Your Name. - Chibi Taki Tachibana Free Paper Toy Download

Your Name. - Chibi Taki Tachibana Free Paper Toy Download


Your Name. - Chibi Taki Tachibana Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi Taki Tachibana, a high school boy who lives in the city side of Tokyo, from the 2016 Japanese anime romance fantasy drama film, the papercraft is created by Paperized Crafts.

In his daily life, he spends fun times with friends and works part time at an Italian restaurant. He held a secret affection toward his co-worker Miki Okudera and switched bodies with a teenage girl named Mitsuha Miyamizu who lived in a small rural town, in contrast to his lively life is Tokyo.

Taki is also a kind individual, but he can sometimes be persistent. He is a very helpful and busy individual also, and may even be called quite sensitive towards others. He is also quick to anger, which can cause him to be impatient and stubborn. He is interested in architecture and art, and is shown to have artistic abilities.

When Mitsuha inhabits his body, he is considered 'girlish' and feminine, though he still manages to maintain his composure. He also becomes enamored with Tokyo city.

Taki is a teenager who appears to be quite tall, and has spiky, brown hair and dark blue eyes. When he was first properly introduced towards the audience, he was shown wearing a plain white t-shirt and blue shorts. He was also shown having a white band aid on his left cheek. On his way to school, he wore a white dress shirt, dark gray pants, a belt, dark blue loafers, and a striped green tie.

While working at his part-time job, he wears a waiters outfit that consist of a black vest, a long-sleeved dress shirt, a black bow tie, and a black apron that covers his pants.

During his date with Miki Okudera, he generally wore a dark jacket, a V-neck shirt striped with the colors orange, blue, and white, khaki pants, and black sneakers with shoelaces. Entirely throughout the movie, he wears an orange wristband on his right.

As an adult, he wears a black suit and a blue tie, in which his two friends from high school like to comment on.

You can download this papercraft template here: Your Name. - Chibi Taki Tachibana Free Paper Toy Download