Young Dracula - Vladimir "Vlad" Dracula Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Young Dracula - Vladimir "Vlad" Dracula Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Young Dracula Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Vladimir "Vlad" Dracula, the Count's "son and heir", and a main character from the British teenage horror drama TV series Young Dracula, the papercraft created by CBBC original site.

Unlike his sister Ingrid, Vlad would much prefer to be a normal child than a vampire although he does occasionally show elements of his father's wit and ability to manipulate people. He finds friendship with an outcast boy named Robin Branagh and also becomes friends with Robin's sister, Chloe. Vlad also has a friendship with his loyal stuffed, talking wolf named Zoltan. Vlad often wants to please his father, but also to be a "normal" boy, and much of the series focuses on the conflict of these two ideals.

Vlad continues to "discover" his abilities throughout the series. He accidentally hypnotised his father before learning to control his hypnotic ability; shot fire from his hands at will; and entered the "Dreamworld" to discover more about his powers, an ability not usually gained before a vampire's sixteenth birthday. It is in the Dreamworld that Vlad discovers he is the "Chosen One" – the vampire that will become the leader of all vampires, and guide the vampire race to a new destiny. Though he refuses to believe he is the Chosen One, he accepts his destiny in the final episode when he wears the Grand High Vampire's crown, which destroys anyone unworthy who tries to wear it. This grants him his full powers, which he uses to erase the memories of all breathers present, so that they forget about vampires.

Vlad then falls to the floor, weak and unconscious, and the second series ends. In the third series, it is revealed that somehow, Stokeley Castle has burnt to the ground, possibly by slayers searching for Vlad. It is also revealed that fortunately after Vlad fell unconscious, the battery for the "UV cage", that was holding the Count prisoner, deactivated, and the Count and Vlad escaped. In series three, set four years have passed since Vlad accepted his destiny and put on the crown of power.

He and his father fled Stokely to escape Ingrid's reign of terror and have bought a school to live in. As the new Grand High Vampire, his fellow vampires expect him to step up and lead them to a better future. Vlad, son of Count Dracula, accepts the useful things amongst his vampire powers, but would rather not be a fully-fledged, bloodthirsty, mayhem causing, breather hating evil kind of vampire. He just wants to be "normal". Unfortunately for him though, he is the "Chosen One" and if he doesn't want his family and others to get hurt, he has to learn how to open the Praedictum Impaver and lead the vampire race into the future.

However, this is becoming increasingly difficult as there is something big distracting him. His tutor, Bertrand, wants to remove this distraction but it's not that simple, particularly when he does not know the whole truth. After Vlad was absorbed by the blood mirror in order to force his true vampire nature to take over his body, he successfully opens the Praedictum Impaver. His evil side also took full control over his mind and body; he was left with no conscience whatsoever, so much so he almost killed his father and Ingrid, who was left in a catatonic state of shock.

The only person Vlad was unable to harm was Erin, despite desperately trying to feed from her. She was the one who managed to reach Vlad's good side to conquer his evil side. It is noticed that while inside the blood mirror Vlad had 1000 evil reflections, but after Vlad forced the evil side out of him he only had one evil reflection. It could be that the 1000 evil reflections were grouped into one pure evil reflection after Vlad forced it out of him. After Vlad regained control after a battle with his evil side he left the school to try and "sort this out", ignoring Erin's offer to help him. In Episode 10 of this series, Vlad returns and has changed and matured. Mina and Jonno Van Helsing return and Vlad must test their mind wipe by using his dad as bait.

After Sethius is released from the Praedictum Impaver, Vlad convinces Ingrid, Erin, Bertrand, Renfield, Wolfie, Jonno and Mina to help him and the Count defeat him. He has since been working with Jonno, Erin and Bertrand to maintain a peace treaty between breathers and vampires, and have set up a rehabilitation program at Garside Grange for vampires who cannot resist drinking blood - but Vlad's plans are complicated when he is betrothed to Adze, daughter of Ramanga. He is able to break off the engagement, however, Adze badly wounds Erin with dark magic and Vlad is forced to bite her turning her into a vampire.

Erin is horrfied at what Vlad has done and she declares she will never forgive him. As well as this, Vlad is already facing many problems such as the fact that Malik is Count Dracula's son and that some street vampires who are out of control. Vlad is later forced to fight Malik for the right to the crown and is defeated. However the Count declares Malik cheated and says none of them are worthy for the crown. Vlad facing this rejection later on begins drinking blood even though he swore he never would. He also kills Bertrand in front of Erin when the shapeshifter frames him and leads Vlad to think Betrand is plotting against him.

Later on Vlad is contacted by Jonno and told the Slayers Guild are planning an attack and will only stop if he kills Erin, who has been biting Breathers in order to get back at Vlad. Vlad agrees and brings Erin to the Slayer's headquarters and prepares to kill her, but finds he can't. So Vlad uses his powers to mindwipe all the Slayers except Jonno. Erin later on confronts Vlad and says while he is fighting for peace he has killed many people to achieve it.

Vlad is later horrfied to discover some vampires of the High Council are operating breather farms. So he restores the memories of the slayers and is also disinherited when the Count finds out about this. He is later forced to fight Elizabeta and defeats her. Vlad then banishes Erin and Malik for their treachery. Vlad saves the Count after he had been poisoned by Elizabeta by sucking out the deadly poison in him. This almost causes Vlad to die, but luckily he survives and mindwipes Miss McCauley on the Count's request. [Source: wiki]

You can download the cube paper craft toy here: Young Dracula - Vladimir "Vlad" Dracula Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download