Vocaloid - Teto Kachane Chibi Free Papercraft Download


Vocaloid - Teto Kachane Chibi Free Papercraft DownloadThis Vocaloid paper craft is a chibi Teto Kachane, created by Skullkid. Kasane Teto was originally created as a troll "Vocaloid" by fans. Now she is one of the well-known synthesized vocal characters, in some cases she is more well known then than some of the Vocaloids. She appears also in UTAU. Kasane: Multiple meaning "Piled-up Sound," "Double Sound," "Heavy Sound." Teto: Shortened from Tetopettenson, a parody song of Le Beau Tambour.

Following the rising popularity of Hatsune Miku, "Vippers" schemed a troll "new Vocaloid release" as an April Fool's joke. Sen provided the rough sketch and Nobuyo Oyama, a spoof for Doraemon's former voice actress Nobuyo Ohyama, the vocal. The Teto project continued after the troll campaign, and her vocal was recorded again for the use on UTAU, which vocal synthesis software was released two months earlier. UTAU and Teto was unnoticed among Vocaloid composers at first, but on the last half of that year several creators started to compose songs for Teto, and the fame of her was established during the next year. The voice provider's name reading was then changed to Mayo Oyamano to avoid unnecessary confusion.

You can download this vocaloid papercraft here: Vocaloid - Teto Kachane Chibi Free Papercraft Download