Warhammer 40k - Maruder Bomber free papercraft download


Warhammer 40k - Maruder Bomber free papercraft downloadThis aircraft paper model is from the game "Warhammer 40k". The Marauder Bomber is a tactical bomber used by the Imperial Navy in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In rules published in the Imperial Armour series of sourcebooks for Warhammer 40,000, the Marauder Bomber is classified as a "super-heavy flyer". As its in-game role is a heavy bomber, it can be fitted with a large payload of bombs and is manned by a crew of six. In addition, it is armed with nose-mounted twin lascannons and two pairs of heavy bolters, one in a turret in the tail and another in a turret located dorsally behind the cockpit. Warhammer 40,000-scale resin miniature of Marauders have been released by Forge World. The Marauder is the primary bomber used during in-atmosphere planetary bombing raids by the Imperial Navy. It was at one point used also as the primary space bomber of the Imperial Navy, but has been replaced with the heavier Starhawk bomber for all exo-atmospheric bombing runs. You can download this aircraft card model from here: Warhammer 40k - Maruder Bomber free papercraft download