Zoids - Organoid: Pulse Free Papercraft Download

Zoids - Organoid: Pulse Free Papercraft Download


Zoids - Organoid: Pulse Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Pulse, based on the game / anime series Zoids, the paper model is created by Ashley. Pulse is a leopard-type Organoid unique to the games, particularly in Zoids Legacy, owned by Zeru, the game's protagonist. His primary abilities are healing and fusion, but depending on the choices of the player (Zeru), Pulse's color can change.

These colors are black (Attack power and Speed), red (Defense and Attack power), blue (Speed and Sensor accuracy) or remain white (HP and Defense power). Along with the aforementioned stat boosts, this also influences which abilities the Organoid will give the player in battle.

Pulse is unique among the organoids featured in Zoids Legacy insofar, as it is not a dinosaur-type. However, beyond this superficial difference, the most unique feature Pulse has is the ability to infuse any Zoid it is in with the Zoidcore Overload System (ZOS), increasing its power and giving it one or two extra attacks per turn of combat. Unlike the artificial ZOS systems employed by other characters, Pulse's ZOS generator is stable, and does not suffer from the side-effects of the otherwise unstable system. On top of that, since Pulse himself acts like a safety mechanism, Zeru is not affected by any side-effects of ZOS, thus enabling Zeru to utilize ZOS with no consequences or negative impacts. Pulse was given to Zeru by Dr. T, Atory's personal scientist and a character from the original Zoids Saga and Liger Zero: Silver Beast early on in the game.

An Organoid is a special type of fictional mecha which exist within the Zoids anime, manga and some of the games; specifically, in Zoids: Chaotic Century and Zoids: Guardian Force.

You can download the Zoids paper craft model here: Zoids - Organoid: Pulse Free Papercraft Download