Witch Papercraft

Witch Papercraft


Don't forget, today is the last day for signing up on the first ever Paperkraft.net contest - you've got until midnight tonight to sign-up and get entered, then tomorrow I'll be randomly picking a winner. The way it's going to happen is like this, I'll be printing the list of emails from Feedblitz, I'll then cut them up one by one (an email per line), put it on a box and just blind-pick. I got this idea of picking the winner from a previous contest that Kotaku held a few months back.

Ok, onto the post, I'm glad that the cold weather has finally decided to land on my doorstep, because Halloween is a mere nine days and counting down. People of all ages, size, shape, and gender are getting ready to dress up in their scariest or wackiest Halloween costumes, most of them are even dressing up (pet costumes) their furry companions. Whether your sticking with the traditional (ghost, vampire, zombie, etc.) or going with the new ones (Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, Cortana etc.) be sure to keep it safe and most of all have fun.

To start of our Halloween papercraft week, here's a Witch paper model from designer Nobutaka Mukouyama for Yamaha Japan (commissioned work). Parents, don't worry about scaring the kiddos with this one, it's a friendly witch (i think) and she even has a smile on her. There's two separate files, one for the pattern and another for the instructions. There's also a Jack-O-Lantern papercraft available that you might want to try. Trick or Treat.

Witch Papercraft - [Download Page] [Photo Page]