Zoids: New Century - Bit Cloud Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Zoids: New Century - Bit Cloud Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Zoids: New Century - Bit Cloud Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Bit Cloud, a fictional character of the anime / manga television series Zoids: New Century (or Zoids: New Century Slash Zero), this paper craft was created by alonso jacobo. Much of Bit's past is unknown. At the start of the series, he was a junk dealer, traveling from one battle to another trying to gather enough Zoid parts to make himself a Zoid partner. This all changed one day when he wandered onto a battle between the Blitz Team and Tigers Team.

While he was on the battlefield scavenging parts, his camouflaged truck accidentally tripped Leon Toros' Shield Liger, halting the battle. Feeling sorry for what he did, he went to the Blitz Team to apologize, but the Blitz Team, unhappy about their loss and the salvaged parts Bit had helped himself to, tied him up and left. That was when he first met the Liger Zero. Oddly enough, the Liger freed Bit and allowed him to pilot him, something the Liger Zero had never done before. He quickly joined the Blitz Team as they went on to win more battles and cross paths with the Backdraft Organization. As the series goes on, he makes many rivals, including Jack Cisco, Leon Toros, and finally Vega Obscura. Around the end of the series, the Blitz Team enters the Royal Cup, and Bit takes part in the battle, defeating most of his rivals. At the end, he and Vega battle it out, with Bit being able to beat him, and the Backdraft Organization, and move up to the prestigious 'class S'.

Bit Cloud is often seen wearing a red and white coat over a teal shirt with grey pants. He wears maroon gloves with a gold, four-pointed symbol on the back of the palms. When Bit is not in a battle, his leisure outfit consists of a dark blue shirt with maroon pants. He has blond, spiky hair and green eyes.

Throughout the series, Bit is shown to have the same happy and fun loving personality. Coincidentally, his name derived from the Japanese term "Bitto Shiyo-ze" or "Cheer up", meaning he has a happy-go-lucky personality. He is rarely ever depicted as being sad, and even had a smile on his face after his first loss. He is shown to always protect his friends when they are in trouble, coming to their aid.

The main Zoid Bit is shown piloting throughout the series is the Liger Zero, though in some scenes of the series he is shown piloting other Zoids. He is shown to possess very good eyesight, as he was able to spot a Zaber Fang from two miles away, and one time ranked the highest in a testing run. Also, despite what his teammates said at first, he is usually the one to pull out a victory against their opponents since he is normally the last one standing by the end of the battle.

Bit is a deceptively high-skilled pilot; almost consistently written off by opponents as a goofball or an incompetent, underneath the facade is a shrewd, intelligent warrior. During his first confrontation with Harry Champ, not only did he deduce that the Dark Horn was "lousy at turning", he even devised a strategy on the fly when Harry's modifications became apparent, forcing Harry's unit to turn left over and over again to warp the framework of its legs out of shape, and ultimately throw the heavily-modified Zoid, fortifications and all, off its feet to secure a victory.

During the series Bit equips Liger Zero with a long range rifle and a modified Shock Gun from a Zaber Fang.  He also upgraded his Liger with the Jager, Schneider, and Panzer CAS units. It is also shown that his Liger Zero is one of the Ultimate X Zoids, a very powerful Zoid. He is shown to see his Liger Zero as a friend and partner, not just a Zoid.

Bit displays a remarkable amount of ingenuity: knowledge of different Zoids accumulated from years of working as a salvager plays in his favor, as he is able to adjust to varying tactics and strategies, in addition to the wildly-varying loadouts of the Liger Zero and their capabilities.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Zoids: New Century - Bit Cloud Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download