Yamaha Animals Papercraft - Marine Iguana Free Paper Model Download

Yamaha Animals Papercraft - Marine Iguana Free Paper Model Download


Yamaha Animals Papercraft - Marine Iguana Free Paper Model DownloadThis animal papercraft is designed by Yamaha papercraft. The Marine Iguana is an iguana found only on the Galápagos Islands that has the ability, unique among modern lizards, to live and forage in the sea, making it a marine reptile. The Iguana can dive over 30 ft (10 m) into the water. It has spread to all the islands in the archipelago, and is sometimes called the Galápagos Marine Iguana. It mainly lives on the rocky Galápagos shore, but can also be spotted in marshes and mangrove beaches.

In fact, Amblyrhynchus cristatus is not always black; the young have a lighter coloured dorsal stripe, and some adult specimens are grey. The reason for the sombre tones is that the species must rapidly absorb heat to minimize the period of lethargy after emerging from the water. They feed almost exclusively on marine algae, expelling the excess salt from nasal glands while basking in the sun, and the coating of salt can make their faces appear white. In adult males, coloration varies with the season. Breeding-season adult males on the southern islands are the most colorful and will acquire red and teal-green colors, while on Santa Cruz they are brick red and black, and on Fernandina they are brick red and dull greenish.

Another difference between the iguanas is size, which is different depending on the island the individual iguana inhabits. The iguanas living on the islands of Fernandina and Isabela (named for the famous rulers of Spain) are the largest found anywhere in the Galápagos. On the other end of the spectrum, the smallest iguanas are found on the island on Genovesa.

Adult males are up to 1.7 metres (5.6 ft) long, females 0.6–1 metre (2.0–3.3 ft), males weigh up to 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lb).

On land, the marine iguana is rather a clumsy animal, but in the water it is a graceful swimmer. This is due to the traits it has that allow it to swim and make it different from other species of iguana; its laterally flattened tail and spiky dorsal fins allow it to swim further and faster, while its long, sharp claws allow it to hold onto rocks and other materials around it when there are strong currents so that it doesn't drown or get lost/too far away from land.

Its diet consists of seaweed and algae. To make it easier for it to get these, the marine iguana has a flat snout so that it can get closer to rocks that algae is growing on, as well as sharp teeth so that it can scrape off more of the algae. It has a special gland in its snout that filters its blood for excess salt that it may ingest while eating. It sneezes out the excess salt, which often leaves a salty crust around its nostrils, one of the aspects that made it unattractive to Charles Darwin.

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