WWI Mendeleev Tank Paper Model Free Download


WWI Mendeleev Tank Tank Paper Model Free DownloadThis tank paper model is the Mendeleev Tank, this tank papercraft is designed by CT Ertz and from landships. Mendeleev tanks was designed between 1912 and 1915 the tank would have carried one machine gun in a revolving turret and a 120mm gun in the bow. The turret could be lowered into the shell-proof hull and the hull lowered over the running gear, creating a shell-proof pill box. It was expected to house a crew of eight. The tank was never built.[via landships]

There are three versions for this tank papercraft: Camouflage, Winter Camouflage and Fantasy Markings. You can download this tank paper model from here: WWI Mendeleev Tank Paper Model Free Download [Camouflage] [Winter Camouflage] [Fantasy Markings]