Vickers K Machine Gun Free Paper Model Download

Vickers K Machine Gun Free Paper Model Download


Vickers K Machine Gun Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper gun model is the Vickers K, created by Kancho lliev, it is a simple version, the scale of the gun papercraft is 1:48. The Vickers K machine gun, known as the Vickers Gas Operated (VGO) in British service, was a rapid-firing machine gun developed and manufactured for use in aircraft by Vickers-Armstrongs. The high rate of fire was needed for the short window of opportunity when the gunner would be able to fire at an attacking aircraft.

The Vickers K was a development of the Vickers-Berthier (VB) light machine gun, adopted in 1932 by the Indian Army. The VB, like the Bren gun, used a tilting locking breechblock. However, unlike the Bren, the VB locked its breech only at the last moment of forward travel and this fact enabled the development of the Vickers K or Vickers Gas Operated (VGO). With lighter moving parts and the VB locking design, the Vickers K had an adjustable rate of fire between 950 and 1,200 rounds per minute, faster than the German MG34. The weapon was adopted for British service as the VGO. It was test-flown with a big 300-round drum, and beat the .303 Browning in reliability. However, the wide drum would have caused problems to accommodate, since it would have interfered with wing structures. When the Browning Model 1919 machine gun was selected as the standard machine-gun armament for RAF aircraft, the VGO became redundant for the RAF. It continued to be used by the Fleet Air Arm until 1945.

You can download the paper gun model here: Vickers K Machine Gun Free Paper Model Download