Warcraft - Full Size Warcraft Orc Papercraft


Warcraft - Full Size Warcraft Orc Free Papercraft DownloadThis is a life size papercraft, completed work is ca. 1.5 meters high. It is designed by nadask. Orc born in the hellish world of Draenor, were brought to Azeroth through the Dark Portal (Dark Portal) and forced into war with humans. Although few know their history, they were a shamanistic society in the world of Draenor. Tragically, the noble orc clans were corrupted by the Burning Legion and used as pawns in the invasion of Azeroth. After the war, were imprisoned and enslaved by humans. The situation remained so until being freed by Thrall, who managed to join a rebellion against the Alliance. Led by the young Thrall, managed to regain their strength and honor. Now the Orcs stand ready to fight, not for reasons of conquest, but for survival in their adopted land .. You can view this warcraft papercraft from here: Warcraft - Full Size Warcraft Orc