Villains - Ginosaji's Spoon Free Paper Model Download

Villains - Ginosaji's Spoon Free Paper Model Download


Villains - Ginosaji's Spoon Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is Ginosaji's Spoon, created by Vincentmrl. The Ginosaji is a supernatural demon from the popular Youtube video "The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Inefficient Weapon". The Ginosaji selects a random person, who in the video is a man named Jack, and stalks them wherever they go. Unlike most demons, who prefer to use weapons such as spears and dark magic, the Ginosaji prefers to beat its target to death with a spoon

He carries a vast supply of spoons on himself to replace broken ones, including some wooden ones, just in case the victim tries to use a huge magnet or something. The Ginosaji will not stop until its target is dead, which may take months, and even years. The Ginosaji is invincible, as it is able to take no damage at all from RPGs and T.N.T. The Ginosaji seems to favor spoons over any other weapon, proven in one scene of the video where it has the chance to kill the video's protagonist with a knife, but sets it aside to continue wacking Jack with the spoon. However, if provoked, it may start dual-wielding spoons instead of using only one. Unlike most villains, the Ginosaji is triumphant in the video, as well as its two sequels. Rather disgustingly, the Ginosaji seems to be filled with squirming worms, maggots and other repugnant larvae.

You can download the paper craft model here: Villains - Ginosaji's Spoon Free Paper Model Download