Yatterman Papercraft - Yatter-Bark 2

Yatterman Papercraft - Yatter-Bark 2


Yatter-Bark PapercraftHow about a second Yatter-Bark (aka Yatterwan) robot papercraft? this time it is based on the recent live-action movie that came out in Japan more than a week ago.

It's probably going to take a while (might not even come) before we see that Yatterman movie here in the US, anybody know of a link where we can watch it? (with subs please)

This Yatter-Bark papercraft was designed by Tomohiro Yasui from Kami-robo.com. Two pages for the pattern and another two for instructions. Hat tip to reader Ben for the files and link.

Yatterman - Yatter-Bark Papercraft 2

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