World of Warcraft - Orc & Horde Catapult Free Paper Model Download

World of Warcraft - Orc & Horde Catapult Free Paper Model Download


World of Warcraft - Catapult Free Paper Model DownloadThis WoW papercraft model is the Frostmourne, from the MMORPG game World of Warcraft. The papercraft is designed by Apocalipsis. Catapults and trebuchets use a lever arm to hurl a projectile in an arcing ballistic trajectory toward their target, yet that simple mechanism is employed in many different manners on the battlefield.

A spring catapult lacks the axle used by many similar weapons and instead uses a windlass and pulley system to draw back its flexible lever arm. Once a projectile is mounted in the sling at the end of the arm, the arm is released to hurl the projectile at the target. Spring catapults are easy to construct and are often built from scratch by tinkers and engineers on the battlefield.

The lever arm of a torsion catapult is mounted in an axle made of a twisted skein of leather or sinew. Once winched back into place, the basket on the end of the lever arm is loaded with a projectile that can be fired downrange.

Originally intended as a mass-produced siege weapon that could be carried in a soldier’s backpack, these catapults can be reduced to the size of a child’s toy upon command. Unfortunately, they proved too fragile and expensive to truly catch on. One orcish army drained its entire treasury to create a kind of “catapult cavalry” unit equipped with these tiny weapons, only to lose the whole unit in a single ambush. Unaware of their true powers, the victorious opponents took the “toys” home to their children. No one is sure how many of these items are now scattered around the world, gathering dust on a child’s bedroom shelf. This is a shrinking spike stone siege catapult that effectively has the shrinking property twice. The siege weapon can be made to shrink to approximately a foot in size, enabling it to be easily packed away with its commander’s gear.

You can download this World of Warcraft paper craft model from here: World of Warcraft - Orc & Horde Catapult Free Paper Model Download