WWII IJN Repair Ship Akashi Free Paper Model Download


WWII IJN Repair Ship Akashi Free Paper Model DownloadThis ship paper model is the Akashi, a Japanese repair ship, serving during the World War II, the papercraft is created by MegaMoonLiner. This is a simple version. IJN Akashi was the only specifically designed repair ship operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The navy based her design on the US Navy's USS Medusa.

In 1937 the Imperial Japanese Navy converted the old battleship Asahi to serve as a repair ship. It was later decided to build a dedicated ship with better capabilities for that task. The Imperial Japanese Navy planned for her to carry out 40% of the repairs needed by the Combined Fleet. Therefore she was equipped with the latest machine tools imported from Germany.

During the war Akashi operated out of the Japanese base in the Truk atoll where she repaired various types of battle-damaged Japanese warships, including the Shōkaku in October 1942 and the Yamato in December 1943. In February 1944 the Americans made a raid on Truk, sinking and damaging many ships. Akashi was damaged in these attacks and escaped to the Japanese atoll of Palau.

On 30th March 1944, while anchored off Urukthapel in the Palau islands, Akashi was hit numerous times by bombs and rockets from American aircraft from Task Group 58, during Operation Desecrate One. She was sunk in shallow water with her bridge still remaining above the water.

You can download the ship paper craft here: WWII IJN Repair Ship Akashi Free Paper Model Download