper Model Free Download