Warhammer 40K - Imperial Fists and Death Guard Dreadnoughts

Warhammer 40K - Imperial Fists and Death Guard Dreadnoughts


Warhammer 40K - Imperial Fists and Death Guard DreadnoughtsThese paper models are the Imperial Fists and Death Guard , based on the game Warhammer 40K, the papercraft was created by Patoroch. There are other Dreadnought paper models at the site:
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The Imperial Fists are one of the First Founding Chapters of the Space Marines and were originally the VII Legion of Astartes raised by the Emperor Himself. They stand out from other Space Marine Chapters since they possess no fixed homeworld, although they are most frequently based on Terra. Instead, the Imperial Fists rely on their 10,000-year-old mobile space fortress, Phalanx, to serve as their fortress-monastery. They maintain recruitment-chapels on various worlds spread throughout the Imperium. Part of the Imperial Fists' duties during the Great Crusade were to function as the Emperor's "personal praetorians", accompanying him everywhere. The Imperial Fists were usually used to strike a decisive blow against the enemies he confronted during that time. The role of the Emperor's bodyguard since he was mortally wounded during the Horus Heresy and interred within the Golden Throne at the heart of the Imperial Palace on Terra has been entirely taken over by the Adeptus Custodes.

The Death Guard are one of the Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines. They worship and devote themselves exclusively to the Chaos God Nurgle and as a result of his mutational "gifts" they have become Plague Marines; Astartes who are eternally rotting away within their Power Armour and infected with every known form of disease and decay but who are immune to all pain or minor injury. When the XIV Legion was first raised on Terra by the Emperor, its Astartes were known as the Dusk Raiders. After the XIV Legion was reunited with its Primarch Mortarion on the world of Barbarus, he renamed the Legion the Death Guard. [Source: wikia]

You can download the paper craft model here: Warhammer 40K - Imperial Fists and Death Guard Dreadnoughts [Copy] [Box] [Gavitex]

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