Vickers Medium Mark I Tank Free Paper Model Download

Vickers Medium Mark I Tank Free Paper Model Download


Vickers Medium Mark I Tank Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a Vickers Medium Mark I, renamed from the Vickers Light Tank Mark I, a British tank of the period between the two World Wars, the papercraft created by World of Tanks website. Vickers Medium Mark I was first type of which thirty were built from 1924 onwards.

After the First World War Britain disbanded most of its tank units: their number was limited to five tank battalions, equipped with the Mark V and the Medium Mark C. A large budget was at first made available for tank design; this was however all spent on the failed development of the Medium Mark D. When in 1923 the government design bureau, the Tank Design Department, was closed, for the time being any direct official involvement in tank development was terminated. But private enterprise had already taken over the torch. Vickers-Armstrong had built two prototypes of a new tank in 1921.

The Medium Mark I replaced some of the Mark V heavy tanks; together with its successor, the slightly improved Vickers Medium Mark II, it served in the Royal Tank Regiments, being the first type of the in total 200 tanks to be phased out in 1938.

The Medium Mark I was the first tank to see "mass" production since the last of the ten Char 2C's had been finished in 1921. Indeed, as of the next tank, the Renault NC27, only about thirty were built, the British Mediums represented most of the world tank production during the Twenties. They never fired a shot in anger and their performance in a real battle can only be speculated upon but as the only modern tanks in existence in the decade after the First World War they provided the British with a unique opportunity to test the many new ideas about mechanised warfare using real operational units. The knowledge thus gained would prove invaluable in the World War II.

You can download this tank papercraft template here: Vickers Medium Mark I Tank Free Paper Model Download