Zoids - Shield Liger free papercraft download

Zoids - Shield Liger free papercraft download


Shield Liger free papercraft downloadThis paper model is deisgned by designers3dbolivia. The Shield Liger is a Lion type Zoid featured prominently throughout the Zoids universe. The Shield Liger plays a central role in Zoids: Chaotic Century, and appears in some fashion in most of the anime series, manga, and video games.

The RZ-007 Shield Liger is a Lion-type Zoid, created by the Helic Republic, and used during the various wars on Zi.

The Shield Liger's design was inspired by that of the Zaber Fang, with the two designs sharing a number of components. While not created in direct competition to it, the Shield Liger proved to be a sufficient match for the Zenebas Zoid - the two had comparable arsenals and performance. While fast and agile in its day, the Shield Liger's performance has been exceeded by more modern Zoids. However, the Shield Liger remains a capable and versatile Zoid.

The Shield Liger's most distinctive feature is the Energy Shield built into its mane that gives it its name. The Shield Liger was the first Zoid to use an Energy Shield, at the time giving it an unparalleled advantage. The Shield covers the Liger's forward half, protecting it from enemy weapons fire. In addition to a defensive measure, the Shield can also be utilised for high-speed ramming attacks.

You can download this paper model from here: Zoids - Shield Liger free papercraft download