Warhammer 40K - Land Raider Redeemer Tank Free Paper Model Download

Warhammer 40K - Land Raider Redeemer Tank Free Paper Model Download


Warhammer 40K - Land Raider Redeemer Tank Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a Land Raider Redeemer tank, an assault version of the Land Raider used by the Space Marines, based on the game Warhammer 40K, the papercraft was created by Patoroch. Like the Land Raider Crusader from which it evolved, the Redeemer variant has several modifications which, while decreasing the transport capacity, assist warriors assaulting from within it. Unlike the Crusader, this variant supports assaulting Astartes with a Flamestorm Cannon rather than bolt weapons.

The first Land Raider Redeemer was created by the Fire Lords chapter, under the command of Jaric Phoros, on the planet of Grissen. Finding themselves in the midst of a planet-wide civil war, the Space Marines made little progress against the natives. The rebels were so entrenched that even the most devastating orbital bombardments made scant impact on their positions. Since Exterminatus was not an option, Phoros bit back his mounting frustration and directed his Techmarines to construct a weapon that would win the war. Within a month of the first Land Raider modifications, the largest planetary faction was suing for peace and Grissen was part of the Imperium once more. In the wake of the Grissen campaign, Phoros disseminated his new design's schematics.

The Redeemer's armament consists of one twin-linked Assault Cannon and two Flamestorm Cannons. It may be upgraded to mount a Multi-melta and/or a pintle mounted Storm Bolter. The Redeemer can carry 12 Space Marines in Power Armour or 6 in Terminator Armour. There are three access points, one on each side of the hull, as well as the front ramp. The Redeemer is also equipped with Frag Assault Launchers, Smoke Launchers, and a Searchlight. It can be further upgraded with Extra Armour and/or a Hunter-killer Missile. Prometheus, the first Land Raider Redeemer, still serves in the Fire Lords' second company.

You can download the paper craft model here: Warhammer 40K - Land Raider Redeemer Tank Free Paper Model Download [Box] [Gavitex]

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