Zelda Papercraft - Sheik

Zelda Papercraft - Sheik


Sheik PapercraftSheik is one of Princess Zelda's alter-ego in the Legend of Zelda video game series, this character appears in Ocarina of Time.

She muffles her voice, styles her hair diffrently, covers half her face, wears a form-fitting blue suit (probably have a chest plate to hide her oppai) - all to pass herself off as a Sheik (a young Sheika). Sheikas btw, are an ancient clan of ninja-like warriors that swore to protect the Hylian Royal Family, and were often referred to as the "shadows" of the Hylians.

Sheik plays the harp and helps Link learn new songs to get him through his quests. This Zelda Sheik papercraft is from Icthus7, it comes with the harp and a stand.

Legend of Zelda - Sheik Papercraft

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