World War I - Mark IV Beutepanzer Free Tank Paper Model Download


World War I - Mark IV Beutepanzer Bob paper modelThis WWI tank paper model is the Mark IV Beutepanzer, this tank papercraft is designed by Wayne McCulough, and from landships. There are two versions for this tank paper model: "Mark IV Beutepanzer 'Bob' (Male Tank)" and "Mark IV Beutepanzer 'Hanni' (Kokampf Female Tank)". Below is the photo of the Mark IV Beutepanzer "Hanni":
World War I - Mark IV Beutepanzer Hanni paper model

The Germans captured many Mark IV tanks after Cambrai when the German counter-attack left many unrecovered tanks behind the front line. The Mark IVs were salvaged and many of them returned to running order. There were more Mark IV Beutepanzers serving in the German Army than the A7Vs although total numbers were small compared to the size of the Allied tank forces. The Germans found the Mark IVs were too slow to support stormtroopers and they were used to attack fortifications that were holding up attacks.

The male sponson includes proper the parts for the German 5.7cm gun and mount. The female beutepanzers used re-chambered Lewis guns in the original sponsons and mounts so the model uses the same female sponsons as the British version. There are a couple of 13mm anti-tank rifles which were sometimes used in the bow position instead of the MG, particularly on females which had no other AT protection. There is some evidence that one of the MG's in each female sponson was also replaced by an AT rifle. The color schemes are based on illustrations in the excellent Hundleby/Stasheim book. [via landships]

You can download these two World War I Mark IV Beutepanzer tank paper model from here: World War I - Mark IV Beutepanzer Free Tank Paper Model Download [Mark IV Beutepanzer 'Bob' (Male Tank)] [Mark IV Beutepanzer 'Hanni' (Kokampf Female Tank)]