Zelda: Hyrule Warriors - Detailed Sheik Free Papercraft Download

Zelda: Hyrule Warriors - Detailed Sheik Free Papercraft Download


Zelda: Hyrule Warriors - Detailed Sheik Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a very detailed Sheik, Princess Zelda disguised as a male Sheikah, based on the Wii U The Legend of Zelda spin-off game Hyrule Warriors, the paper model is created by XenonRay. The finished model stands about 45 cm tall.

Sheik claims to be the survivor of the Sheikahs. He aids Link on his quest by teaching him various warp songs with his Harp. He does not reveal his identity or motives to Link until all the Sages are freed.

Sheik reveals himself to Link shortly after Link is freed from the Chamber of Sages after his seven year imprisonment. He informs Link that he must awaken the seven sages in order to bring peace back to Hyrule. Alerting him of the need to possess a new tool, the Hookshot in order to enter the temples, Sheik stays in front of the pedestal. He then later appears when Link arrives at the Sacred Forest Meadow. He tells Link about the warp songs used to warp to temple entrances and teaches him the Minuet of Forest before disappearing again. Further along, Sheik approaches Link at the Fire Temple entrance in the Death Mountain Crater, teaching him the Bolero of Fire before walking away, using a wall of flame to halt Link's inquiring advance.

Sheik once again mysteriously appears in the Ice Cavern to inform Link of the fate of the Zoras and to teach him the Serenade of Water. He then awaits outside the Water Temple for Link to free the temple from Morpha's influence and awaken the Water Temple sage before disappearing once again.

When Kakariko Village comes under attack from a mysterious force, Link discovers that Sheik is already there. Together they encounter and are defeated by an invisible monster thought to be the Shadow Spirit. Sheik teaches Link the Nocturne of Shadow and urges Link to help Impa fight the Shadow Spirit. When Link discovers that he must venture back in time in order to do so, Sheik offers a helping hand informing Link on how to use the Master Sword and the Pedestal of Time in order to travel back and forth through time. He teaches Link the Prelude of Light then once again vanishes.

At the entrance of the Spirit Temple, Sheik appears to have been waiting for Link from atop a large rock formation, and once again, informs Link that he must enter the temple as a child, utilizing the Pedestal of Time in the Temple of Time. He gives Link a lesson on performing the Requiem of Spirit before using the desert winds as cover to vanish.

With all six sages freed, Link is instructed to return to the Temple of Time where none other than Sheik awaits. Sheik congratulates Link on his efforts and offers an explanation on what exactly happened to Hyrule during Link's disappearance before finally revealing his true identity as Princess Zelda. [Source: zeldawiki]

About this zelda paper model:
Size: 45cm
Pages: 23Pieces: 280
Difficulty: 8.5/10

You can download this papercraft template here: Zelda: Hyrule Warriors - Detailed Sheik Free Papercraft Download