xxxHolic - Watanuki Kimihiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

xxxHolic - Watanuki Kimihiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


xxxHolic - Watanuki Kimihiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Watanuki Kimihiro, a fictional character in CLAMP’s crossover manga series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic, this paper craft was created by alonso jacobo. He is almost always referred to by his last name, Watanuki.

Watanuki means "April 1st " in kanji and it's a reference to the old tradition of removing the kimono to avoid the children to suffer diseases. His given name, Kimihiro, means prophet.

Watanuki has short black hair, and blue/indigo eyes at the beginning of the series. About half way through both the anime and manga however he loses the sight in his right eye to a spider's grudge curse, and as a result, his iris turns a dull gray color. After failing to retrieve the sight, he receives half of Domeki's right eye's sight, which causes his right eye to turn a dark green with a brownish tint, or gold-brown. For the majority of the series, he wears an ordinary pair of glasses, however at one point he loses them, and replaces them with a pair that resembles, or may possibly be the pair that Clow Reed wore. Fei Wong Reed once mentioned he resembles a young Clow Reed, and Yuuko Ichihara has also pointed out their similarities.

Watanuki is known for having both a volatile and caring nature. Depending upon the person he talks to, his emotions tend to be overly exaggerated. When with Himawari he throws himself into the air and squeals "Himawari-chaaaaan!", accompanied by hearts. With Domeki, he almost always expresses irritation with various facial expressions, screaming, and erratic arm motions that remind Himawari of an angry cat. With the exception of these two and Yūko, Watanuki tends to address everyone around him with formality and kindness.

In the beginning, he is very childish and not very bright, but as the series progresses he becomes more serious. He also gets along better with Doumeki and keeps his distance from Himawari to make sure her bad luck doesn´t affect him. All his goofy expressions disappear, he doesn´t squeal to Himawari when she appears, and is friendlier toward Doumeki. He starts to question his own humanity and understands more about the world and his own existence. After Yuko disappears and he takes over the shop, his personality takes a drastic change as he adopts a number of Yuko's mannerisms. He still hates Doumeki and thinks that Mokona is annoying, but is considerably calmer and more mature, evidenced by his acceptance of Himawari's marriage and his understanding of his customers' wishes.

At the beginning of the series, Watanuki has the power to see spirits and other things that are invisible for everyone else. He can also feel other people's emotions when they are talking. If they have a negative feeling, Watanuki starts to feel dizzy. If they have a positive feeling, Watanuki feels a calm and cheerful aura. Later in the manga and XxxHolic Kei season, Watanuki and Yuko buy some dreams balloons that allow Watanuki to enter the Dream World and have meetings with Haruka. In xxxHolic Shunmuki Ova, Watanuki follows a path made by Haruka to find five objects that allow him to break the barrier between his world and the Dream World, allowing him to enter when he wants. In the manga, Watanuki wins this ability by himself but he still can´t control the moment to enter. Later in XxxHolic Rou, Watanuki uses the smoke from Yuko's Kiseru to make spells. He can create or break barriers, make a road to find something or someone and travel or send people to other dimensions. He also mentions that he's more powerful inside Dream World.

Later, in the last chapter of the manga, Yuko told him through his dream that his powers had grew up enough and he doesn´t need to stay in the shop.

Watanuki has an exceptional cooking skill, although he thinks of it as a hobbie. Yuuko will never get bored waiting for Watanuki's food everyday, though. It´s mentioned by Himawari that Watanuki is good at sports and that he could be on the soccer team. Watanuki never had a part-time job before and he´s not in any clubs, despite that he has many skills. [Source: wikia]

You can download the paper craft toy here: xxxHolic - Watanuki Kimihiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download