Yogscast - Honeydew and Xephos Free Paper Toys Download

Yogscast - Honeydew and Xephos Free Paper Toys Download


Yogscast - Honeydew and Xephos Free Paper Toys DownloadThese two Yogscast paper toys are Honeydew and Xephos, created by Alexander Gwynne. From these humble beginnings we first meet our two noble heroes: the task oriented, self sacrificing, exemplary Xephos, who strikingly resembles Commander William Riker, First Officer of the Star Ship Enterprise, and his friend and companion Honeydew, the red bearded, quick witted, bombastic Dwarf of Khaz Modan who, for a Dwarf, is strangely just as tall as Xephos, and as we see later, just as tall as everyone else in the game.

They begin their adventures in what at first appears to be an unpopulated and undeveloped world, simply struggling to survive in the face of rampaging undead who nightly terrorize our two heroes as they struggle to build up a base from which they can defend them selves. But that is not the only threat our intrepid adventurers face, for they are immediately brought face to face with what is perhaps the most diabolical manifestation of evil the world has ever seen: the gruesome, horrific, Creepers. These creatures pose the gravest threat to life to all that seek to survive in the various worlds of Minecraft, as they lethally combine their stealth and camouflage with the devastating explosive power of TNT, to its most maximum destructive potential.

Little did they know that the world they thought was all their own would in fact prove populated by a diverse cast of characters who, as fate would have it, found themselves prostrated under the irresistible wrath of a great and powerful force of Evil, a diabolical, calculating menace that instantly overarched the mindless malevolence of the Creepers, an Evil our Hero's seemed destined to come to grips with in what must surely becalm a bloody and terrible struggle of Light vs Darkness where the fate of the world rests in their hands. What began as a chance encounter with a mysterious, hostile stranger has become an epic struggle against tyranny, oppression, and unyielding powers of Evil which threaten to engulf the world of Minecraftia into a twilight of shadow from which no sun will ever arise.

You can download these papercrafts from here: Yogscast - Honeydew and Xephos Free Paper Toys Download