Viking Papercraft

Viking Papercraft


"1000 years ago, Viking mariners set out from their fledgling colony in Greenland and became the first Europeans to discover and explore North America. They called the land Vinland the Good, settling at place known today as L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada. " - Smithsonian National Museum of National History

"The scourge of Europe from roughly the ninth through the 11th centuries, the Vikings and their fast, seaworthy vessels are said to have reached as far as North America around 500 years before Columbus. These craft were characterized by a single central mast about 20 meters high and a single sail. A partially preserved vessel has been discovered on the shores of Norway's Oslo Fjord." - Canon Creative Park

We don't have anything unique today (I'm still working on it), so well have some Viking papercraft for now. Why Vikings??? I'm not quite sure, I just randomly selected from the finished models that are waiting to be posted. It's from Canon 3D Papercraft, under the Buildings of the World section of the page. Plenty of good and easy paper models that will keep you busy while I finish something new.

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