Yamaha Papercraft - Yamaha XJR 1300 Motorcycle Free Download

Yamaha Papercraft - Yamaha XJR 1300 Motorcycle Free Download


Yamaha Papercraft - Yamaha XJR 1300 Motorcycle Free DownloadThis is a Yamaha XJR 1300 motorcycle paper model from yamaha motor.  About Yamaha XJR 1300: The model for 1999 brought about major changes by increasing the displacement to 1300 cc. This was achieved by the cross-section of the cylinders to increase by 2 mm. The cylinder block of aluminum was produced and the cylinders provided with a hard layer. The fork was a preload adjust and the brakes that year were from the R1. There were some cosmetic changes done to the rear and the lateral wall units were given a slightly different form. The SP versions of 1999 became known as the Ara and the Baltic Blue models. In 2000 there were no significant changes made to the standard version. Well, the first model 1300 SP (Sports Production) on the market. The SP was about 700 guilders more expensive than a standard XJR. For that money had been basically a standard XJR, but a special color and another luxurious saddle. The most significant and noticeable change was the new Ohlins rear shocks. 2001, no changes in both the SP as standard versions.

In 2002 came an end to the standard and SP models and there was only one model supplied. The engine had Ohlins shocks, but not the SP saddle and include the chrome horn. But with a new rear brake, new tank design, new carburetors and new exhaust collector. Reason for new carbs: stricter emission standards on which the XJR additional oxygen is added to the exhaust. This had a reduction in the ability to effect and, in turn, was absorbed by the larger carburettors. The carburetor was enlarged to 37mm carburetors, small changes were made to wheels, swingarm and one-piece calipers all around. There were new color designs and a total weight of 6 kg. In 2003 changed nothing except the colors to the implementation. The letters Yamaha on the tank were replaced by the emblem with the tuning forks. The model 2004 had a few interesting changes in store including the wheels of the Fazer 1000, new brakes and a revised brake cylinder. Front and rear suspension is stiffer factory-set, instrument panel was a display with a tank gauge with LCD indication with and immobilizer. From now on, also a catalyst in the exhaust.

In 2006, the XJR vehicle immobilizer fitted. 2007, the engine equipped with an electronic injection and was the fork fully adjustable. The exhaust system was fitted with Yamaha's EXUP system. There are 2 round rear / traffic from the previous R6 and white lights. 2008, again no changes except the color. In 2009 there were cosmetic in terms of seat adjustment and a different color scheme and there was a more adjustable Ohlins rear suspension.

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