WoW Papercraft - Gyrocopter Flying Machine

WoW Papercraft - Gyrocopter Flying Machine


The Paper Flying Machine (Gyrocopter) is a World of Warcraft item that comes from a special loot card (Paper Flying Machine Kit) from the The fourth World of Warcraft Trading Card Game set, named March Of the Legion.

The model is designed by

Well, for all of us who didn't get that TCG card... here is a REALLY BUILDABLE paper airplane! Who could realize that WoW chars could make PAPERCRAFT INGAME too?

TIPS: Build the 3 helix blades and glue the points to a tiny paper sphere. Make a hole in the center and cut the exceeding out. Then you can stick the axis though it.

The wings must be attached by the extremities, there are no flaps.

The card allows you to conjure a paper flying machine / gyrocopter and throw it to another player, if they have room in their pack they will get it.

World of Warcraft - Gyrocopter Flying Machine Papercraft