Yamaha Papercraft - Yamaha SR400 Motorcycle Free Download


Yamaha Papercraft - Yamaha SR400 Motorcycle Free DownloadThis is a Yamaha SR400 Motorcycle papercraft from Yamaha Motor. Yamaha SR400 is quite popular amongst custom motorbike builders and when you look at Motor Rock’s portfolio you can see that clearly. These guys have built quite a few beautiful custom SR400 motorcycles. Just a few weeks ago we featured a Yamaha SR400 AKA Clock Work from Moto Rock. Today we are taking a look at another Yamaha SR400 AKA No.15, which is the perfect eye candy for custom craving.

The base for this custom build was a stock Yamaha SR400 that was stripped down to the engine. The Yamaha SR400 features one off sheet rail processing frame, mounted to the frame is 534cc SR400 engine with a one off Motor Rock air cleaner and 69Megaphone exhaust.

At the front SR400 features a 30mm low down fork and one off handlebars with Motor Rock 69 aluminum switch. At the rear the bike features a Progressive Short suspension with Motor Rock 69Tail type1 aluminum taillight.

You can download this yamaha motorcycle paper model from here: Yamaha Papercraft - Yamaha SR400 Motorcycle Free Download

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