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Video Game Papercraft - PC Gamer


Yesterday, I went to my local Barnes and Noble bookstore to check out a new section on the store that is carrying imported Japanese books, mostly manga, anime, and origami stuff. Sad to say I didn't find anything related to papercrafts. So I went to the magazine section to check out some video game mags and there it was, a (Fallout 3) Vault Boy papercraft staring at me. I quickly grabbed the mag and tried to see what other stuff was in it. The magazine is the PC GAMER HOW TO: The Ultimate Guide to DIY Gaming edition. I went straight to the particular article, they called it "Gaming Papercraft! Time To Test Your Finger Dexterity" - the first one is a simpler version of Portal's weighted companion cube, followed by the Fallout 3 Vault Boy, then a Bioshock Big Daddy papercraft, and finally a Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman papercraft. The mag also indicates that all the paper models were done in Pepakura Designer. It's not the best of models, but it's good enough for beginners.

I know I'm going to receive a lot of request for a scan, but this one is a no go. The mag is only $10 cheap and its available everywhere, I think anybody interested can afford this one. Pardon the quality of the photos, my camera phone is old.

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